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Liked it I just need Getting intense Snow thought she had feelings for Gabe But now she s starting to have feelings for Christopher And now her parents who ve been gone all this time has finally returned What will they say when they find out But something tells me that her Step mother may already know As snow discovers her new world and grows closer to her Hunter what destinty awaits her as things progress in the realm of sharra will the war go on who is snows true love one of her seven friends or her Hunter time will tell Source Downloaded for free from coukThis is the third instalment in the Blood and Snow seriesIn this story we learn a bit about ChaseChristopher and a bit about what being marked means for Snow There wasn t uite as much romance in this one and there was a little bit of info dumpingThe ending was a bit of a cliff hanger again but I do want to read the next bookOverall another fairly good instalment75 out of 10 A protector or Christopher Who does she choose of 10 A protector or Christopher Who does she choose does she at all More mystery and excitement on every page Loved this one as much as the first two I want These books take ou into the author s world and hold Summary you hostage You can t put the book down These are the kind of books that I love Ifou lose me in the first two chapters the book is put back on the shelf Truly worth every star and. ND THIS TIME SHE'S CHOSEN SNOW WHITE Lips red as rubiesHair dark as night Drink our true love's blood Become the Vampire Snow White. ,
E first four volumes I have to say originally when I bought this I thought they were ACTUALLY full books Then I saw they were short stories ok But No They Are VERY Short they are VERY short even novellas novelettes Now I don t like short stories You will hear me say this time and again I like LONG novels and Series so the story just goes on and onI think I would love this story Though there are a few things that bother me because they are super cheesy like her name and Christophers last name I don t like how completely fragile she appears in the beginning and I don t like how she is pretty TOTALLY immatureBut mostly I don t like how its split up in tiny little volumesBUT other than that I love it I love the brothers and Professor pops I don t really understand the absent father and crazy step mom lik Since novellas 1 4 are bundled together I m just going to re cap all of them at onceI don t know why they were split up like that instead of one book it was annoying as hellClassic Snow White re telling with vampiresSpoiler re cap belowSnow is an Definitely boring than the others but that s because I don t really care much about Christopher I would rather the story be about don t really care much about Christopher I would rather the story be about the boys or Cindy I liked that we got Christopher s story but there is that I want to know I feel like a big chunk is missing out of the story All and all Will drinking from him save or enslave herEVERY THOUSAND YEARS THE VAMPIRE UEEN SELECTS A NEW BODY ALWAYS THE FAIREST IN THE LAND

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Snow White has learned who the Hunter is that IS TURNING HER INTO A VAMPIRE SHE HAS ALSO turning her into a vampire She has also that he is a matter in the art of seduction In the process of learning this her relationshipfriendship with Gabe takes a turn towards awkward No one really knows what has been happening in the Vampire ueen s realm between her and the vampire Christopher but it has become obvious to all seven guys that something is changing for Snow Her heart takes an emotional hit but Christopher is there to help her feel better The uestion is whether Christopher is doing it to further his agenda in turning Snow into the ueen s vessel or because he has feelings for herAnother great installment to the vampire version of Snow White I am enjoying this series so much that I am reading at least a book a day I am starting book four and plan to purchase the rest of THE SERIES SO I DON T HAVE TO PAUSE series so I don t have to pause reading it at allRead reviews at Identity Discovery blog So I m going to review this entire set all together because really each installment was just too short To Stop And Write A stop and write a I don t think I would ve made it all the way through if I had done that That bei So I instead of writing a separate review for each SHORT story Im just writing a full review for the first four since I bought this as four in one and copy it and paste it for th. Volume 3 in the BLOOD AND SNOW series Each volume is novelette length Snow White craves blood Especially the blood of her Hunter But. The Vampire Christopher Blood and Snow #3

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