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The Silence Between UsUpdate 121419 Okay so I m a little behind on my ARCs because I had a baby Thanks to Netgalley and Publisher for the review copyI went into this book expecting to feel seen to feel validated And that s not what I got In this I did mildly see a reflection of my experience of being a deaf kid in a hearing school I didn t have an interpreter so my experienced differed from Maya s I also communicated exclusively verbally not did I have friends willing to learn sign heck my own family didn t even bother to learn sign But the experience was authentic The ownvoices ness of this really shown through which is not something that happens when hearing authors write deaf characters So for this fact alone I m excited to share this with readers at my library My gripes with this are as follows there was so much Deaf educating in this It felt like educating instead of the experiences and development of the characters normal life It was urpose driven instead of normalized and that made the storytelling awkward And then the characters didn t feel fully developed either which made this feelread young when everyone is The Quotable Hitchens from Alcohol to Zionism preparing to head off to college Too manyieces for each character make none of the Anos de Hierro pieces feel all that important on their own or asart of the overall whole Original thoughts upon discovering this book and adding it to my TBR It s about GD time that the universe and A Hora do Mocho publishing gave us meaning me as a hearing impaired reader an ownvoices Deaf kid in a hearing school story thankyouverymuch Now to read the ARC that I just got I got this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review You know those stories where you fall in love with everything after just a fewagesThat for me was this bookThe Silence Between Us was in a nutshell some of the best disability representation I ve ever read I am not deaf but as someone with hydrocephalus right sided cerebral Otoboke Section Chief Vol. 01 palsy andartial blindness I am always looking for good representation and this book was It The Silence Between Us celebrates disability instead of shying away from itThe characters in this book were amazing I don t think there was a single character that I didn t like Maya was a fantastic MC Beau was adorable Nina was an awesome friend I LOVE that Nina and Maya ended up becoming friends because I was anticipating the dreaded Casual Power popular girl hates the new girl clich Even the side characters Connor Maya s mother Maya s interpreter and Melissa were wonderfully written They all enhanced thelot so well and I adored every single one of themThis book even managed to teach me a little bit about sign language Not necessarily how to actually sign but just little tidbits about the language and about deaf culture and about little things here and there that deaf Wolfsong people might appreciate or be annoyed by Even though this book doesn t really use verbal dialogue other than signing Maya can only read lips but she can Speak I think the interaction between characters ran very smoothly and while I don t know if this is the common way to express sign language in books I appreciate the way the author wrote out the sign language in ALL CAPS That made things really easy to follow and definitely made up for the lack of verbal dialogueDid I mention that Maya and Beau are absolutely adorable I adore their chemistry and Beau is an absolute darling A lot of love interests in YA and in general tbh come off as totally douchey so words cannot describe how much I love the fact that Beau is sweet and genuine He is such a good character I love him a lot and it s so nice to see able bodiedeople accepting Turbocharge Your Writing people with disabilities disabilities and allOverall I ADORED this book I m so glad I was approved on NetGalley to review it and I think it definitely became one of my favorite YA contemporaries I highly encourage everyone to check this book out but especially if you love contemporary romances andor disability rep I m almost done with my second semester of ASL and I love and appreciate the language So I was very excited to read this book from theerspective of a deaf high schooler and I erked up when I realized that the ASL would actually be written as ASL instead of just translated into English Like In Most The Other Books I in most the other books I read with a deaf character But the book left me wanting in so many ways Without even getting into my roblems with how certain aspects of Deaf culture were displayed the characters were incredibly boring I really don t know what the author was trying to do with the main character s The Last Thing I Told You personality She was inconsistent Maybe a stupid example but Maya said at least 4 times to the reader Why would I ever turn down food but we only ever saw her appreciate it one time and it was cookies and her appreciation was simply her eating a lot of cookies At oneoint she was aghast when students were surprised that she could speak and she made a HUGE deal about how deaf The Human Network people areerfectly capable of speaking but the author never once brought up that some deaf Capture of a Heart people CANNOT speak or that they only choose to speak around certaineople or that deaf The Secret Power Within Your Mortgage people who lost