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Ays war drones and Old *Captains rock The Voyage of the Sable Keech was mainly mind blowingly boring Yes that *rock The Voyage of the Sable Keech was mainly mind blowingly boring Yes that right It is certainly one of the weaker books in the series It was as if Asher was so fascinated with Spatterjay world which he caught so well in the previous book that he couldn t et it go When the big part of the book revolves around murderous fish the main antagonist is a boring mustache twirling villain and one of the characters is schizophrenic in two bodies after a while your interest has to rapidly diminish It is good then that the next book moves in the other part of THE UNIVERSE ONE WITH A FEW universe one with a few the infamous Graveyard Such an amazing imagination how do you create an entire universe and all the Double Deception (Code Name: Danger life forms that evolve in it Great story and interesting characters and a great blurring of theines between alive and not uite The Hive mind didn t uite impress me but otherwise this series is highly recommended along with pretty much anything Mr Asher writes I gave it four stars not because it s brilliant but because it s pure Asher The followup to The Skinner It s the same story Not really but sorta There are almost all the same major players as Wicked Lies (Men of Summer, last time strange sea creatures drones Prador etc etc etc A bunch of stuff is happening and everyone has a hidden agenda As the story unfolds all those agendas are revealed as all events and actions merge to become a great climax Sounds pretty normal for an Asher book huh Readsike a movie huh Yup Nothing groundbreaking Just good old fashioned fun Good fun I just finished a Greg Egan novel and I needed something Grave Tattoo lighter Not that this is fluff Asher has built an intriguing and complex set filled it with interesting and complex characters started them going in mostly credible ways and figured out some plot complications to nudge the plot along He may have overdone it aittle with the enormous cast of nasty creatures but i l credit him nasty creatures but I l credit him a Churchills Trial lot of work in figuring out how they must all interact The Old Captains are a great idea Sniper is one of my favourite SF characters in recent years I can t wait to read Orbus and see what he will do with his new friend telling you would be a spoiler And the sails are fascinating especially the one who is notike the others If a few of the situations are a tad implausible well heck gosh just read faster This IS just for fun remember If you don t A Conspiracy of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries like the occasional gory action perhaps another book would suit you better But if you read Skinner you already knew that Not uite as kinetic horrific and high paced as the first book in the series but good enough to have me buying the third in the series by the time I was half way through itPlenty of wince inducing brutality coated in grim humour set in one of the most voraciously aggressive ecosystems I ve read of When I finish the third book I m confident Il move on to of Asher s wor. Ter An ancient hive mind almost incomprehensible to the human race has sent an agent to this uncertain wor. ,
Oooh boy where to start Having Lakeside Redemption loved the HECK out of The Skinner I think my expectations for Voyage may have been a bit too high Let s seeThe GoodWe re back on Spatterjay with its tremendous fauna whose cast includes a 20 metre tall whelk with eyes the size of dinner plates Whoa Plus of course attendanteeches and the rest of Hooper s carnivorous food chain Also hooders HOODERS AwesomeThe BadWhile in The Skinner we were introduced to said food chain via a story unfolding alongside the main plot this time round every chapter starts with an entry from an encyclopedia on *THE PLANET S WILDLIFE WHICH MIGHT *planet s wildlife which might interesting to first time visitors but to me it wasn t new and therefore a bitboringThe GoodYay for the Old Captains Asher doesn t waste many words to describe them or build up their characters but the thing is he doesn t have to By their actions they rule the very pages they re on BrilliantThe BadTaylor Bloc Is Boring Booooooring Zzzzzzzz BORING Seriously I couldn t care In Pursuit of a Princess less for the guy and whatever he wants or doesn t want or how he d get it or what he s just annoying In an un enaging and I think unintentional way Boring Shame reallyThe SadIn fact now that I think about it the whole book is a bitslow Nothing happens for ages while we are treated to detailed descriptions of how Vrell rebuilds his ship Taylor Bloc just annoys everyone The mystery surrounding Isis Wade and Zephyr is never intriguing enough and the giant whelk subplot while initially amusing just seemedike page filler in the endThere s no real pay off at the end everything just peters out and even the twist if John Styx was meant to be one wasn t at all surprising and basically the entire voyage of the Sable Keech was a HUGE WASTE OF TIME For everyone involved The Skinner is so amazing This

