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Death at La FeniceIf you didn t know you Don T Have To Know t have to know to write to ublish a book All you need to do is The Contemporaries pick aopular location let s say Venice UML Weekend Crash Course [With CDROM] populate it with one dimensional characters every imaginable stereotype about Italy and the world sentences that couldn t be called writing even if one was trying to be exceptionally kind and there you go Don t forget to randomly insert a bunch of Italian words to show your deep insight into Italian culture You don t have to know anything about writing a crime novel to write a crime novel either Youick a rotagonist commissario Brunetti give everything away in the first chapter and then drag the story on by repeating everything you ALREADY SAID ONE THOUSAND TIMES said one thousand times What say of Brunetti Commissario Brunetti who is not even one dimensional dimension and the best you can do is keep talking about how we likes his coffee If you ile on enough insignificant details Poker Slave perhapseople won t notice you don t have an idea what characterization is or what it should look like A clue it s not To the Golden Shore piling insignificant details one onto another Why bother with characterization All of the motives whyeople in this world do anything can be explained in two ways1 Clearly heshe is Italian2 Clearly heshe isn t ItalianWhy bother using your head Why bother explaining things or trying to find sense in them It s that simple People do things because they are either Italian or not That explains everything Why Donna Leon that s so simple it isincredibly stupid Or brilliant That way you can get away with not using your head and still Indulge (Warm Delicacy, publish a novel So the joke is on the readersNot only were all the characters in the book one dimensional collection of stereotypes the description of the society and the setting was aile of Tabloid City prejudice and stereotype as well Thelotwait was there a Kirkland Revels plot Alright let me beolite and call it a To Him Who Sits on the Throne plot thelot had so many holes it wasI don t even know where to start I can feel my brain cells dying in agony as I think of this bookThe novel opens with a oisoning of a famous opera conductor Instead of investigating the murder commissario Brunetti is being very nice to all eople involved especially the Youth, Beautiful Youth potential female suspects and does not really work on solving the murder and why would Brunetti be doing that when he can make a few calls and wait for all the clues to fall into his lap For it s Venice and everyone knows everyone so why shouldn t Brunetti just wait for everyone to supply him with bits ofredicable information that will lead to redictable end Literally the man does NOTHING Everyone else works for Brunetti all he does is make a few calls andor rely on eople he knows to lay it out to him in endless monologuesand the dialogues are agonizingly boringHere is an example Brunetti calls his a friend of his who opens the conversation by sympathizing with comimissario over how Fault Lines pressured he must feel to solve this case Then Brunetti asks him to find out about the opera conductor and hisast affairs They talk in length and then the friend asks Brunetti whether he is a hurry to get the information The same friend who opened the conversation with Brunetti with the acknowledgement that Brunetti must be in hurry to get some Hunt for 901 piece of information and that is why he must be calling Unfortunately 100%ercent of dialogues and monologues are self serving repetitive and boring And so is the bookThe worst crime novel I readand one of the worst books I ve read It s a caricature of a novel It s so bad I felt it is an insult to books even the most trashy writing is way better and can at least be considered a guilty Chasing After Infinity pleasure Here you feel the guilt for reading this but noleasure It s guilty torture On some level it fascinates me how someone can write this badly It fascinates me than the fact that this book got Morir por un iPhone - Apple, Foxconn y las luchas de los trabajadores en China published and read In a way reading this book was educational Being able to write this badly has to be an accomplishment of some sort I ve never seen anyone mess upeveryossible aspect of the bookI ve just googled Donna Leon and found that she demanded her novels wouldn t be translated into Italian Blessed are the Italians for they will be spared of reading this book Being Italian I enjoy detective novels set in Italy For some reason however I had never tried Donna Leon until a week ago I really enjoyed Book 1 of the Brunetti mystery series A conductor is found dead between acts at the Venetian Opera House La Fenice during a Captain China Volume 1 performance of La Traviata It is fairly obvious that it was death byoisoning but who had access to get the Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication poison into the conductors cup of coffee There arelenty of clues Cast On, Bets Off plenty ofotential murderers and a lot of backstory about the conductor who apparently was a Nazi in his early life You get a Private Elisha Stockwell, Jr., Sees The Civil War pretty good flavor for Venice in this book and it was interesting that it was Brunetti who solves the mystery with very few extra characters involved Oh we see a doctor here and there two incompetentolice detectives who barely appear in any than 10 Past Lives, Future Lives pages a typical Italianolice commissioner and some flavor for Guido Brunetti s home and family life I felt the book moved effortlessly that the characters were believable and that the solution to Les amateurs d'opéra sont réunis à la fenice de Venise où ce soir là Wellauer le célébrissime chef d'orchestre allemand dirige La Traviata La sonnerie annonçant la fin de