their hearing young or were born deaf have to go through intensive speech therapy to be able to speak well It was such an illogical way for her to go about the situation and while I don t ask for characters to always make logical choices I ask that when it comes to representation of something so feweople understand they do Look at that I already failed at not getting into my issues #with the deaf aspect Sometimes I can get over characters bland ersonalities if the romance is good and it brings out #the deaf aspect Sometimes I can get over characters bland ersonalities if the romance is good and it brings out aspects in the characters but I have to say this was uite The Russians Pregnant Mistress possibly the mostoorly written romance I have ever read There was zero chemistry ZERO chemistry I honestly didn t ick up on the fact that the guy was the love interest until a few chapters in and I was still skeptical If you ve read any number of romances you know how obvious it usually is and not in a bad way if you can t tell it means there s NO CHEMISTRY even latonic relationships have chemistry but I thought that he was just going tell it means there s NO CHEMISTRY even latonic relationships have chemistry but I thought that he was just going be the nice friend who wanted to learn sign language because who reads ast the first New Perspectives On Criseyde paragraph in a book summary Not me apparently Way too much of thelot was focused specifically on Maya s struggles being deaf in a mainstream school and maybe this would have been interesting or dynamic to me if I had less knowledge on the subject but I think just the way it was resented seemed whiny an. Deaf teen Maya moves across the country and must attend a hearing school for the first time As if that wasn’t hard enough she also has to adjust to the hearing culture which she finds frustrating. D melodramatic rather than helping the reader understand where deaf The Shadows I Followed people are coming from Again I could not get on board with Maya s character We also had two very common tropes the kid whose dad wants them to go to medical school but the kid loves something else and the kid who has aassion for a certain career but they don t think they ll be able to get it These are both still usable tropes if done correctly but these were tired situations Before I get into the rest of my Japanese Etiquette problems with the deaf representation I am just an ASL 2 student I am well aware that I don t fully understand Deaf culture or any other aspect of being deaf But our main character didn t understand what it meant either and I just couldn t getast the bad depiction It was weird to see Maya saying that she was The Cowboy and His Baby part of the Deaf community capital D Deaf when she had no connection to the community other than her one deaf friend she spoke to on FaceTime She had just moved to a new town but there was zero reference to deaf adults or other kids in her life We also only saw 2 characters who liked being deaf Maya and her friend Partway through the book Maya tries to go out and meet deaf kids but they were actually a group of kids with Cochlear Implants and none of them used sign Not a singleerson at the event had any respect for ASL or deaf Secure Location people and it made everyerson with a CI seem like jerks And it wasn t like it was just the main character s opinions it was the way the other characters acted When Maya had lost her hearing her mother learned ASL along with her and her younger brother learned a little So when she went to the aforementioned CI group she was surprised to find that the mother of one of the deaf kids didn t understand ASL I understand that this book should not represent every deaf The Everyday Witch (Beatrice Bailey, person but this was coming directly from Maya s head She was genuinely surprised surprised that the mom didn t know sign even though that type of situation the family of a deaf kid not learning sign is common than it should be If she was reallyart of the Deaf community she would know this So In the end I did appreciate the way the ASL itself was ortrayed But that was retty much my only Reign of Ash (The Chosen positive I am so surprised I didn t enjoy this one at all I was so excited to read this The main character was obnoxious She was so guarded that she never gave anyone a break including Beau Beau who was always willing to apologize and see her side of things but she couldn t do the same for him I thought it was out of character for Beau to do what he did at the end of the book which immediately made me think less of this book than I already had He is so open and understanding of her so why did his character suddenly do a 180 Everything was such aroblem with Maya Why was every second of this story filled with her having to be combative Instead of me seeing the struggled Bred by the Beastmen (Bred by the Beastmen people in the deaf community face it just made me annoyed at this teenage girl And the romance Where was it Beau and Maya I don t see why Beau would ever want to be with her She constantly berated him or embarrassed And he clearly liked you from the beginning and shelayed it off like she wasn t sure He literally blushed and started learning sign language because he liked you Also what was with the Fline en Lingerie pacing He suddenly learned a bunch of sign language in like a day There was some oddassage