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Ce was impressed to But I thought If the President of the United States Could write Mouse a letter it was pretty sad and pathetic her dad couldn t even bother to write her what a dick that is a different sort of penis Alice say s to Mouse one day our getting tired of me aren t Moonwalker you Mouse dose not respond What doou say to a friend The American Founding you have hadour whole life when The Futa Country Sudser you want to be rid of them in the worst way but still love them Mouse lies and tells Alice never By the time Alice and Mouse were 16 Mouse didn t talk to Alice any As with friendships that start in childhood sometimes don t lastour whole life althought Ellas First Exam (Ellas Exams Book 1) you never forget them I honestly don t know what I expectedI knew this was the basis for the film Lost and Delirious so I had a general idea of what this book would be about going inBut Right away I could tell this was inspired by the Parker Hulme case very loosely inspired but undoubtedly inspired nonetheless So I knew then that this book wasn t uite going to be what I expectedAnd then it got worse weird I realize this book is over twentyears old at this point so it s certainly dated in some ways And the fact that it has a 1960s setting makes it even so But I just it s hard to say what made me uncomfortable without spoiling a lot of things but it wasn t just Paulie s actions that were hard to read but rather it was the way how the book was almost trying to get us to agree with the arguments the characters made view spoilerconcerning Paulie s sanity gender dsyphoria etc hide spoiler view spoilerNot my favourite of books It is dark and depressing and there was way too much suspense for the end result Finally done But so here is the E The summary on the back of this book was brief and I was not expecting the story to turn out as it did I did keep going to the end because I was expecting some sort of murder mystery I found the whole thing a bit unpleasant to be honest maybe I am a bit of a prude but not every boarding school or other place where a group of females live together ends up with this sort of behaviour I had not heard of the film and thought this was a murder set in a school but it was far than that I Found The Whole Paulie And Lewis found the whole Paulie and Lewis to be a little implausible I don t think it would have been possible in real life There was a considerable age difference between Paulie and Mary Mouse and I think Mouse was probably unaware of most Of What Was Going what was going final shock of the book left me feeling a little nauseated and I would not have kept reading had I suspected what was to happenI am sure that the writing is excellent and there are many great reviews but the book was just not for me I m not sure exactly what to say about this book except how much I enjoyed reading it Susan Swan is a new author for me I decided to try and find this book based on a recommendation in a book about Canadian Literature I wasn t sure what to expect when I picked it up the various comments varied from A haunting new novel to Extremely funny a thoroughly modern tale of shifting sexualities So with that information I started The Wives Of Bath I don t want to spoiler the book as there is a very interesting twist if Ellas Second Exam you want to call it that even though throughout the story there are hints about how it might end It is the story of aoung teenage girl Mary Beatrice Bradford aka Mouse who is sent to a boarding school for girls on the outskirts of Toronto Mouse has a slight Er to fit in with the normal girls never to succumb to the expectations of the elder role models the spinster teachers the elegant mothers of her schoolmates She chooses her allies carefully her hump whom she calls Alice and John F Kennedy to whom she writes long letters asking and giving adviceBut the school itself is stranger than Mouse ever could have imagined A secret underworld of tunnels beneath the buildings stolen love letters King Kong worship and ghostlike apparitions a world where oung girls sometimes refuse to be simply good little girls all lead Mouse. .
This is one of the oddest books I have ever read and I disliked some parts of it as much as I liked others I haven t seen the film adaptation but I usually prefer not to see the film version of a book until I have read the book itself so that my own interpretation precedes the director s However in the case of this novel I needed all the help I could get as I have no idea whether I simply failed to understand the author s primary concept or whether it was as muddled as it appeared to be I ve made five attempts to explain the various themes the books deals with in this review and failed in every attempt which should give ou some idea of how confusing and often contradictory those themes are As a result I m just going to list some of the ingredients that Susan Swan chucked into this novel and let ou draw our own conclusionsFeminismWomen being treated as being of less value than menWomen being weak and silly when compared to men Penis envyA sometimes sympathetic sometimes mocking approach to lesbianismA child with an Electra complexA drunken stepmotherA dead motherA totally random written to lesbianismA child with an Electra complexA drunken stepmotherA dead motherA totally random written with JFKA dwarf A giant lesbianFlagellationKing KongDeathMurder A cycling ghostA hump backed person whose hump has a name and a personalityNow ou may be starting to understand why I genuinely have no idea whether Swan s novel is primarily a feminist tract an homage to Sigmund Freud a black comedy a coming of age novelor a genre busting combination of all the above with some Southern Gothic thrown in for good measure If it was supposed to be the latter then this book proves that ignoring genre conventions doesn t always make for interesting results I certainly didn t feel it did in the case of The Wives Of Bath This Novel Bath This novel like a hotch potch of partially realised ideas in which otherwise compelling characters were often wasted in the service of a plot whose main purpose seemed to be a rather incoherent and clumsy discussion of gender identity The result was a patchy novel that was often frustrating and ultimately unsatisfying On the upside the voice of the heroine Mouse Bradford is brilliantly realised and the humour that derives from her narration is both wry and laugh out loud funny on occasion The characterisation of most of the other characters is also largely successful which only serves to make the novel itself frustrating It s a shame that such great characters were wasted on an often illogical andor heavy handed pseudo psychoanalytical plot Lost and delirious indeed Ugh I m torn between this sublime work and its eually good movie Though both of them being two very different animals I believe this is a very import Mouse and Alice had a lot in common They are both 13 both lonely mostly ignored and unwanted I guess this is why they had so many conversations Alice is not as smart as Mouse but she keeps Alice on her toes Only thing is Alice has always caused Mouse trouble Alice always had ache s and pains but she tries not to complain Alice always tries to cheer Mouse up and when Mouse gets scared of puberty Alice calms her down with her wicked sense of humor comebacks Mouse never wanted breast and didn t really care for even thinking a man has a penis but Alice thought a man s penis is sorta kinda interesting Mouse said she was not impressed at all But Alice was impressed when Mouse got a response letter back from The President of the United States Mr Kennedy Ali. In The Wives of Bath Susan Swan penetrates the world of a girls' boarding school and tells a story at once shocking and wickedly funny that encompasses rebellion and murder and stunningly evokes the pain confusion and humour of female adolescence and sexual coming of age Internationally acclaimed Lost and Delirious is based on the bestselling novel directed by Lea Pool and starringIt is 1963 Mary Bradford aka Mouse is thirteen when she is shipped off to Bath Ladies College Mouse motherless a hunchback enters the school feeling very much on its margins determined nev.

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