l'entracte retentit les spectateurs regagnen. He crime was very interesting even though I had sort Of Figured It Out Before Brunetti I Now Have A figured it out before Brunetti I now have a of Donna Leon s work on my Kindle and look forward to many an enjoyable evening curled up with her and Guido Brunetti this low key and humane Venice set detective yarn surprised me not so much at the solving of the murder mystery although I was surprised but at how it all came together in such an organic way the emphasis on family children little girls the importance of doing the right thing even if it is not necessarily the legal thing no spoilers here but the end really brought things together in a way that made erfect emotional sense all of the small everyday moments the details that aren t important to the case but are important to what is being said what finally happens the whole If Walls Could Talk (Haunted Home Renovation Mystery, point of the book I love a holistic novelcharacterization is well done of special note are how strongly characterized the women are inarticular two central characters the Arcana Mundi physician wife of the deceased a famous and exceedingly unpleasant opera conductor and an American archaeologist who is the lesbian lover of one of the suspectsunfortunately what I wanted in the novel my reason for even reading it I didn t get aortrait of that haunted melancholy atmosphere of Venice after dark a city I fell in love with recently I realize it must feel different for a resident than for a tourist like myself all of the characters are either Venetians or long term visitors so the emphasis on the به سوی زبان شناسی شعر prosaic daylight hours is understandable I guess if I want to read about the nighttime Venice of my experience and of my dreams I shouldrobably investigate some Venice set romances or just revisit Jan Morris excellent Venice I can t really hold the lack of dreamy atmosphere against this decidedly realistic novel I have read ten of Donna Leon s books and this review reflects my opinion of most of them Some have a slightly better story a little engaging than others but for the most Genesis part the books are about Brunetti and about Venezia and the ItalianeopleCommissario Guido Brunetti is a deep and interesting character but he is unlike most detectives you ll find in American mystery books Brunetti solves crimes with his wits and all the while deals with crooked Mirror Matter politicians his independent and wonderful wife and his 2 children who come complete with the normal teenageroblems Throughout the books though Brunetti never loses sight of what is important food Leon s books are as much a culinary delight as a mystery lover s A Kiss of Shadows (Merry Gentry passion As I read I find myself yearning toop the cork on a bottle of Prosecco and mix up a late of farfalle with a creamy wild mushroom sauce Some have argued that the mystery in Leon s books isn t that captivating I won t disagree with that but the characterization and the setting are so wonderful it makes up for it Signorina Elettra "is one of the best characters I ve come across in books She adds flavor to Leon s " one of the best characters I ve come across in books She adds flavor to Leon s than a sprig of freshly icked lemon basil to a bowl of Awareness pastaWhat seals it for me though are Leon s descriptions of Venice or Venezia What she describes is so real you will feel as if you re strolling in Piazza San Marco or enjoying a brioche at a cafe near the Hotel Danieli She brings a fresherspective to Cat Out of Hell plots that have been done before and her insight into the Italianeople is so Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work perfect all I can do is laughand enjoy If you haven t read Leon before and if you re fond of Italy or the Italianeople rush out and get one of her books You ll be glad you did I chose this book the first in the Commissario Brunetti mystery series because the setting is Venice and my family and I will be briefly visiting there soon Donna Leon does a wonderful job describing the city If you re looking for the type of mystery that you can t Mother India put down this isn t it Except for the ending when it all comes together this book is about characters and the setting A famous but notarticularly likeable conductor is found dead in his dressing room at the La Fenice theatre Teatro La Fenice an opera house in Venice Brunetti is assigned to investigate the murder I like him as well as the fact that he adores his wife This was an enjoyable read and I look forward to continuing with in this series Some of my favorite uotes He left his office and walked slowly up towards Piazza San Marco Along the way he The Late Romances paused to look into shop windows shocked as he always was when in the centre of the city by how uickly their composition was changing It seemed to him that all the shops that served the nativeopulation Passion for Christ, Passion for Humanity pharmacies shoemakers groceries were slowly and inexorably disappearing replaced by slick boutiues and souvenir shops that catered to the tourists filled with luminescentlastic gondolas from Taiwan and My Curvy Valentine (Perfect Fit, papier m ch masks from Hong Kong It was the desires of the transients not the needs of the residents that the city s merchants answered He wondered how long it would take before the entire city became a sort of living museum alace fit only for visiting and not for inhabiting Why was it that when children loved you you knew everything and when they were angry with you you knew nothing Let me start by saying that I love Venice and all thing. T leur Attainment (Temptation, place les musiciens s'installent les brouhahas cessent tout le monde attend le retour du maestro Les minutesassent le silence devient Hatred in the belly pesant Wellauer n'est toujoursas là il gît dans sa loge mort Le commissaire.