of time that didn t do anything for the story I m just really disappointed I ve been waiting so long for a book like this Like our Surface protagonist Maya I was born hearing and have slowly lost bits of my hearing over the years in addition to dealing with Auditory Processing Disorder both of which reuire me to wear hearing aids While Maya is immersed in the Deaf community I ve remained aart of the hearing community into which I was born but I can relate to so many of the experiences Maya has all throughout the novelI ve seen some Orange 5 (オレンジ, people say in their reviews that Maya is unlikable and her strong negative stance on CIs being This author s first book In 27 Days blew me away no joke and even though this is an entirely different genre I was expecting great things She absolutely delivered It s unlike anything else I ve read before and I loved it The main character Maia wasretty cool Some other reviewers have found her annoying but I didn t get that off her The author did an amazing job helping me understand the reasons behind how she thought and acted or at least want to understand I think the fact that this is an OwnVoices book 4 stars Many of you don t know this but my grandmother and stepgrandfather were deaf My The No-Spend Challenge Guide: How to Stop Spending Money Impulsively, Pay off Debt Fast, Make Your Finances Fit Your Dreams parents and I are hearing but I grew up around the deaf community and it has a very speciallace in my heart What I loved most about this book was it captured very well what it is like to be deaf as it should since the author is hard of hearing When the characters spoke ASL it was true ASL and not a hearing The Scot person thinking how deafeople speakThis book made me miss my grandparents a lot I wish my grandmother was still alive so I could give this book to her she would have loved it OwnVoices is uickly becoming my favorite Spring Snow part of YA Lit Having lost a lot of my own hearing just out of high school I really related to The Silence Between Usub August 13 2019 Maya was born hearing but lost it due to Meningitis however she gained her confidence embracing her deafness There was one I knew for certain I was happy #being Deaf and I was not about to that just because a cochlear implant might make my life #Deaf and I was not about to change that just because a cochlear implant might make my life I loved that Maya s character supported by her mother and brother knows what she wants and can educate and share her beliefs with others as a teen dealing with a cross country relocation new school making friends and completely starting over I ve been having a hard time figuring out who I am Probably I wasn t the only high school student that felt this way Deaf or hearing278 Maya owns what others label as disabled she is roud to declare she doesn t need to be fixed280 I have never read a book the way The Silence Between Us is written For those who don t know American Sign Language isn t directly interpreted the way English is spoken Many words are dropped from conversation and the signs are often shortened and notated early in a conversation and then referenced in a shortened way later on The font changes inside this book read accurately text indicated in CAPS LOCK showing ASL usage in dialog verses what Maya is thinking in her head or other characters are verba. And also surprising when some classmates including Beau Watson take time to learn ASL As Maya looks ast graduation and focuses on her future dreams nothing not even an unexpected romance will der. Lly speaking amazing I am completely impressed that Alison Gervais saw the lack of Deaf characters in YA Lit and did something about it No matter how hard you try to understand something sometimes there s a Second Chance Pass (Virgin River, personal connection to the cause that you re missing something you may not ever reach and that can make all the difference That s why this is important to the real world 147 Thank you bBlink YA Books for sharing an ARC with me in exchange for an honest review I am cheering this title on to the finish line 5 Thanks to NetGalley forroviding me a complimentary copy of THE SILENCE BETWEEN US by Alison Gervais in exchange for my honest reviewMaya is less than thrilled to beginning senior year at a hearing school half way across the country Deaf for four years leaving her secure Fates Monolith (MacLomain, previous school where everyone signed to one where she ll be the only Deaf student and need an interpreter scares her When Beau a cuteopular guy starts learning sign language Maya is certain he s either At the Wolfs Table pitying orranking her unwilling to consider he may actually like herMaya was a difficult character for me to like While she had ositive ualities like caring about her family and little brother with Cystic Fibrosis she was mostly self centered and often unkind THE SILENCE BETWEEN US is well written distinguishing dialogue signed vs spoken Aside from Maya most of the other characters were likable I had a hard time buying into a lot of the scenarios in the book For example I didn t believe a mother would move her sick son from New Jersey to the high altitude of Colorado and be surprised his condition worsened Surely his NJ doctor would have warned the mother to consider her son s life and death situation no matter how good the job offer I also didn t believe this mother would take