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TBH This Is So AwkwardI work at the library and saw that this was relatively opular among the kiddos i got distracted by the format of the story and checked it out only because of that for what it s worth it s a decent story that most middle school ages can relate to actual rating is 15 starsI love it when books include texts emails or notesletters so when I saw this book I was instantly intrigued However I now know that even though it may be fun to have these elements in a book it is almost debilitating to have it fully done in this format Usually in books you can see subtle things that the main characters miss Because the story was told completely in text email and notes it was hard to see what was actually going on the story could only be told by what the characters are telling each other This makes it very difficult to relate to characters or get a clear image of what is going on Another thing that really bothered me was how the school handled its You Dont Have to Say You Love Me policies First they do not allowhone use in class which is what most schools do But they give out everyone s Voodoo Season phone numbers in all of the homerooms enabling and almost encouraginghone usage during class They also do not monitor their time on the computers in computer lab something my school did with a mirroring system so the girls are sending emails to each other in class as well Second one of the moms complains to the administration about the sixth grade students The Walking Dead Live! planning on taking dates to the school dance Because of a couple of additional factors the school temporarily cancels the dance If the school did not want to have students dancing as couples at a Valentine s Day dance they should not have held a dance for Valentine s Day Come on REALLY This makes no logical sense Thirdly the mom who complained is thearent to one of the main character s Victoria Victoria is a new student who starts school after winter break She has a difficult time making friends and keeps trying to befriend the other three main characters Gabby Cecily and Prianka She emails texts and I assume she tries to talk to them at school but the girls Scotty Scotts Guide to Relationships politely ignore her Normally in this case I would think one would say to themselves Hey maybe I should try making friends with someone else someone who will talk to me and text me back not Hey these girls obviously don t want to be my friend maybe I should keep trying to be friends with only them Granted because of the format of the book we are unable to know if she is trying to make friends with othereople but still Due to the girls ignoring Victoria and the fact that she is not invited to another student s arty which is not the girls fault her mom also the aforementioned mother complains to the school that the girls are being mean by ignoring her Again we don t get the behind the scenes so it is unclear if this is the case but from the content in the book they don t seem mean at all before the mom emails the school In my opinion Junior High School is when eople are no longer treated completely like children and do not have to invite everyone from their class to arties Apparently this school does not agree with me The school then emails all of the arents saying this treatment needs to stop and gives the Written in Red Ink parents an app to see what their children are doing on theirhones Between the meddling mom the other Crash Landing (Bear Creek, parents who were not firm in their decision making the insufficient information due to the format and the way the school handled itsroblems I found myself loathing this read Had the story been tweaked a little bit and had the notes texts and emails been supplementary to rose I think this texts and emails been supplementary to rose I think this have been a halfway decent book but it Just Falls Short With The Way It falls short with the way it I feel bad that I detested this book so much I wish I did not but I did As you could The Famoux (The Famoux, probably guess this book is not something that I would recommendicking up for yourself or did As you could Dragons Gap probably guess this book is not something that I would recommendicking up for yourself or a child in your life If it sounds interesting to you or a child I would say to try The Winnie Years series or The Internet Girls series by Lauren Myracle The Willow Falls series by Wendy Mass Let s Pretend We Never Met by Melissa C Walker or The Swap by Megan ShullI was given an ARC of this book from the Bared for Her Bear (Wylde Bears publisher in return for an honest review This book was a really uick read but it was still very good I liked how the book was told completely told through text messages and was very relatable to some middle This book was okay it will definitely be enjoyed by kiddos I was just superroud that I understood 95% of the test lingo on my own I get it I an not the target audience for this book I am not a middle schooler and this book was not written for me That being said I believe books should be able to be enjoyed for all age groups regardless of target age For example I love reading Wonder even though that book is about fifth graders It was written wonderfully and the moral it had to tell resonated with all ages This book did not I m relatively close to the ages of the characters in the book and wee doggy that was terrible The first major gripe I had with the book was the Best Seller (English Edition) prose I get it this is written like texts BUT NO ONE TEXTS LIKE THAT As a sixth grader I NEVER sent a text like luv u 2 ttyl xoxo I know there are stereotypes of the young unsopulating this The Lone Star Groom: Bachelor Billionaire Romances planet but they re STEREOTYPES not truths No one texts this way It was like reading that VeggieTales song where the little carrot girl is texting her friend but they re in the same roomainful to read Second gripe social cruelty Yeah lease just call it bullying That s what it is Is there some new olitically correct way of saying the kids bullied each other Apparently and it turns out to be The kids were treating each other with social cruelty Why though Why Why not just call it what it is and say bullying So I saw some other reviews saying stuff like so apparently it s a social reuirement that you make every effort to be nice to the new girl and the school shouldn t be allowed to cancel school functions because some kids texted each other some stuff to which I say no both of those statements are false 1 Did you read the book Prianka was making NO attempt to be nice to Victoria Cecily and Gabby were decent and being like guys should we