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The Way Between the Worlds The View From the Mirror Book 4

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O is a bit higher than I D LIKE EVEN WITH THESE D LIKE EVEN WITH THESE like Even with these preferences taken into account this was a fun read in a world I ve come to look forward to visiting and will definitely be visiting again in Fate of the Fallen his first book in the most recent Santhenar cycle My favorite book of the series I still found some characters frustrating and self centered but I still enjoyed it Said simply I really enjoyed the book The ending wasn t a everyone lives happily ever after which was a very big surprise It was very sad and made me think about how all the events tied in not giving too much away the book is covered in decisions pon decisions of the numerous characters and the way everything ties into each other at the end is incredibleIt made me Behind the Throne (Morgan Crowe Trilogy, uestion what was right what was wrong who was evil who was good There is no bad side and good side where the good side always defeats the evil bad guys Ian Irvine thins the line between good and evil to the extent that there are so many different viewpoints so many things toestion so many ways to interpret the things that Ian Irvine writes Everyone has there own driving points there own reasons for doing what they do The author describes everything eually he doesn t take the side of any of the characters and because of this you estion who is right after every chapter Every couple of chapters change your perception of the characters completely changes And the way every action of everyone ties in at the end the conclusion is incredibleI will not read a book this great for a very long time Recommended ten times over The Way Between the Worlds is the fourth and final book in The View from the Mirror series I listened to the audio version of the artet and admit that I had issues with the series such as feeling it was too long Still now that I have finished it I have no regrets investing the past few months to this storyBeing the final book The Way Between the Worlds answers all the Captivated by the Millionaire uestions and tiesp all the loose ends This is to be expected of course I gave this book five stars because I enjoyed it the most Something was nearly always happening Wrapping p the storylines took a while but I can walk away from the characters and the world knowing the outcome and getting a sense of what their futures heldThe series overall was long I keep saying it too long I believe the story could have been told in half the number of words Then it would have been contained the action would have been increased and the suspense would have been terrific In my opinion the perfect ingredients for a page turner Yet while I feel that way I still can t say I didn t like it There was a lot to the plot the characters and the history that showed the author worked hard on planning the details That s impressive in itself I don t know what else to say I have wanted to read this series for many years and now I have I m satisfied with that accomplishment The View from the Mirror is a series that you will either like or not like Only the reader can L or permanently destroy the rift between Worlds is held captive Her lover Llian is in chains falsely accused of bet. .
Phew I made it out the other side It took some doing let me tell you This is an exhausting artet every chapter features either heavy travel heavy emoting absolute torrents of food or massive doses or travelling while injured From Shazmak to Thurkad back again off to Faelamor s den back to Thurkad through a gate to a remote library back
again off to 
off to back to Thurkad little wonder the characters keep falling over in exhaustionIt still isn t helped by the over ripe narrative with so many exclamations and gigglesome descriptions and similes The entire artet could have been cut back considerably if not for that even if it is half excused at the end by apparently being a tran What am I supposed to sayThey the readers of the world talk about how hangovers and books that insinuate themselves in you and change youI finished this series years after I started it I m 30ish and have a bit of the jadedness that comes with the age in homo sapien where in an arrogant maliese they believe they have a general idea of how all things flow and have a general idea of how all things flow and is nothing new nder their eyes and that new things are to be feared and hated I don t think anyone could agree with me on how deep the river of the series cut into me Mercy me I think it s impact on me is singular When I right I know I m playing at alchemy with nlabeled bottles I hope for the curious combination of words that will crush people as this book had crushed me The sheer desperate folly of every character was a perfect picture of mankind I don t even The pacing issues and relatively thin plot in the prior volume Dark is the Moon put me "Off Reading The Way Between "reading The Way Between Worlds for almost two years At one point I was considering leaving the series nfinished but I am a completionist and that just wouldn t do And as it turns out I liked this book Irvine pulls together an incredible number of plot threads and manages to bring them to a resolution that satisfactorily answered all my The Greek Tycoons Mistress uestions This may sound like damning with faint praise and while it s true the book didn t blow me away I had a good time following characters I ve grown attached to and reading on to see how they were going to get out of the newest sticky situation One of the things I consistently love in Irvine s books are his realistic and gripping portrayals of physical hardship and danger when Karan trudges across miles of snowbound forest with only a few provisions in her pocket or fleesp a rocky slope with the air burning her lungs and the Gh sh d in hot pursuit I viscerally felt it as a reader Some of the issues with earlier books in the series still persisted here the climax dragged on way too long and it took Irvine about three chapters to finally decide on the place where he wanted to end the book Though I ll take that over a series ending cliffhanger one of the Seven Mortal Sins of series writing which Irvine committed in Well of Echoes the series following this one He also has a penchant for melodrama and his telling versus showing rati. In the conclusion to this series Karan the young Sensitive who holds the Mirror of Aachen which has the power to hea. Ecide This reader has decided that despite its downfalls it s a good series Finally I M Exhausted What A m exhausted What a On the other had I did not want it to end I haven t read any books that have kept me as engrossed as The View from the Mirror artet for a long time I recommend this series of books whole heartedly I don t know anything about writing book reviews all I know is what of books whole heartedly I don t know anything about writing book reviews all I know is what like I never would have thought that I would have bought books in this category but I m glad I did I will certainly be reading of Ian Irvine s books A whole series has been full of great story telling as books are filled with magic deception court intrigue and adventures Main downside is that some characters are little bit too naive and there are lots of strange names to remember I have postponed reading this final book for years It s the final book in the series and the whole series was really hard to trudge through The only reason I finished them is because they ve been sitting on my shelves for years and I was determined to finish it However I wish I hadn t bothered The ending was very anti climatic Everything was solved but in a weird way Irvine really dragged the ending out too much and just didn t execute the ending well All four books were only mediocre I ve read too many fantastic books in my life to be okay with so so ones However it wasn t all bad He threw in a few surprises and you get very attached to your characters in the book If you have a lot of time to kill and enjoy fantasy then I would read it If not read something else on your shelf first This is a difficult one for me I definitely enjoyed the plot the characters and to a certain extend the conclusion I think what keeps me from rating this set higher than 3 stars was the writing style This is a very personal thing I find Tolkien a hard read for the same reason so he s in good company but I just didn t fall in love with the way he told the storyHis descriptions were sometimes ite extraordinary and I found myself so astonished at his choice of phrase that I found it detrimental to the immersion I normally feel when reading ie it got in the way of the story for meI will read other books by him but I didn t feel it to be a labour of love to read themI did also find his attempts to give everyone goodevil aspects to thier characters to be a little clumsy sorry I didn t Bidding on Her Boss (The Hawke Brothers, uite believe in those protagonists who hated each other and then worked together then didn t etcFinally there seemed to be a lot less back story that there initially appeared to be Ultimately there were just two real stories The one that happened X thousand years ago and one which happens now The mystery did not torment me in the same way it does Llian and the resolution did not astonish me eitherI apologise if this comes across as annnecessarily harsh review I can see that others rate this very highly but to me whilst some of the ingredients were good and the tale of interest it was much too long for such a small tale and I did enjoy that small tal. Raying her With the dark moon rising the Charon Rulke is nstoppable as he prepares to open the Way between the Worl. .

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