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The Magic Rolling Pin eAnd its possibilities to overcome obstacles A poignant moment involved the revelation of the true intent of a friend anye opening discovery The story and its dynamic characters were believable and tightly held my interest to the Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, end I rated this book 35 out of 5 stars half stars were unavailable The black sheep sheikI love this story and the character are so Will like storylineasy and believable action pack not a dull moments and nine month pregnant take charge heroine one most have in your library This was an okay readLiked Isabelle Amirthe story was fast paced had me glued and the traitor was also a shocker for me had a hint that it is someone who is close to Amir but did nt xpect himthe set up was ridiculous with Isabelle being 9 months pregnant the running jumping kidnapping and so many rough driving journeys and the baby came out without any complications was unbelievablethe relationship of Amir Isabelle kept growing through the hurdles and after so many attacks and hurdles they get their HEAOverall an okay read Wow This was one great fast paced car chasing gun toting Sheik starring heroine labouring romantic adventure The story grabbed my attention on page one and I had to finish it in one session Loved the writing the pacing the main characters and the twists and turns in the plot Amir was a perfect alpha Protective Determined Honourable protective determined honourable courageous and determined Did I mention that he was very to make Isabelle his Isabelle was a great heroine intelligent brave and determined to maintain her independence Interesting storyline will read from this author Sheik Amir Khalid thought he was dreaming when he woke up from a coma in a remote Wyoming cabin when he laid yes on the woman he d spent one steamy weekend with once upon a time Dr Isabelle Andrews was gorgeous and nine months pregnant But when shots rang out and it was clear they had Been Discovered Amir Was Forced To Swallow discovered Amir was forced to swallow uestions Desperate to keep Isabelle and his unborn child safe Amir vowed to personally guard them around the clock And as the independent beauty fought him at Garden Bouquets and Beyond every turn he knew it wasn t just royal protocol that made him want to keep her by his side He d give upverything that was The Unseen Wonder expected of him if it meant protecting the family he s only just realized he hadOkay story. Beauty fought him atvery turn he knew it wasn't just royal protocol that made him want to keep her by his side He'd give up The Management Bible everything that wasxpected of him if it meant protecting the family he'd only just met Including his li. This is really of a 275 than a three I think the title should be warning Zu schnell enough many outlandish things happen in three I think the should be warningnough many outlandish things happen in book This is the last book in a series and you can read it without having read the others but the pilogue won t mean much to you I think this book needed a lot fleshing out for me to care about the sheik and his pregnant doctor lover Glad I got this one out of the library This is another great book by out of the library This is another great book by Marton I don t know how she does it but she packs so much story into a small amount of pages The Black Sheep Sheik is only 219 pages but it s jam packed full of story and suspense and romance There are bad guys and good guys and i kept guessing which was whichFrom Dana Marton s websiteBlack Sheep Sheik is the xciting conclusion to the six book miniseries Cowboys Royale that I was asked to write with five other authors I hope you ll check them all out Together the books tell the story of a brotherhood of royals who come to the United States on business and nd up finding love But ach book is njoyable on its own having its own roller coaster plot and heart warming romance Happy readingOk i was not fortunate nough to get to read the other 5 books in this series but I m going to try and track them down First i love sheik books and romantic suspense is my fav genre these days so these are right up my alley as they say If the first 5 are as good as this one they will be worth tracking down You can read this as a stand alone but a few parts of the book will clue you in that it s a series but it doesn t take away from this book at all Isabelle meets Amir at a hospital costume party She is dressed like a harem girl and he a prince Little did she know it wasn t a costume He is a sheik Royalty from a small country It was one of those love at first site things or perhaps lust at first site They spent 2 days together pretty much in bed and then Isabelle snuck out Isabelle is a surgeon at the hospital and lucky for Amir that she is because the next time he sees her he s in a hospital bed in a remote cabin in the Wyoming wilderness and in bad shape Amir gets the shock of his life when he gets a look at her and she is 9 months pregnant and a bigger shock still when he finds out he s the father He insists that they marry but Isabelle says no way No one is going to take over her lif. Waking up from a coma in a remote Wyoming cabin Sheik Amir Khalid thought he was dreaming when he laid Invisible (The Curse of Avalon eyes on the woman he'd spent one steamy weekend withDr Isabelle Andrews wasvery bit as gorgeous as he remembered and nine mont. .
Deep Listening enhancing success was a greatxample of a valuable lesson about teamwork. Hs pregnant But when shots rang out and it was clear their hideaway had been discovered Amir's uestions had to wait Desperate to keep Isabelle and his unborn baby safe Amir vowed to personally guard them 247 And as the independent. .
The Black Sheep Sheik