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If Im Found (If I Run kEs and centuries of male rule They hated it yet this was the reality and women had to define themselves once again Define them for who they really are Not comparing to men as they ve always been defines Apparently this is a difficult task they could not easily complete This is exactly how things are today in Tehran Iran not A y ren but I r an So cruel and beyond understanding Islam has taken over Women are afraid And then Tamila finds out of another world another planet America Where nobody is studying her looking for problems and won t let go Nobody does it And it makes her happy Beautiful poetic melodic Eva helps her understand her power as women but in another light unlike Muslims in Iran power of women is good it s blessed and Eva is the prove for that She is not only extremely rude and sex addict she is also a influential person person Tamila should learn from Of course only the good stuff However Tamila struggle to define herself as a woman wearing a veil of roses not a veil of chauvinistic unrespectable Islam Finally she understands how much she learnt from being in America a whole new side of life she didn tnowFor once her parents made the right decisioncomparingI would like to compare this book to Azar Nafisi s Reading Lolita In Tehran Although I have never finished this book paradoxically I think there s a point to compare the feelings in both novels If you d look very closely you would find out that the feeling is very familiar Tamila and Nafisi are extraordinary women who live in other sides of the world but have the same say and legacy which is perfectly feministicBoth of the book describe brave women s struggle to get whatever they wants whatever it is that they want A uote from Reading Lolita in Tehran Like Lolita We tried to create for ourselves in little pockets of freedom During those troubled and tempestuous days of Islam against freedom of expression against liberalism and against the world and the West A few hours after the attack took place in Sharm difficult by the Al Ida who committed a murderous act against tourism in the Sinai Claiming the attack was against the tourists who bring the burglaries sexual freedom the permissiveness Nafisi s book is a valuable document since it first hand testimony about the company emerged from murderous cult that threatens the world today call you on the academic and social life in Islamic society perceptions Tehran is a uniue opportunity that can teach a lot about the customs the culture and mind locked to usWell I guess this book is really great I really appreciated it and I think you would too Freedom like and absolutely loosing ENJOY I liked the premise of the book Iranian woman who has no rights or opportunities in Iran with the current political situation wants to live in America so she can be the type of woman her parents have always encouraged her to beIt humanizes Iran something the news rarely does and exposes the misguided treatment of women within its countryUnfortunately those are the best things about this book You ll have to excuse me as its been several weeks and I ve forgotten most of the characters names but the main character Tami contradicts herself throughout the entire book She s only going to marry for love but then she comes to America and says yes to a man who clearly has OCD and gives her the creeps She s seeking independence but can t stand up to her sister or her crazy vulgar friend from RussiaThese contradictions I could forgive as women are nown to be complicated beings but the endingunforgivable Really For me Its voice lost any truth or realness that the author had delivered earlier on about a complicated but probably common situation I won t spoil it for other readers but bad endings leave a sour taste in my mouth and a decent book gets a bit ol eye roll from me So I am a little partial to chick lit to begin with and very partial towards books that depict Persian life and culture so this book was a very pleasing combination of the two and since it told an engaging story to boot I give it high marksTami is a frustrated repressed 27 year old wasting away in the Islamic Republic of Iran On her "birthday her parents present her with a mixed blessing a passport a one "her parents present her with a mixed blessing a passport a one plane ticket and the advice to go to America and stay there if she can The only problem the only drawback is that the if she can is only possible through marriage Of course it has to be to a financially prosperous PersianBut this little hiccup soon fades at least somewhat to the background when Tami hits American soil and feels the delights of life without the veil the freedom to speak to a man in public the glory of wearing lipstick and a sexy bra the realization that American police are usually there to help She makes friends in her English conversation group and then unexpectedly falls in love with an American boy who is completely antithetical to her family s expectations What will happen to Tami Will she marry one of the oddball Persians her family has dug up Will she be Will she marry one of the oddball Persians her family has dug up Will she be back to her repressed depressed life in Iran Will the bunion on Barbara Streisand s foot ever go away Read and learn WHAT a great story I think that we forget even with things on the news what a great life and what great freedoms we have in America and in Canada This book reminded me over and over again Tamila Tami is from Iran Her parent s nowing from personal experience of living once in the US work to get her a visa to go to America for 3 months Once there her goal is to find a husband

