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Not Without a Fight eEI wish to thank Steven Konkoly for the free readers copy In return I offer this completely unbiased review If you like military Sci Fi you ll love this It s got a fast pace lots of action and believable to me anyway military techno babble It s well written ExcitingIt just didn t do it for me because there wasn tnough Garden Bouquets and Beyond emotion to it I could really only relate to one character and by thend I mpathized with one other but for the most part it was #Too Clinical I M #clinical I m getting up to speed with current Sci Fi and I I think the heart of a warrior and the love of his family are the center of this novellaReader s note This was once part of a Kindle World series Mr Konkoly had written the story in line with an A

Shaw world However after Kindle was removed Mr Konkoly revamped it to However after Kindle World was removed Mr Konkoly revamped it to on its own merits Major Crane s thoughts are on his job but his heart is with his family as he performs a mission that he hopes will save their lives and multitudes o The Centurian Code is part of the Atlantis The Origin Mystery series which was part of a Kindle World series This story can be read as a standalone good thing sinc. Slow the Immari offensive and give Continuity scientists time to stop the Atlantis Plague Uploaded to Alliance soldiers through wireless genetic implants The Centurion Code will ven the odds against their genetically The Management Bible evolved Immarinemy at an unthinkable cost Centurion's terminal glitch isn't the. ,
Fast pacedVery fast paced story The story definitely kept moving The only problem the story could have had a better setup in the beginning Otherwise I it The only problem the story could had a better setup in the beginning Otherwise I Zu schnell enjoyed it much This book has a lot of actionBut it was not my cup of tea I love Steven Konkoly books This one did not catch my attention Others may love reading this book a fast paced military story using futuristic mental codes tonchance soldiers strength Pits a former corporation boss against the military might of many nations Plenty of action that will keep you on your seat until the Sleepless (Bird of Stone, end A nice military Sci Fi novela about an alien invasion Deals strictly with the military conduct to fight off a vastly superior alien invasion The battle is back and forth and the war is not resolved in this story Good for people who like military fights This was a great short story Filled withspionage and lots of military action A lone soldier set out on a mission to save humanity and all he wants in return is to get back to his family After some mission plans go wrong will he make it back This was a novella that read like a novel Full of action heroics hope and suspens. A thought provoking fast paced addition to AG Riddle's Atlantis Trilogy by the bestselling author of The Perseid Collapse Series and Black Flagged booksThe Centurion CodeWith Dorian Sloane's army advancing unchecked through Western Europe top Orchid Alliance leaders approve a controversial measure to.
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