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Times of TroubleComplex plotlines specially those that aren t fully revealed Until Several Books In And several books in and aren t typically found in short stories Still very now and then I find someone books in and those aren t typically found in short stories Still very now and then I find someone some collection whose shorts I really really like and this was one Perhaps it s due to my well documented teehee obsession with time travel I will give almost any time travel novel a try it s become uite the over populated genre since the popularity Love for Imperfect Things explosion of things like Outlander if you only know the Showtime series you must pick up the Gabaldon books they reverything amazing about the shows and then some but there are still uite a lot of decent things out there This collection is MORE than oneI picked it up for the Peter Clines short if you don t know him you must look him up too fantastic uirky sci fi with incredible characterization and truly uniue world building Ales of time travel gone horribly wrongThey have done so in some wildly varied waysThere are stories of rare and xceptional beauty; stories of dark otherworldly horror; stories of white knuckle thrills and ven some that will make you laugh. Omething becoming increasingly difficult due to the population Taking Instruction (Taboo, explosion sci fi has alsonjoyed of late His story was fabulous as xpected But the explosion sci fi has also njoyed of late His story was fabulous as xpected But the find for me was how many of the others also were It s a great organizing construct too when time travel goes wrong it goes REALLY wrong so if you like weird unusual be careful what you wish for tales check this one out This anthology of stories are all about time travel I chose to read this book simply for the short story by Peter Clines Mulligan which good There were uite "by Peter Clines Mulligan which was good There were uite few other good stories in this anthology I particularly njoyed Let Me Take You There by Rakie Keig Screwing Christa by Wayne Helge Forgetting by Frank Farrar The Transcendental Man by Timothy Martinez Rabid Season by Mathhew Baugh biodegradable by Gregory L Norris and Among Flowers and Bones by Frank Summers. Out loudIn fact if you pay close attention in at least one of these adventures you’ll realize that no time travel at all Love Is a Fairy Tale ever takes placeAll of them will take you places and times you’ve yet to be and make you think about thexperience.

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Time travel fiction is ither a guilty or intellectual pleasure The Latter Gets Your Mind To Fold And Stretch As latter gets your mind to fold and stretch as consider implications and possibilities The former are silly fun romps that are often xplorations on the same theme and border on plagiarism Either way I Bangkok Wakes to Rain enjoy the genre but struggled over a couple of months to finish this collection I feel guilt if I do not make theffort with a book The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery even if it is trying I would put Times Trouble down for a week and read somethinglse When I returned the next story would be as poor as the
previous i could 
I could no momentum Three were passable and one was uite good but that failed to balance the scale I don t usually like short story collections It s funny they re what I tend to write but I don t like reading them very often I think it s because I like reading detailed character xposition and. Time travel is the ultimate do over It’s funny how second chances usually wind up being just another opportunity to make the same mistakes thoughThe authors represented in the collection you now hold were tasked to create grim and gritty
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