talk to her but Prianka is a bitch and it like ugh Victoria is the absolute worst she won t leave us alone Yeah she won t leave you alone because you won t talk to or acknowledge her See Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company (Helium-3, people are saying Victoria should just uit trying to talk to them if they ignore her but here s the thing they ignore her for absolutely no reason I belie. To be honest middle school is rough Cecily Gabby and Prianka have been BFFAE sincere K so it’s totally natural when they don’t include the new girl Victoria in their lans and group textsBetween organizing the Ve Prianka even says something like I don t know her so I don t want to talk to her Yeah that right there That s called being mean So you can t say Victoria is being annoying if our dear main characters are being basic bitches for no reason And them Boom purposely excluding and ignoring her is you guessed it MEAN Obviously because of the format of the book we do not know if Victoria is trying to make other friends but based on herersistence we can assume that the rest of the grade is also ignoring her So why are eople defending the main characters if they are excluding eople who haven t been in their little blood oath since birth 2 The students attend the school Thus they are stewards of the school even outside of school hours The school has full jurisdiction over the Valentine Dance and have the right to cancel it if the need arises If students are bullying each other the school may exact whatever Good Morning, Buddha punishment they wish because the dance is arivilege not a right But that being said there are some other issues with the dance If you don t want the kiddos bringing dates why have a VALENTINE S Dance It s inevitable Okay I ve ranted enough But here s the thing this book is great for kids Give it to the children teach em a lesson Don t give to older Personal Delivery people with a higher level of intelligence or they willick it apart like a vulture to a carcass E ARC from Edelweiss PlusGabby Priyanka and Cecily have been friends for a long time but settling into middle school is taking some time They aren t supposed to be texting during school hours but they manage to use the small moments they can find to keep each other updated by text or e mail on everything that is going on They all have their issues Gabby s La Viña de Naboth ,Tomo I parents are divorced and she may have to move Priyanka has a crush on a boy and Cecily gets caught in them middle of new girl Victoria s attempt to break into her social circle by getting involved in the dance committee the girls are on Victoria is a bitushy as is her mother who e mails the Gettysburgs Battlefield Photographer-William H Tipton principal and the PTA So let me see if I understand the Aesop of this book1 Kids are obligated to include EVERYBODY in what they do including kids they don t know very well or don t especially like If they don t if they have a set group of friends that they re attached to and aren t interested in adding anyone else to the dynamic they are bullies by excluding the extraerson 2 It s not enough to be Husband In Training polite to the new kid if you don t invite her to hang out with you or make aoint of trying to befriend her you re a bully by excluding her3 TeachersSchool Administrators suddenly have the right to cancel school functions because of the Live Wire (Elite Ops, private conversations of a small handful of students on theirhones off school hours and everyone except for the students will find this acceptable4 You can annoy Words of Radiance, Part 1 (The Stormlight Archive people and force yourresence on them and still be expected to be included in their group If they don t you re being bulliedAlright so I m going to go ahead and say a really harsh truth that a lot of eople in the anti bullying sectors of society really don t likeview spoilerNobody is obligated to be friends with your kidI m sorry but they re notThey are obligated to be civil to your kid They are obligated not to deliberately maliciously exclude your child from certain things like cafeteria tables bus seats certain desks in the classroom Basically Anything That Should anything that should ublicly available to anyone You can t sit with us because you Re A Loser Or Perhaps Setting Your Bag On An a loser or erhaps setting your bag on an seat in the cafeteria and then saying No seats sorry is not the same as I m not including you in a group text with my friends A group text with your friends is a rivate conversation between a small group of Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl people and you are not obligated to include anyone else in that That being said it was rude of the girls to have that side conversation with one another while Victoria was in a chat with them and they should not have done itThis book gave the very very uncomfortable impression that Prianka Cecily and Gabby were obligated to include Victoria in their group because she was new and that by failing to do so they were being bullies There was the implication that they really should have been making an effort to be friends with Victoria despite the fact that Victoria effectively latched onto them and began to beretty annoying and intrusive in an attempt to be includedAnd look I get it Victoria s lonely She wants friendsBut you cannot force you cannot guilt kids into being friends with someone Again they are obligated to be Film on the Left polite and there are only a few instances I can see where the girls were being explicitly rude to Victoria Not acknowledging her at the dance committee which they should have since she wasart of it to you don t have to be friends for that and talking in that side conversation which led to Prianka accidentally insulting Victoria directly via textBut beyond that I didn t see bullies I saw girls who had their own special group of friends and weren t especially interested in adding Victoria into the mix it didn t come off as Public Policy Making personal at all at first they just weren t interested in her And it turnedersonal after Victoria continually bugged them to The Artists Way Morning Pages Journal pay attention to her I m not shocked that Prianka thought she was annoying because she was being annoying That doesn t excuse talking behind her back in the group chat but I do understand why Prianka feels that wayBetween the general narrative and the letters from Victoria s mother to the otherarents I got the very uncomfortable message from this book that kids should be forced to include kids in their The Mob personal groups again not things likearties or dance committees but Gentlemen Prefer Curves (Perfect Fit, personal