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Undercover Marriage

Terri Reed Í 1 FREE READ

To read these books in order as each book while a story on its own also has a plot which runs develops through all the 6 books building up to the grand finale in book 6 This means that you will not only want to read this book but also the preceding 5 in the series So if you are looking for book but also the preceding 5 in the series So if you are looking for one off story to read then this is not the book for you However if you are short of reading material want a series to get you going then you might want to try out this series I was anxious to get to this story I liked the premises of Serena Josh going undercover And finally we would get to see who was behind the baby smuggling ring who the leak was who illed Serena s brother Serena finally says in words what she s being saying with her attitude and eyes Though Josh Swing Sideways knows she blames him it still hurts a little Airing their anger pain enables them to start working through it The extra time together also helps Serena to see how much Josh blames himself I enjoyed watching them work it out fall in love solve the mystery They really do work well together Linda was a delight I really enjoyed her character a perfect aunt backup to have around It was neat how things worked out for Lonnie Baby KayA good conclusion to a good series Ramblings my suspicion of a death was wrong Once I started to truly read the book I was able to finish it uickly I would probably enjoy it if Inew the other couples that were menti FinallyFinally the story of the marshalls who ept showing up in each book as they worked through this case Well told This was a fantastic end to the Witness Protection series Each book could be read as a standalone I did read the books out of order and was not lost at all I am glad Josh and Serena got their own story They go undercover posing as a rich couple that want to adopt a baby from a baby smuggling ring It s really hard on both of them They both have hard feelings and guilt over the death of Josh s partner and Serena s brother Throughout the story Serena forgives Josh Only if Josh can find a way to forgive himself Even Tho It Was tho it was his fault They also have to deal with a leak in the department I had guessed who the leak was and I was thankful I was wrong I loved how this book tied everything together Loved the action suspense and romance All 6 ladies that wrote this series did an outstanding job This book series will be added to my list of favorites Okay confession time These are my junk food books I read very Er husband is her own partner US marshal Josh McCall whom Serena blames for her brother's death How can she act like a loving wife when she has to constantly fight her feelings for a man she isn't su. ,

Ittle Love Inspired and don t highly recommend them However they can be a nice fluffy treat occasionally I ve read the first and now the last book in this series I enjoyed both This was a vey good book and went right along with the others written before it It
"Had A Lot Of Suspense "
a lot of suspense Marshal Josh McCall and Serena Summers were partnered up as pretend husband and wife to investigate an illegal adoption ring This was the last thing Serena wanted Being his partner was bad enough but now she had to pretend to be in love with him She blamed Josh for her brother s death even though Josh wasn t really the cause But you couldn t blame her for blaming him Even though she blamed him her feelings for him before her brother s death were still there She had always admired and cared for him from afar Josh and her brother were best friends so Josh was often at their house She enjoyed his company and loved him as a friend since he already had a girlfriend at that time But as they pretended to be in love real emotions that both of them desperately trying to bury and hide came to light As much as she blamed him her feelings for Josh only grew stronger as they worked side by side I really enjoyed their story as they tried to heal and forgive themselves as well as each other Josh always carried the guilt of his partner s death and the he looked at Serena his guilt only grew Serena was really mad at him for not being there for her brother It was understandable but it was also unfair to Josh because that day he took a day off from work so he wasn t there to be able to help What Josh Couldn T Forgive Himself With Was That He Josh couldn t forgive himself with was that he t pick up the one phone call his partner made before his death But really Josh also had his own problem that day even though it was not life and death situation As I was reading I felt bad for both of them Lack of communication almost tore them apart I was very very glad when they overcome whatever happened in the past and moved one with their lifeThis book was sueaky clean There was only a scene or two where they issed but not anything graphic I do enjoy reading steamy scenes between the two main characters but sometimes I also love to read this ind of love story It didn t focus on the sex and not very heavy It s very romantic which I m a sucker for If you want to read something light this is definitely for you I think this book is the last in the series but I have no problem reading this as a standalone. Re she can trust The closer they get to unraveling the dark web of deceit though the being Josh's undercover wife means putting her life and future in his hands Witness Protection Hiding in plain sig. ,
The end of a very intense and interesting continuity series Josh "And Serena Go Under Cover "Serena go under cover a couple who want to adopt a baby from the baby smuggling ring It s extremely hard for both of them though because there is tension between them due to the guilt they feel over the death of Serena s brother who was Josh s partner when he was murdered All through the "Series I Was Back And Forth About Who The Leak "I was back and forth about who the leak the Marshal s office was I was happy to find I was wrong And in the end the uestion of who murdered Serena s brother is answered Very good job done by all 6 ladies involved in this series This unravels all the mysteries surrounding the baby trafficking ring in St Louis that has taken so much time and work for the US Marshals Serena Summers and Josh McCall have worked together even though she has never forgiven him for being unavailable and allowing her brother to be murderedThe story concludes with the truth about Daniel s murder at the hands of the ring as well as the final lessening of tension between the pair When they let go of the guilt they realize that they have feelings for each other Finding the root of the ring is heartbreaking and infuriating all at once It leaves them though able to figure out that they are in love much as it always happens in these continuities and a Happy Ending is had by all 6 Witness Protection ContinuityIt s past time to round up the ring leaders of the baby smuggling ringAnd find Witness Protection ContinuityIt s past time to round up the ring leaders of the baby smuggling ringAnd find department leakThe chief has put the 2 people he trusts from department to go undercover as a married couple desperate for a baby going through the Perfect Family Adoption AgencyThe problemUS Marshal Serena Summers blames US Marshal Josh McCall for her brother s death He wasn t there as back up If he was there her brother might not have died Josh is carrying a load of guilt for not picking up the phone when Daniel called He didn t get the message until the next day He lost his best friend and also his friendship with the girl he was attracted tosame girl he s now got to pretend he s married toA great conclusion to the Witness Protection Continuity I had 2 people I suspected for the leak and it wasn t until this book that I completely settled on 1 as definite which I got righthooray and the other I wasn t completely sure but was leaning towards not I m really glad Josh Serena finally got together they needed each other and it was nice to see their romance develop1 2 3 4 5 6 You really do need. THE BABY MISSION An illegal adoption ring using idnapped babies has to be stopped To gather the necessary evidence US marshal Serena Summers goes undercover as a married woman desperate for a baby .
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