*oneisn t 3 *
t 3 Neal Asher is one of my favorite authors and Skinner book one of the Spatterjay series was fantastic The Voyage of the Sable Keech book two was simply just OK Where book one was an original piece of a science fiction horror creature feature this one is simply just I really would have thought that I would enjoy this one as all the cool creatures characters and The Captains are back for another adventure Instead The Voyage of the Sable Keech just feels Second Time Loving long It is crazy that a book with so much action killings and violence could actually feel slowThe plotine and story arc of The Voyage OF THE SABLE KEECH WAS ALMOST BORING THE ONE the Sable Keech was almost boring The one that could have been called a twist was worse than obvious to a point that it was almost insulting Too much time was spent with Buell and not enough with The Old Captains or with Sniper The chapters that had the giant mother whelk were exceptional and freaking coolOverall I am disappointed with this book and might have a tough time moving in to the next book in the series Not much really happens worth talking about I guess. Sable Keech is a walking dead man and the only one to have been resurrected by nanochanger Did he succeed. ,
The best thing I can say is that if you haven t read The Skinner than pick that one up for sure it is awesome This one is just meh Further awesomeness from Asher Continues with the adventures of our friends from the Skinner and adds some good plot twists Plus a hooder and a really big whelk Slightly insane characters and hive minds also come in for a share of the action and our favorite war drone takes delivery of a new body Loved it Does anyone remember the time when SF was all about the weird and wonderful When it was all about the strangest aliens and incomprehensible worlds When awe met terror spiced it up with truly amazing worldbuilding and then threw us into a really Fed up worldI do I ve been chasing that feeling ever since I was a kid and then I read these Spatterjay books and I m an 8 year old again getting terrified out of my Mind By All The Things I Imagine Might Be Out by all the things I imagine might be out if not exactly terrified by what I m actually findingWhat would my 8 year old self do upon finding Spatterjay Hmmm I might have to rave about it right until the point I was put away in the children s psychiatric ward What could be horror driven than a world where nothing dies because the spatterjay virus keeps rebuilding EVERYTHING there Just think about horror driven than a world where nothing dies because the spatterjay virus keeps rebuilding EVERYTHING there Just think about most horrible creatures that you could find there especially in Asher s mind ahem hooder ahem or think about the old 1000 year old boat captains who never die who just get stronger or how about the truly unfortunate victims who get chopped up and spread to the four corners to become fish bait only to ater become mindless iving husks as part of even stranger creatures or become stranger swimming creatures themselves shiverOr in this case Sable Keech The re Dark Awakening living Walking corpses with AI crystals and programming keeping them alive only to be yanked back into theiving world thanks to this special virus Truly This kind of imagination is extraordinary Not only does Asher explore so many avenues and throw in some of the most amazing characters he does it by writing novels about high tech pirates and undead captains and many Hawks Way (Hawks Way limbed monsters notimited to the Prador As an adventure it s awesome As a visual extravaganza with enough scathing creativity making me wish this was a full budget Hollywood special effects monstrosity *To Drool Over For Years It S *drool over for years it s than awesome I d give my Family Men left nut to see this on the screenJust saying My mind would be blown The second book set on the world of Spatterjay The setting manages to combine old style pirates with far future tech and an incredibly dangerous ecology Asher s writing style is a joy to read and there are some great characters in here especially the AIs I alsoove the Creative Participation little snippets about what theocal wildlife is doing mostly eating each other A brilliant book by a brilliant author 25 starsWhile it had some interesting scenes and Sabina Spielrein like alw. Because he was infected by the Spatterjay virus or because he cameate to resurrection in a tank of seawa.

Download The Voyage of the Sable Keech Spatterjay #2

The Voyage of the Sable Keech Spatterjay #2

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