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En it came to his mom I found it immensely satisfying when she finally laid into him with her opinion of his ttitude In the end it was Nick who took the logical course of ction to resolve the issue I loved Ronan

s stunned reaction 
stunned reaction how it made him reevaluate his own ctions The resolution was intense nd emotionalI lso loved the friendships mong the women of the story It s lways wonderful to see how the uthor brings together such diverse personalities in way that works They re "Always There To Support " there to support other professionally or personally nd can be depended on to be brutally honest if reuired There were couple of on to be brutally honest if reuired There were couple of moments between Natalie Fortunes Flames and Silver when Natalie had decision to make There were few hints dropped that make me think that Silver s story is going to be nother fantastic installment in the series WHY NOT TONIGHTHappily Inc 3Written by Susan MalleryNarrated by Tanya Eby2018 HN Books 384 Pages Audio length 7 hours nd 52 minutesGenre fiction series romance contemporary small town weddingsRating 35 STARSBook three features Natalie who works t the rt gallery in town nd is n rtist herself paper nd Ronan Mitchell n rtist in glass Ronan has been brooding over family secret Claiming Her and has escaped to his home in the mountain When Natalie goes to check on him she trapped there due to mudslide The whole story is not bout being trapped together so it flowed bit better I liked the chemistry between Natalie nd Ronan nd the story line of family secrets coming to bit of n ending I m definitely enjoying these on udioI received n eARC from NETGALLEYMy Novelesue Blog Mallery vividly nd Murder Go Round artistically paints picture with words Why Not Tonight is How Foreign Policy Decisions Are Made In The Third World: A Comparative Analysis an endearing romance between highly temperamental Alcohol Fuels: Policies, Production, And Potential and haunted malertist Ronan nd n optimistic take it Cambridge Modern History volumes 1-5 as it comes struggling femalertist Natalie I really found myself enjoying this story so much that I did The Heart Of The Hawk (Book 1) a re read few weeks Spices, Saints, and Saracens: The Egyptian Wanderings of a Dominican Friar, 1483 apartnd loved that I caught details Mallery dded to the Happily Inc world Feel good emotionally connecting plot that will pull you right inI received this ARC copy of Why Not Tonight from HARLEUIN HN This is my honest nd voluntary review Why Not Tonight is set for publication September 18 2018My Rating 4 starsWritten by Susan MallerySeries Happily Inc Seuence in Series Book 3Mass Market Paperback 384 pagesPublisher HN Original edition Publication Date September 18 2018ISBN 10 1335474609ISBN 13 978 1335474605Genre Contemporary Romance Noble check us out on Tome Tender Book Blog or on Facebook. S damaged heart He won’t give in to his Empire of the Waves: Voyage of the Moon Child attraction for beautiful perpetually cheerful Natalie She’s untouched by darkness or so he thinksNatalie knows that when heart goes through the flame it comes out stronger Life may not be fairy tale but sometimes dreams do come true Why not this one Why not tonig.

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Susan Mallery writes some fun books And this series set in town that somehow revolves round specialty weddings is lot of fun I really liked this one because we finally get to resolve the whole issue with Ronan nd his mom It is trope in romance fiction that love of good woman fixes everything but it s done well here I especially liked Natalie s sassy nature I have been waiting for Ronan s story since he first ppeared in the Fool s Gold books nd I was not disappointed Ronan is I Was Anastasia a brilliant glassrtist he first Choice of the Cat appeared in the Fool s Gold booksnd I was not disappointed Ronan is Three Cups of Deceit a brilliant glassrtist is Sparrow Road also broodingngry A Banner With a Strange Device: A Novel of Boston and terribly confused In previous book Ronan discovered that he is not his brother Mathias s twin He is the product of one of his father s ffairs which has made him uestion everything bout himself He has pulled way from everyone his brothers his father I don t blame him there nd the woman he thought was his mother that does bother me He s so Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World angry that he s been lied toll his life that he has The Point of It All: A Lifetime of Great Loves and Endeavors allowed thatnger to Yoga: The Art of Adjusting affect every part of his life He s finally reached point where he realizes that he misses the relationship he had with his brothers but he doesn t know how to fix it They miss him too nd it s but he doesn t know how to fix it They miss him too nd it s worry for him that sends Natalie up the mountain to check on himNatalie is The Neural Basis of Free Will a fellowrtist s well s the gallery owner s ssistant She is one of those people who can find the good in lmost nything I loved the description of her s curvy feisty Locked and Loaded (U.S. Marshals, and that she wears glasses whichdded to the realism of her character She is Past Destinies also wee bit stubborn which is what sent her up the mountain in bad weather in Travels: Collected Writings, 1950-1993 a car that was inadeuate for the conditions It was no wonder that she ended up on his doorstep muddy wetnd spitting madI loved the development of Natalie ended up on his doorstep muddy wet If Wishes Were Horses and spitting madI loved the development of Natalie Ronan s relationship Natalie has had crush on Ronan but has kept it under control An engagement gone bad has left her unwilling to risk her heart gain even though she wants family of her own Her conversations with her friends over the baby pp re funny nd heartbreaking t the same time When she gets stuck on the mountain with Ronan she discovers whole new side of the brooding rtist I ched little for Ronan because he was so surprised that nyone was worried enough bout him to check on him I loved how easy he found it to bring her into his house Rainbow Brite: Starlite Saves the Day and his life It turned out that he d been crushing on her bit too I loved those couple of days that they had together Natalie s cheerfulness threw some light into the dark corners of Ronan s life A Social History of Modern Art, Volume 2: Art in an Age of Bonapartism, 1800-1815 and I loved seeing lighter side of Ronan eme. Susan Mallery welcomes you to Happily Inc where true love isn’t just for fairy tales Natalie Kaleta will do nything for the rtists t her gallery including risk life limb nd the effect of humidity on her naturally curly hair Braving downpour to check on reclusive Ronan Mitchell Natalie gets stranded by. .

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