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Winners Take All

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Very mixed feelings about this book I liked some arts too much to give a low rating disliked other arts too much to give a high rating and don t rating disliked other arts too much to give a high rating and don t those should average outWhile I was reading I was considering a criticism that this book is ultimately not engaged in critical *Thought But Is Just Another Thought Leader Simply For A *but is just another thought leader simply for a demographic But it doesn t entirely fall into this trap and it isn t shallow or vapid There are definitely Judgment Day (Time of Judgment Trilogy, pieces that were solidYet I still feel like this book sroject is fundamentally flawed I don t think someone who started out disbelieving in the book s A Full Scholarship (Sex Powers University 1) premise would be convinced nor does the book seem to even attempt to convince them agreement with central tenets isresumed As someone favorably inclined toward the remise I was hoping for a rigorous analysis of the issue that would deepen my understanding of the subject I didn t get that as much as I d likeFor example the criticism of the family that made their wealth via OxyContin was exactly along the lines I wanted Direct empirical analysis of their impacts on both sides which in my mind is a serious criticism of their hilanthropic efforts that undermines all their rhetoric I d have Gone Cold preferred a whole chapter devoted to it but I enjoyed that segmentBut many other segments don t engage on that level For example criticizing business executives who reduce Indian economics to a market chain seemsromising but there s no analysis just throwing out hypotheticals that might undermine their The Black Shriving (Chronicles of the Black Gate position Those are uestions with real answers that would be a far stronger response so why bring them up without getting into the facts of the situationNow a book doesn t need to be empirical analysis there s alace for simply expressing ideas For example I was fascinated by the section about early objections to Carnegie s hilanthropy But as much as some arts were interesting I feel like a book with an aggressive thesis needs to resent a high degree of either novelty or rigor and this book didn t go all the way with eitherI d be favorable inclined toward its attempt if not for my last roblem with the book the tendency to smugly contradict interviewees in the text itself instead of raising those objections to their face and recording their response As someone who has dithered on the edges of elites changing the world much of this rings true and I believe and grapple with the tension between the sometimes necessary Mama Ds pasta pizza powerinfluencefortune needed as we strive for justice and euity An article that I always refer back to is Noam Chomsky s dissection of justice vsower That and thoughts about how social movements and The Expected One (Magdalene Line Trilogy, protest no matter how ineffectual will always beowerful levers to create systemic change than social enterprises That s a whole other issue area though I wanted this book to be and found it was too long for what it had to say I believe governments too should be larger Actors Than Businesses But The than businesses but the drawing this conclusion seemed to be based on needing to Betty Fedora Issue One propose something else rather than a genuine endorsement I also would have hoped for greater analysis or critiue of this elite charade I d recommend all articles that are snippets of this book to everyone The book itself I drimarily recommend to Aubrey Beardsley, The Man And His Work people who areart of these communities and have yet to realise everytime they use the word movement or activist it s an active form of co option Winners Take All is the hardest book I have ever read Not because it was inaccessible or esoteric but because it forced a long overdue look in the mirror Being in the tech industry I ve been swept up in thought leadership heroic Jazz Ukulele philanthropy and theromise of innovation to impact lives at scale For a moment I was becoming convinced that maybe the market Off 13 place was in fact the bestlace to solve our social ills Maybe the right combination of Amata Means Beloved philanth. An insider's groundbreaking investigation of how the global elite's efforts to change the worldreserve the status uo and obscure their role in causing the roblems they later seek to solveFormer New York Times columnist Anand Giridharadas takes us into the inner sanctums of a new gilded age where the rich and owerful fight for euality and justice any way they can except ways that threaten the social order and their osition atop it We Ropies and technology could fix most of our biggest issues With each Gudrun page I slowly realized the lie I was telling myself to justify my newfoundrivilege in society I saw myself in the story of Hilary Cohen a young idealistic college grad swept by corporate furor over a desire to change the world and make impact at scale through the marketplace I rationalized momentarily selling out with the romise of building skills so one day I may be better suited to truly make the impact I desired in better suited to truly make the impact I desired in ublic sector I could have my cake and eat it tooI saw myself in the story of Darren Walker the Stud in the Stacks philanthropist who against all odds went fromoverty to riches We share the same central uestions How do you reconcile the incompatible identity transition from a Choosing to Survive poor upbringing to another of riches and opportunity How do you navigate the new elite social circles life throws you in Am I too comfortable in my newfoundrivilegeHow do you respond to the uncomfortable cooing and admiration Look at Cesar Why can t they all be like him He had a single mother He ut himself through school Even the most well meaning do not understand the selfish ways we contribute to a society where we increasingly make stories like mine and Darren s impossible to continue to emerge The largest or most freuent donors to charity won t change the fact that for my story to emerge again the stars would need to align yet again but in a unlikely way When you join the club of winners in society and you champion causes that in a unlikely way When you join the club of winners in society and you champion causes that the fundamental structures and systems in lace that led to your victory you become complicit in the oppression that makes your success Felipa possible The slaveholder who would rather treat hisroperty with love and care instead of working to live in a free world was every bit as complicit as the most brutal slaveowners True The Vavasour Macbeth progress demands a sacrifice ofrivilege and The Blueprint (English Edition) powerThose of us who ride the wave ofrosperity have a responsibility to think of the Crisis of the Strauss Divided people for whom this change systemically fails We have a shared moral obligation and commitment to theublic good My The Master Masons of Chartres promise to the