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she can stay in for goodHer sister and brother in law who married and escaped Iran 15 years earlier begin setting her up with eligible Persian men who are sympathetic to the situation Trouble is Tami while going to her English enrichment classwhich btw introduces us to many interesting characters who give strength to Tami at crucial times meets and American man and has to choosetradition and all she Assignment knows or hope dreams something most Iranian women don t ever dare to doand love I so enjoyed this book even though many parts are very sad in a very thought provoking way It really made me think about what I have in this life4 StarsReadMay 20 2010I find it very ironic that I first read this book almost to this date 2 years ago And my impressions are pretty much the same as they were back then We take SO MUCH for granted here And that is Tami s biggest gripe with Americans How much they take for granted and how much they assume We really don t realize what these women in places like Iran and Afghanistan REALLY go through There was much swearing from one character really than I had remembered I think that the first time I was so caught up in Tami s story that I wasn t bothered by it And I can t say that I was totally bothered by it this time It was used to make and prove a point And the author in my opinion succeeds Great read Such a let down If you hope to get tonow about persian culture with this book then you re totally wasting your time I highly doubt the author even nows anything about Iranian women Full of cheesy clich s stereotypical and extremely unrealistic I dived into it expecting to read about immigration and real persian women s lives and. Iranian born husband before her visa expires To complicate matters her friendship with Ike a young American man has grown stronger And it is becoming harder for Tami to ignore the forbidden feelings she has for himIt’s in her English as a second language classes that Tami finds a support system With the encouragement of headstrong Eva loyal Nadia and Agata and Josef who are carving out a love story of their own perhaps Tami can eep dreaming and find a way to stay in Americ. For those that No Respect know me I am clearly interested in cross cultural books regardless of culture This was a very thought provoking story about one Iranian woman s adventures in America for the first time It is a thought provoking book making one look at just how lucky we are to live in America and makes you really see how much the littlest things can mean to someone who has no freedom Freedom is explored in so many possible ways that it reminds us what we take for granted and what it truly means to be free I don t always enjoy a happy ending it totally depends on the story but the entire way through this book I hoped there would be one It s up to you to find out whether the protagonist gets her happy ending or not Laura Fitzgerald s debut novel a poor attempt at rendering a bona fide account of the immigrant experience is neither introspective nor rivetingThe novel follows the life of Tamila Soroush a young Iranian woman who leads an insubstantial existence until her twenty fifth birthday when she receives a lucrative opportunity to escape to America for three months and wake up her luck Tami flies to Tucson Arizona to stay with her sister Maryam and her husband But once in America Tami must race against time to find a suitable Iranian husband and stay back in America forever as she believes that being married to a stranger is a small price to stay in the land of Opportunity As the novel progresses Tami the inklings of first love when she meets an amicable American named Ike and develops forbidden feelings for the American but is uick to brush them aside She then goes through rejecting her many uirky Iranian suitors and disastrous setups before realizing her unrestrained love for Ike which then jeopardizes her mission of getting hitched to a traditional Iranian with citizenshipHowever this novel is plagued with two fatal flaws first there are major inconsistencies in the characters and second the author blatantly exaggerates several details giving the plot an ingenuine feel Fitzgerald portrayed Iran as the reincarnation of hell or rather Big Brother esue totalitarian regime by overplaying restrictions and rules of Iranian society Meanwhile America was described as heaven brimming withindness and compassion This distinction also trickled down to the characters as Iranian men and women in the novel were mostly very controlling aggressive or contentious meanwhile all American characters were described as amiable compassionate and tender It was clear from the beginning that the majority of the plot was going to be spent on Iran bashing The second problem was character inconsistency Tami is described as a fearful and suppressed Iranian woman for all intended purposes But when she lands in Arizona she doesn t hesitate to wear a remotely immodest dress followed by cake loads of makeup She then openly flirts with any Iranian man and behaves nothing like a conservative suppressed woman Then all of sudden the reader sees a completely different side of Tami as she begins to cry when one of the suitors initiates a handshake or when she hides under a park bench upon seeing two police officers casually patrolling or her sudden panic attacks upon seeing random men These bouts of irregular and unexplained behavior either leave the reader thinking that she is bi polar which in my case was true or just weaken Tami s character and prevent the reader from gaining a deep insight into who Tami really is Student Fiza A The plot is uite shallow and superficial with no real story and matter behind it Overall the book is competent for a cursory glance over on a lazy afternoon but trying if you are trying to extract anything from it then you just picked the wrong book Unbelievable It seems the author based her depiction of Iran on stereotypes rather than actual experience or research