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One of my favorite books of all time I To Re Read It Adventurous Funny Sad Unusual And re read it Thrilling adventurous funny sad unusual and told Another great book by Boyle It reminded me of every book you ever read seriously it had an element of all A little Dickens Conrad Twain an Odyssey Some Shakespeare I am completely amazed at the talents of this guy And this was his first book Still can t believe his command of the language and syntax Yikes Another one from Boyle that was immensely enjoyable funny witty bawdy and sometimes shocking Great writer This book was Boyle s first novel It s basically the story of Mungo Park the Scottish explorer who was the first European to see the Niger River in Africa During the first 34 of the novel the story switches from Mungo s adventures to the story of Ned Rise a thief scoundrel and all round con man in the filthy streets of late 18th century London Although I did really enjoy Mungo s adventures Ned Rise has to be one of Boyle s most unforgettable characters Just when he thinks he has the world by a string disaster always seems to hit but he somehow always lands on his feet he even survived his own hanging Boyle s use of the English language is a marvel to behold His vocabulary is Alternate Cover Edition can be found here and hereTC Boyle's riotous first novel now in a new edition for its 25th anniversary Twenty five years ago TC Boyle ublished his first novel now in a new edition for its 25th anniversary Twenty five years ago TC Boyle ublished his first Water Music a funny bawdy extremely enterta. .
Ually read this book which I seriously doubt he would have written a completely different comment Rather than hilarious I would say Ned Rise s and Mungo Park s adventures crossing Africa were disturbingThe lot is clever the resentation spellbinding the meaning if any obscure No one ends up #a happy camper afer all that so called # happy camper afer all that so called line If I had only one book with me and this was it I would read it If I had two not so much This is definitively Boyles best also first novel and it s completely different than his other worksIn general Boyle is dark close to depressing and the jokes are the same good but uite kind of hardcore dark comedy style Water music is smooth funny CLEVER AND NOT IN A 20TH and not in a 20th setting as most of his other novels and I would be unable to say if it is the same author if I read this and one OF HIS OTHER NOVELS AFTER ANOTHERIT CRITICIZES COLONIALISM RACISM his other novels after anotherIt criticizes colonialism racism mans burden slavery and the mentality of the 18th century in a both funny and deep meaningful way and I guess Boyle could have reached like Matt Ruff and Christopher Moore much readers and fame if he would have stayed both funny and critical instead of becoming dark and critical Don t get me wrong I like all of. Nd Mungo Park a Scottish explorer through London's seamy gutters and Scotland's scenic highlands to their grand meeting in the heart of darkest Africa There they join forces and wend their hilarious way to the source of the Nig. Water Music