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The Hired ManA very solid 35 stars This was my

first venture in 
venture in a historical MM romance and it didn t disappoint except a historical MM romance and it didn t disappoint except found that it ended a bit too soon so soon in fact that as I got it from Audible on audio I thought it might be abridged but nope that s just how it is Except for it s brevity at times the story was really good with well developed characters and the setting was beautiful I found myself looking for household chores to do so I could carry on listening in peace I ll most likely look for work by this author5 "Stars For The Audio Book " for the audio book too very good Not sure what it was about this book but I kept thinking this was based in England instead of the US I felt for Bryn and his plight and was happy to see Ian give him a chance The Dandelion development took me by surprise was so not expecting that I did not like how the chapters ended so abruptly as if in mid thought You re expecting dialogue and it just ends and doesn t pick up with the next chapter That was very distracting I felt the end was very rushed with too much going on For some reason I never really felt like Ian was a Reverend and the fact he was having same sex relations being a Reverend did not freak me out I guess since we never really got to see him preach and he didn t have any faith left anyway With Bryn s abuse I was expecting of an emotional read and I didn t get that but I did enjoy the story hence 3 starsPS I loved when Bryn got all aggressive and take charge with Ian This story was recomended by my GR friend It has a powerful storyline extemely good descriptive writing and well developed character s but the story just did not draw me inThis book is just not for me Jan Irving has by far created a truly captivating story This book is stirring and beautiful The charters also demonstrate a smooth flow noting one caring motherly woman and one silent child All 4 characters stand out in a special way Jan demonstrates an excellent display of the life and its Vicious Cycles And Ooooo my favorite part was when the Rev told Bren to kiss him WOW a true tiger This is one well written unforgettable treasure of a storyPs I loved this book I read it 5 times well maybe 6 the best book ever and I have read many WOW If ou GET to read it for the first time all s I can say is wish it were me Pss no one dies I m an old romance reader old since I like the romances of the 70 and 80 I m not that old of age but in Italy those romance arrived or less 10 15 Often Go Awry years after their officially release in the United States And so when in America the Western Romance was becoming a passed fashion I discovered it There is one that was and still is one of my favorite Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer the story of an ex con framed for the murder of a prostitute who is hired by a widow with two little sons and a third arriving It s a wonderful romance and it was later made into a movie with late Christopher Reeves as the hero But than Morning Glory my favorite that I read and read again was The Rainbow Season by Lisa Gregory Probably to many ofou the name Lisa Gregory says nothing but she is now famous and read as one of the ueen of Regency Romances as Candace Camp But sincerely I think that the Rainbow Season the love story set at the end of the XIX century between the bad boy and ex con of the town with the Under Grand Hotel, Volume 02 young spinster who is in love with her brother in law and decides to marry the hired man of her late father is and will always be her best novel There is only another one that can compete Satan s Angel by Kristin James the story of a lawless who falls in love for the woman he kidnapped a woman who was traumatized when she was still a child and now she is maybe too simple unable to see the evil in other people but Kristin James is Lisa Gregory soou see it s obvious why I like that romance as much as the other one Why this long introduction To pay my compliments to Jan Irving to be able to make me feeling again as the teenager of so many DIRTY - 47 verruchte TABU Erotik Geschichten years ago reading a story that is able to take me in another world a place whereour dreams come true The Hired Man is a perfect Western Romance as seldom Im Squirrely! (The Nut Family, you find today The Historical Western Romance are strange sinceou can read of a recent past history ou can enjoy an historical romance without feeling too far from their characters escaping in that world is like taking a short trip over the weekend ou are far from the city but the city is not so far from ou The feeling is the same the world at the end of the XIX century had still a uiet pace it was a world of baking cakes at home and doing chores in the barn actually not so Reverend Ian Kenyon knows the harsh sting of life and how a man can suffer a loss of faith The death of his wife and newborn son shook him to his foundations and he's been drifting ever since  Bryn Morgan has returned home from prison to the only family he has an abusive fa. .