a week long business trip and leave her Deaf seventeen year old daughter to care for her struggling seven year old son with no backup contingency lan She was a great mother except when in regards to her son s life threatening illness I also didn t understand Maya s insistence on not considering a cochlear implant If she has been deaf all her life I d have understood She has a Ruthless Game (GhostWalkers, passion for becoming aediatric respiratory therapist Hearing would only seem to enhance the relationship with The Perfect Weapon patients After the scare with her brother where he could have died I d think hearing would be a safety issue Accommodations are great important and necessary but they also involve relying on others in the case of the book torovide those well deserved services I have a disability and sometimes have to rely on others to make my life When my body won t do what it s supposed to do I m frustrated and would do anything to change the situation I understand the Deaf community is rich and full CIs are controversial and many have strong opinions against them Maya had only been deaf for 4 years and so the majority of her experiences were hearing I was glad she was Psychic Protection proud to be Deaf and confident but didn t understand the safety and accommodations aspects of her choiceTHE SILENCE BETWEEN US was enjoyable though sometimes slow disjointed and repetitive My thanks to the authorublisher and NetGalley for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest reviewMaya Harris is 17 years old and was rendered deaf when a bout of meningitis left her กระต่ายในเงาจันทร์ profoundly deaf at the age of 13 Her mother s job relocation forces Maya to leave her special hearing impaired school and move to Colorado to a regular high school Maya s young brother is also afflicted with cystic fibrosis and her mother is a singlearent cope with two children with chronic health her own This is a very well written book dealing with serious subject matters the rights of the hearing impaired and the difficulties they face in a hearing dealing with serious subject matters the rights of the hearing impaired and the difficulties they face in a hearing I learned so much from this story and was very glad to have been given the opportunity to read it For the most Employment Law Cases and Materials part it was a very engrossing and enjoyable read However one weakness was characterization Maya often came across to me as an angry and hostile teen she was so mean tooor Beau a handsome young student at her new school She raked him over the coals time and again and he was nothing but kind to her I have always believed that if you want others to tolerate you and your issues or idiosyncrasies then you need to tolerate others as well People make mistakes especially when dealing with unfamiliar situations I get that Maya was tired of being discriminated against yelled at in a well meaning way or coddled because of her disability but she was in a new school and I think she could have been a bit forgiving of other s mistakes When one of her misguided teachers spoke in an extremely loud voice to her on her first day she should have gently told him something like my hearing aids only What Would Pacifists Have Done about Hitler? a Discussion of War, Dictators and Pacifism pick up large crashing or thudding noises You can yell all you like but I still won t be able to hear you Even I have been misled into believe that a hearing impairederson who is wearing a hearing aid might be able to hear my voice I thought she was being a bit harsh on her unsuspecting teacher in that instance But I do get it that type of thing gets old fastMaya is understandably upset and nervous in her new environment and she often felt lonely and ignored but A Place to Call Home (Front Porch Promises perhaps herrickly attitude might have been a bit to blame for that Just saying Poor Beau learned ASL sign language in order to communicate with her At first she greeted his attempts with disdain and tended to The Hot Kid (Carl Webster, point out all of his mistakes I have no idea why Beauersevered and eventually won both Maya s friendship and her affections That was a hard sell for me but once the romance between Maya and Beau gets off the ground I started to like Maya a bit Don t get me wrong I don t mind a fierce or spunky heroine in fact I Healing After a Loss prefer them What I don t like is someone being unnecessarily mean The story did occasionally get bogged down in unnecessary details about homework assignments etc but for the mostart this was a very interesting story about a young girl who is forced by circumstance to leave her sheltered hearing impaired learning environment She does learn to cope and even comes to refer the challenges of her new schoolThe author discloses in the end that she too is hearing impaired so I am relieved to know that I was getting an authentic although fictionalized account of one erson s Raintree (Raintree, personal experiences Despite the minor characterization andlotting issues I would still highly recommend this novel. Ail her One Night Is Never Enough (Secrets, pursuits But wheneople in her life deaf and hearing alike ask her to uestion Heiress in Regency Society parts of her deaf identity Maya standsroudly never giving in to the idea that her deafness is a disadvantage.

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