Sidewalk Chalk Turning The Professor Into A Crossdressing, Sissified and Feminized Pet Keystone: Crossbreed Series, Book 1 The Spiteful Shadow (Sister Fidelma,


S Venetian I love reading anything that has to with Venice So The Fact That This fact that this takes Always Be Ready place in Venice gave it at least redeeming uality I ve heard from than oneerson that Donna Leon was a good author but after reading this book I have serious doubts about that and I m not sure she deserves a second chance She set up a great Encyclopedia of International Development plot and had intruiging characters but then did nothing with them I got halfway through the book when the detective expresses his frustration at feeling as though he knew nothing about what had happened and I felt exactly the same way as the reader I felt bored Reading a mystery I m not sure that should ever happen I also wonder if the woman has an editor There wereages upon ages that "I would have cut things that did nothing for the story nothing for the lot nothing for the "would have cut things that did nothing for the story nothing for the Rooming in the Masters House plot nothing for the development And I suspected all along who dunnit But it did takelace as Guido says in the most beautiful city in the world and since Leon lived there the description is uite accurate and sent me down a fun memory lane Death at La Fenice by Donna Leon is a 2012 Grove Press Media, Home and Family publication Originallyublished in 1992Slightly dated but oh the Venetian sceneryThis is the first book in the long running Commissario Brunetti series I ve been curious about Donna Leon for ages but have never gotten around to sampling any of her work This book is available in the Kindle Unlimited Multicultural Partnerships program at the moment giving me a great excuse to finally see for myself why this series has endured When a world renowned musical conductor isoisoned during intermission at the famed La Fenice opera house it sends shock waves throug Well I ve now entered the world of Commissario Guido Brunetti of the A Convent Tale police force of Venice This is the first of Donna Leon s long running series set in that fabled city which is eually a character in the novel This was an enjoyable beginning with a nice introduction to Brunetti s family his investigation techniues many fellow officers and assorted Venetians of all stripes His travels around the city give an interesting and occasionally claustrophobic feeling to thelaceI enjoyed the Contemporary Issues in California Archaeology process of working through the crime and clues learning about the characters I like the way Leon developed thelot and her Ethics for Police Translators and Interpreters primary character and look forward to reading many in this series I finally finally read this after legions of readers said Donna Leon waserfect for Louise Penny fans who were all caught up with Inspector Gamache In this first installment of the Commissario Brunetti mysteries a renowned opera conductor is found dead in his dressing room a victim of cyanide Immigration Nation poisoning It s significant to the story that this is aarticularly Vilfredo Pareto painful way to die As the investigation unfolds it s clear the man had a darkast and many enemies and that the Incomplete Streets perpetrator wanted to make his victim suffer But why I was hooked on theremise and raced to the ending Maybe it was the The Fin-de-Siècle World poison but this felt very Agatha Christie to me but it does have enough of theersonal element to land with Penny French and Crombie fans Heads up for fans of atmospheric novels critics call this the next best thing to being in Venice Death at La Fenice is an excellent God and the Multiverse place to begin with Donna Leon s novels but there s no need to read this series in order Death at La Fenice is the 1st book in the exciting Guido Brunetti Series by Donna Leon set in the beautiful romantic mysterious and uniue city of VeniceThe series features Commissario Guido Brunetti family man modest moral loyal andhilosophical detective extraordinaireWhen famed conductor Helmut Wellauer is found dead in his dressing room between Acts 2 and 3 of the of LA TRAVIATA at the La Fenicia theatre Brunetti is assigned to investigate the murder by cyanide English Warfare, 1511-1642 poisoning He immediately realizes that there s a lot about the victim than what he s being told by the suspects his much younger wife and soprano Flavia Petrelli and her lesbian lover Brett Lynch and theeople in his life who have been offended by his homophobic views Brunetti also discovers Wellauer s Trauma and Cognitive Science past as a Nazi sympathizerNarrated from Commissario Brunetti s POV we accompany him on his investigation and we experience his thoughts and musings as he works through the clues He s forced to make choices between what the law is and what he believes is right And that s where we see the side of Brunetti that makes him such a moralersonI enjoyed the segments with Brunetti s family There s such love and warmth in their home And I loved Paola his wife If you enjoy a well crafted and well written story with beautiful settings and unforgettable characters then this is the series for youI loved this segment in the book Where does American money come from Steel Railways You know how it is over there It doesn t matter if you murder or rob to get it The trick is in keeping it for a hundred years and then you re aristocrats Is that so different from here Brunetti asked Of course Padovani explained smiling Here we have to keep it five hundred years before we re aristocrats And there s another difference In Italy you have to be well dressed In America it s difficult to tell which are the millionaires and which are the servants. Guido Brunetti aussitôt dépêché sur les lieux conclut rapidement à un empoisonnement au cyanure Le très respecté musicien avait il des ennemis Dans les coulisses de l'opéra Guido Brunetti découvre l'envers du déco. ,