This is not the book to read if you want to learn about Iranian women or Islam I was not surprised to find that the author s only connection to Iran is that her husband "Lived There Until The "there until the of ten She is certainly allowed her own opinion of Iran but is clearly misinformed on many counts For one thing all good Muslim men do NOT dream of meeting a limitless supply of virgins in heaven And although women in Iran do have fewer freedoms than they do in the US they are allowed creative expression Fitzgerald claims that female artists are not allowed to perform in front of men I have seen this happen with my own eyes I have seen female musicians performing with men onstage in Iran I have seen artwork by female Iranians and I have seen them acting on Iranian television I do not pretend that the Iranian government is not corrupt because it is in many ways However the way they portray Islam is false At the time of the Prophet Muhammad when the Muslims of Saudi Arabia were living in Medina they had a covenant with the Jews who also lived there The Muslims never forced Islam on the Jews Also when Muslims ruled Spain Jews there
"Had A Great Life Of "
a great life of Just because Iran made a mistake in interpreting Islam does not mean that that is what Islam stands for I am one of so many Muslim women who wear hijab out of choice I The Spirituality Revolution know Iranian women here in America who wear chadors out of choice as well It is not seen as a restraint Just because the character of this book feels chained because of the veil does not mean that the rest of the Muslim women do We see it as freedom from a world where women are seen as sex icons and as a way of demonstrating our religion and fear of God That does not mean that we cannot have fun as the author of this book claims On the contrary women besides in Iran who wear hijab are allowed as much freedom as those who don t Of course we can t drink alcohol but then neither can men There are things that Muslims are not allowed to do but those restrictions do not include listening to music or talking to men What especially angered me about this book was that while repeatedly trashing wearing a veil or being religious the author makes a number of Islamic references There is a moment where Tami says Inshallah What Fitzgerald conveniently failed to do was tell readers what that expression means It is an expression used by Muslims all over the world that means God willing Tami says that a certain thing will happen if God wills it which is not something a very non religious person would say This is a person who openly hates and refuses Islamic customs such as wearing a hijab or abstaining from drinking She goes to Las Vegas because it isnown as the land of sin To her freedom is drinking wearing revealing clothes using excessive amounts of makeup getting boob jobs and going to clubs and bars These things do not sound like freedom to me they sound like things that anyone with an ounce of moral standings would want to stay well away from Islam in making those actions unlawful is not restraining anyone If people would try to understand Islam instead of condemning it they would be able to see that there are reasons behind the restrictions in truth we are protected from harmful lifestyles We in fact are free I loved this book it s sweet romantic and though provoking The central character Tamila Saroush is a 27 year old. This compelling debut follows one spirited young woman from the confines of Iran to the intoxicating freedom of America where she discovers not only an enticing new country but the roots of her own independence Tamila Soroush wanted it all But in the Islamic Republic of Iran dreams are a dangerous thing for a girl Knowing they can never come true Tami abandons them Until her twenty fifth birthday when her parents give her a one way ticket to America hoping she will “go and.

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Persian woman who comes to America to better her life I enjoyed seeing America through her eyes She takes nothing for granted and sees every day occurrences a girl wearing a mini skirt two teenagers holding hands as little acts of freedom that she captures through her photography She loves America b Veil of Roses ReviewTamila is a young Iranian woman who lives a life separated into two main periods of timeFirst the freedomFreedom Tamila was a young baby in her first couple of years in the world when her parents lived in America or as it otherwise nown as Land of Opportunities It seems as if she lives in a world of temporary flashback back to her time in the USA which she hardly remembers Sometimes it s the present and sometimes she sinks into those pleasant memories of her young self accompanied by her family mother father and older sister or should I say FREE mother father and her sister on their day on the beach She enjoys the open ocean and from this time on the ocean becomes her symbol for independence which she longs to when she is olderMay I say that this period of life although it was so short and somewhat meaningless in her whole life it seems to be so important to her she collects the memories and eeps a warm corner in her heart for them since they mean so much to her Somehow she was still connected to the identity she had in America although she was just a baby In America everything has a meaning and goal in lifethe MistakeOn the other hand the second period of Tamila s life began when her father made the biggest mistake of his life He leaves the United States of America by mistake he only meant to visit a family they had in Iran But whatever happened happened there is an ancient Arabic saying Ma Fat Mat which means what s over over no looking back and he and his family ended up staying in Iran They moved away I must say that this is a sudden drastic change Later Tamila understands