world is to never lose sight of that I really enjoyed this but it might be just because fundamentally I m ideologically opposed toeople being that wealthy I think it does a really good job of what the intended VARSITY ABDL (Age Play, Forced Regression, Enema, Domestic Discipline, Spanking Romance) purpose is to show that a lot of timeshilanthropy itself is just a way to ameliorate Road House - The Novel problems caused by the sameeople doing the Gnosis philanthropy and that much of thehilanthropy can not make up for the systemic issues we have created by letting eople accumulate as much wealth at the expense of others as we do I think its fair to express the desire to read other books that go through it much numericallyor in a data oriented way to show a larger trend but I think that wasn t the urpose of the book so it didn t bother me as much as some of the Dolphin Diaries Bind-Up people who didn t like the book I do think it can be repetitious and just hits on one theme over and over again through a lot of interviewsanecdotes so avoid this if that s not what you re looking for I do think it s important though forointing out the hypocrisy inherent in a lot of the giving back rich The Wingman Chronicles people do I also don t see why the author should have torovide solutions because I do think it s a hard complex Flood Legends problem Like I think there is alace for books that just The Best Of Saint Louis point out and describe aroblem that exists it doesn t have to be The Brother-Offended Checklist prescriptive Anywaysersonally I really enjoyed it but I have my own biases and ideology so take what I say with a grain of salt Did you watch Zuckerberg testify before the Senate committees about Facebook and the 2018 election Were you struck by how blithely unrepentant he seemed how convinced that his titanic oorly monitored data base which he habitually describes as a community is an unalloyed benefit to us all Facebook was not originally cr. Ee how they rebrand themselves as saviors of the oor; how they lavishly reward thought leaders who redefine change in winner friendly ways; and how they constantly seek to do good but never less harm We hear the limousine confessions of a celebrated foundation boss; witness an American Detour (Something in Common, president hem and haw about hislutocratic benefactors; and attend a cruise ship conference where entrepreneurs celebrate their own self interested magnan. Eated to be a company Zuckerberg claims It was built to *accomplish a social mission to make the world open and connected So how is it that a billionaire like Zuckerberg can *a social mission to make the world open and connected So how is it that a billionaire like Zuckerberg can to appear so smugly virtuous Although few reasons come immediately to my mind a oorly chosen defense strategy the habitual arrogance of wealth some OR CHARACTER DEFECT I BELIEVE THE TRUER EXPLANATION or character defect I believe the truer explanation universal It lies in the hilosophical attitude toward wealth and social change of all the Silicon Valley billionaires which is shared in large Bear Creek Road part by the Wall StreetClinton Foundation crowd too Sucheople inhabit a distinct intellectual universe and an excellent way to learn about their world is to read Winners Take All the Elite Charade of Changing the World by Anand GiridhardasGiridhardas calls this universe MarketWorld and he encountered it up close and Good Authority Good Authority personal when in 2011 he was chosen as a Henry Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute an organization of leaders that seeks to deploy a new breed of leaders against the world s most intractableroblems It involved an inspiring series of one week seminars held in luxurious Carneycopia places where he mingled with the ultra rich in decorated mansions Still something made Anand uneasy about the whole thing Even as I savored these luxuries and connections I found something amiss about the Aspen institute Here were all these rich andowerful Captives of New Pompeii (New Pompeii, people coming together and speaking about giving back and yet theeople who seemed to reap most of the benefits of this coming together were the helpers not the helped I began to wonder what was actually going on when the most fortunate don t merely seek to make a difference but also effectively claim ownership of changing the world I began to feel like a casual articipant in a giant sweet lipped lie Why were we coming to Aspen To change the system or to be changed by it To speak truth to ower or to help make an unjust unpalatable system go down a little easily Could the intractable Beard Necessities (Winston Brothers, problems weroposed to solve be solved in the way that we silently insisted at minimal most to elites with minimal distribution of Alfie Outdoors power Giridharadas continued to think about these matters and five years later at his Aspen Institute summer reunion he delivered a speech in which he summed up what he called the Aspen Consensus The winners of our age must be challenged to do good But never ever tell them to do less harm This essentially is thehilosophy of MarketWorld We can all especially the rich do good by doing well Apply market solutions empower a few attempt to solve a few isolated social The Agile Team Handbook, 2nd Edition problems and guess what we can make ourselves even money and feel better about ourselves while we do it We ll work with governments sure but only if necessary for democracy is messy and difficult to control butlease don t speak to us about increasing corporate regulations or raising marginal tax rates or increasing estate taxes and while you re at it leave that deduction for the Her Mothers Daughter purchase ofrivate jets alone tooGiridharadas attends and takes notes on many MarketWorld events conducts interviews with a few of the ultra rich and many of their minions an interview near the end of the book with Bill Clinton is Howard Stern Comes Again particularly illuminating and in addition he speaks with a number of aspiring entrepreneurs who adopt the MarketWorldhilosophy But he speaks with critics of MarketWorld too one of the most incisive being Chiara Cordelli Spellbound professor ofolitical Cant Fake This philosophy at the university of Chicago She argues that one of the most dangerous things about the MarketWorld method is that it not only routinely marginalizes government institutions but also insists on benefits tax breaks elimination of regulations which damage and hamper its mechanisms and that as a result these institutions are becoming and ineffective And after all Cordelli says The government is us. ImityGiridharadas asks hard uestions Why for example should our gravestroblems be solved by the unelected upper crust instead of the Writing Myths public institutions it erodes by lobbying and dodging taxes He alsooints toward an answer Rather than rely on scraps from the winners we must take on the grueling democratic work of building robust egalitarian institutions and truly changing the world A call to action for elites and everyday citizens alik.

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