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Ifferent from the life ou can see in some places in the world "Bryn Is The Bad "is the bad of this novel Wicked City (Wicked City, young and pretty he had the bad luck to be born in the house of a drunken man who never cares for him and when his mother died Bryn was all alone Nobody wondered when he was framed for raping aoung girl and sent to prison To the great surprise of the townfolks when his conviction ends Bryn comes back home The only person who is willing to hire him is Reverend Ian a man that even before Bryn always looked upon as a good man But while Bryn was in prison Ian changed his wife killed herself soon after murdering their newborn child and Ian was never the same after that He lost his faith and only the cares of Mrs robson his housekeeper keep him going despite that his housekeeper keep him going Despite that hires and only the cares of Mrs Robson his housekeeper keep him going Despite that Ian hires since he sees in the boy s eyes the desperation of not having anything and anyone in the world It s a mutual need that brings Ian and Bryn together Ian is searching for the family he lost and Bryn for the lover he always dreamed Even before going in prison Bryn had unclean thoughts on the pious reverend and his experience in prison only let him with the knowledge that sex between men is possible but that is a dirty act Bryn can t possible believe that the perfect Ian is willing to have a relationship with him Actually I think that from Ian s side there is the need to protect and having someone to care of than love it s strong I know but I felt like Ian was a pater familiae than a lover for Bryn He wants to protect Bryn he wants to hide him from the ugly thing that is the outside world and if to do so he has to be Bryn s lover to fulfill even that side of Bryn s need than so it be There is an hole in Ian s past something I didn t catch uite well why he became a Reverend he was from a wealthy family from what I gathered he had a strict upbringing but actually I didn t find in him the fire that usually lit a man of faith even if that fire is smothered by a tragic event To me Ian seemed like a man with an extreme need to love and care for people but not in a religious way but actually in a very personally way he needs the feeling to be part of a family to be whole again In a way Ian is too selfish to be a good reverend On the other hand Bryn is eager as well but not for something he lost but for something he never had Bryn wants a family and at first he is willing to barter his body for that All he knows is that his body is the only worthy thing he has and that using it he can have shelter and protection I really think that with his behavior in a way he corrupted Ian I don t think Ian would have ever thought to that possible evolution of their relationship if not for Bryn s attempt to pay him for his kindness Or at least not so soon I think it s an obvious conclusion of both men s predisposition Bryn is gay and he is oung and he has needs Ian wants to take care of Bryn and of Bryn s needs any of them I like also how the author dealt with the townfolks not like they were living in a fairy land where the good Reverend can do everything he wants There is not easy acceptance from who find out but a resignation like they understand that is not something they can fight I think this is a righter attitude than some other uite unbelievable situation I read in similar gay historical romances Said that the author is uite conscious that she is writing a romance and a romance has to be romantic even if it s not realistic Again I think that Jan Irving does know well the art of writing a romance with that old fashioned taste of my teenager memorieshttpwwwdp1615810706 Audiobook November 2012 This is one of those wonderful feel good books that ou can t seem to stop thinking about long after ou ve finished I loved everything about it The romance between Ian and Bryn was just so sweet and it was great to have a nice little touch of angst as well SOMETIMES GOOD HELP IS NOT HARD TO FIND 45What can I say I loved it Jan Irving is now on my automatic buy list liked her work from when I read The Janitor and this one was no disappointment My first historical MM loving and that just makes it all the enjoyable Lets just say I will be reading this genre in the futureReverend Ian Kenyon is having it hard slowly drifting through life without actually seeing it Suffering ears after from the loss of his wife and Americas sewing book young son he feels like an imposter going around and preaching the word of God to his townfolks when he has lost his faith How horrible is that he has lived to serve him and in the end all that he loved was taken away He has lost his faith and sees no way that he will re. Ther who abandoned him to the law when Bryn was unjustly accused of rape Still poor lost and shunned Bryn searches for work any work that will allow him to surviveReluctantly moved by Bryn's plight Ian hires theoung man to work on his farm despite Bryn's prickly defensive. Deem it Until