how wrong her father was coming back to Tehran how stupid it was of him Especially to Iran land of irrespective and unrespectable Islam and worse they moved in in the middle of the big Muslim revolution by the Ayatollah Humyeini A bad timing You decide but the thing is you can t change what have already been done You can t come back to America You are stuck here in this illogical freakish country and you have no way out Well that s right this is exactly what I d say to Tamila s father although she seemed to like him a lot not only a true respect to her great father but a whole new Relationship I could not even imagine Daughter father Relationship is unacceptable in Islam as I have learned And this is outstanding In a good way though Leaving ReturningTwenty Seven years later Tamila still lives in Iran She is an unmarried teacher and like photographing She uits her job or was she fired Her parents who assumingly decided all the wrong decisions in her life try to fix everything by surprising Tamila They give her another chance as a birthday present they bought her a plane ticket to Turkey and from there to America This is where Tamila is given the opportunity to rebuild her life side by side with her elder sister Miriam who lives there married happily to Iranian American man Tamila understand how golden the situation is and that maybe she will ever be able to leave to the USA again And she of course accepts it and in 24 hours she manages to complete the flight to America as she passes through three continents on her way thereAmericaWhen she arrives in America the first thing she does it to describe is Miriam her sister Miriam is a symbol for everything Tami was never given in her life Of course I refer to the one uniue blessed thing most of us see as a completely trivial thing which is freedom I suppose when you live under terror for most of your live twenty five years are a long period of time excuse me the idea of freedom and ability to do whatever you want well almost everything you want without being watched or punished for So just so you will understand it is not trivial It is not given from birth It is a privilege your got to earn in order to survive in our cruel worldAs the great feeling rushes through her veins her nostrils and into her lungs lasting to breathe every minute of freedom possible there I understand how magical it is How addicting it is to be on your own to be responsible for your own seeds to be yourself without covering your body under a tent without covering your body under a tent Hirsi Ali s words not mineEnglishI guess that each member of the English class Tamila goes to actually represent a different side of freedom although some sides may not be as pleasant as it sounds Also each immigrant in the group represents a different side of American society Let s start tagging them Eva would be the fun outgoing and 100% off limits playboy bunny Joseph and Agatha are simply love a shy love at first that grows Nadia is the outsider poor woman who jose under other s wings Nadia is the one who made a wrong decision took the wrong turn and lost control over her life and all of them together lively AmericaAmerica In this book America is just another word for freedom Tamila remember taking photos of little moments of freedom some sort of tiny daily struggle for independence I like this point of view it is very easy to understand and identify withLoveOf course there is Aik Not only has a waiter who has a big dream and a guaranteed paved road to make it come true At first Tamila don t understand what she feels for him A bit of nervous or was it just luck Anyhow she loved him really loved him And this is how she finds freedom She was free to love and be loved It was amazing It was perfectUntil she had to get marryOops getting married I Missed thatGet ready to bite your lips until blood comes out of themAt this point the reader should remember Tamila s parents They had to make sure Tamila will stay in the USA which reuires a single word husband Marriage in the Islamic republic really meant abusing in "THE BLESSING OF THE FAMILY SO ONCE AGAIN THERE "blessing of the family So once again there a catch she did not really remember until her sister reminds her possibly future groom is waiting This is a problem she doesn t want to face and when she does it seems that everything just go wrong Tamila doesn t want it to happen and now she is terrified All the freedom full air is sucked out of her lungsThen Again How Can I be both free and marriedUnintentionally during the book Tamila finds freedom easier and easier to define because she understands she hadn t got everything she wished for She couldn t be completely free because her marriage is waiting She has no time yet she struggle to pretend there is Tamila tries to escape the time limitationsSupposedly Tamila finds herself metaphorically of course in front of the camera Her camera the camera she used all these years to document little moments of daily struggle Now she is not the one behind the camera to take the picture Now she is the one who s being filmed She has to solve this mess she got herself into New discoveries are on the agendaThe name of the book is a veil of roses Rose was always the symbol for female for women To be precise the meaning is free women This wish the weak gender has had during centuri. Wake up her luck” If they have their way Tami will never return to Iran which means she has three months to find a husband in America Three months before she’s sent back for goodFrom her first Victoria’s Secret bra to her first ride on a motor scooter to her first country line dance Tami drinks in the freedom of an American girl Inspired to pursue her passion for photography she even captures her adventures on film But looming over her is the fact that she must find an. .
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