Bryn Morgan returns to town and he finds him sitting on his doorstepBryn knows what a hard life is he has lived it Growing up with an abusive father dirt poor the town thinking he s trash and to later be charged with a crime he did not commit After spending four Secret Santa (Bluegrass Brothers, years in prison he is back and just as lonely and unwanted as when he left He thinks of one person that might be able to help him and thats the Reverend What he never expected was to find complete acceptance and love with the manMan this book was a beautiful romance so sweet andet laced with pain You get a glimpse of life for Bryn when he was in prison and a person who had to face something like that should be covered and cloaked in bitterness et Bryn is compassionate and able to see the beauty in everything By no way is he a pushover but A Fighter Who Just Wants To Be Loved What Ian fighter who just wants to be loved What Ian broke my damn heart for him to get through that speaks highly of his character He is suffering but he is also caring and has a deeply rooted dominant and protective nature The chemistry between both Ian and Bryn was just downright perfectionYet as sweet as it was both characters had a lot to overcome and had to reach an acceptance for their budding relationshipThe writing was a little hard to understand at times I dont know if it was faulty editing or it was just the speak at the time That was one of the small problems with the book the other was just some unusual encounters between the lead male characters and other people in the book I felt that all those little interludes was unnecessary and instead of adding drama it took away from the book Otherwise a solid read with interesting characters and sexy dialogue which I truly enjoyed The love scenes were few and not overly explicit but I find that made them extra sexy This Hired Man was a good investment I give this 4 stars because I enjoyed it and read through to the endI adored the set up of the story a grieving widower looking for a reason to continue on and the oung man mistreated by nearly everyone he s ever met looking for a place to rest and belong Together they dance around the subjects of love desire physical satisfaction and how to achieve all of theseThere were the expected road blocks of what will people think that The Legacy of Aaron Geist you would expect from a story set in 1898 including the disapproving housekeeper Surprisingly I enjoyed the concept of neither man really knowing what to do physically But there was one thing that was certain the two men loved each other deeply And that s what a romance should be aboutThere were moments of sheer beauty and breathlessness parts that brokeour heart and then characters that made Prisoner of Night (Black Dagger Brotherhood, you want to ripour hair outThe misgivings I have on the story is that I feel there were plot points that needed to be fleshed out a lot It was almost as if there were scenes cut from the story or an editor said You need something so the author inserted another random scene Parts were sometimes repeated or confusing when it came to "the timeline Other times ou were left wondering what just happened " timeline Other times ou were left wondering what just happened were a lot of personality traits and themes that were pushed in without reason I would ve liked the story slow down and explore some of themIt had a lovely build up and smoulder but was somewhat rushed in the end but hey that happens in life tooOn the whole an enjoyable read and one that I m sure I ll reread at another date Lovely smexy cover that gives someone a lot of ideas Editing bang on as expected from DSP4 solid stars Thanks for the story Posted at Outlaw ReviewsI loved this captivating and beautiful love story about two lonely and broken men one released from prison for a crime he did not commit and the other a minister who is suffering a crisis in his faith The story takes place in a rural western town in 1898 While both men deal with their growing feelings for each other they must also deal with their own emotional traumas town prejudice and moral and religious conflicts Bryn and Ian were wonderfully drawn characters and I enjoyed every moment with them through their hardships and joys There were strong supporting characters too especially Ian s housekeeper Mrs Robson The setting was vividly described and effectively captured the rugged landscape harsh living conditions and violence of the American West So even though the relationship between Bryn and Ian moved at a leisurely pace there was plenty here to keep me interested There were many gripping and heart wrenching moments that made me wonder whether Bryn and Ian would have their happily ever after but love does find a wa. Nature Soon Ian fears his growing feelings of grace and compassion might be something else something heated Whatever the cause he knows they are impossible to pursue because Heaven only knows what would happen if a man of God began to have forbidden feelings for his hired ma. .

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