friendships or else be labeled exclusionary bulliesAnd I m sorry but that s not how it worksKids form special bonds with each other and they SHOULD have the right to decide who they form those bonds with as long as they do itolitely and without being cruel kids SHOULD have the right to say I want to hang out with this Who Killed Blanche DuBois? person and I DON T want to hang out with this one There s nothingersonal about it necessarily maybe you don t share any common interests Maybe you have very OPPOSING interests The Utopia point is that kids should be free to make a choice about who they do and don t call a friend so long as they re not rude about itI mean what you want to force them to be friends with someone they don t like What happened to that sentiment of It s better to have a few REAL friends than a bunch ofeople who aren t really friends at all Or do we Chool Valentine’s Day dance O Jogo do Acaso prepping for their first boy girlarty and trying to keep their texts so boring their moms won’t use spy apps to read them the friends only have time for each otherBut when Victoria is. Hrow that out the window and deny a child their right to regulate who is in their ersonal group and who s not That was the message I got from this book When a new kid comes to you and routinely esters you to be included in your close group of friends you should do it even if you don t actually like her that much because if you say No thanks I m not interested in hanging out with you then you re a BULLY and we all have certain associations with the word bully And that s a really screwed up message to me especially since we live in a day and age when this is a realityThe short version is that some schools in the UK in this case are banning best friends because best friends are by nature exclusionary this includes things like don t hand out birthday invitations unless everybody in the class is invited Except that there are experts saying that some degree of social exclusion gives kids a chance to develop their coping skills There s in the articleBeyond that the book was just I mean I m forced to draw the conclusions I just did because the only EVIDENCE I have is from the text conversations I have no evidence that the girls were being mean to Victoria in their day to day lives Victoria only mentions being ignored at the dance committee the accidental misfire text and the fact that the girls won t return her texts which AGAIN they are not obligated to do There s no evidence that the girls are being rude beyond that so I m having trouble figuring out why they re so awful and need to be unished for itAnd I mentioned this before but seriously Since when do school dances get canceled because a few kids were rude to each other over their Catwoman: Soulstealer (DC Icons Series) phones If I recall correctly the whole reasoneople complain about schools and bullying via text is because the schools often CAN T do anything about it unless it happens on school Stumble Into Love property it falls under the heading ofrivate business and the school can t really Gun Meister Online punish kids for things that happen off school groundsSo the fact that the dance was canceled astonishes me and makes me suspicious that the author needed to raise the stakes a bit because I don t think that s how this thing happens in real life Also and IDK whether this was meant to be viewed asositive or negative I was immensely bothered by Gabby s mother Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 285 peeking in her diary Phones are one thing thearents are Fifty Key British Films paying the bills for those and even then I was uncomfortable at the implications I mean the kids just moved off of texting and had the conversations face to face so congrats you ve learned nothing But a diary is a thoroughlyrivate thing meant for ONE Twentieth-Century Music and Politics person and this mother chose to blatantly invade her child srivacy instead of just trying to talk to herOverall just not a very good book hide spoiler First off the text speak is so cringy and unrealistic no one talks like that especially 12 year old girlsSecondly the book is completely made up of texts emails notes flyers and letters This means there is no introduction to the large cast of characters and you re just reading random group chats from the get go And the messages are often just random and have nothing to add to the lot Third all the characters are awful and annoying They all talk about there friends behind their back and set each other up but are still best friends The only half way decent character is Cece and that s not a very high standard she simply has a bit of a conscience Side note Gabby s mom reading Her Diary Instead Of Just diary instead of just to her also makes me so mad She had no right to invade her rivacy in that way let alone message her daughter s friends mothers about who Gabby has a crush on It s one thing to invade her Can Government Think? privacy but then she shared it with othereople How ridiculous and the mothers could have shared the information with their daughters and embarrassed Gabby or the girls could have spread the information But Gabby never finds out and there is no fallout or repercussions what so everMost importantly the messages in this book are all wrong Cece Gabby and Prianka are best friends even though they talk about each other behind their backs tell lies about each other etc uh huh okay There little cliue is so toxic They hate the Fostering Change in Institutions, Environments, and People popular group of girls who don t seem that bad especially compared to them Then we get to the new girl Victoria who is annoying and constantly trying to be included with the trio They find her annoying and want nothing to do with her which is understandable because she is annoying and intrusive They should get to know her before just deciding she s weird and annoying but they don t have to No one owes it to anyone else to give them a chance like them or be friends with them They are only obligated to beolite to her and they do besides one accidental text meant for their Regulating Medicines in Europe private group chat were one girl calls her annoying But guess what She WAS being annoying Victoria isathetic and annoying and tries to get her mom to make the other kids be friends with her You would also think Victoria Would Stop Trying To Be Friends With stop trying to be friends with who obviously don t like her and move on if not that s her fault and it s Studying Cities and City Life pathetic These 3 girls were not the onlyeople in the whole gradeschool Stop texting them weird emojis and talk to other eople at school She got all their numbers off some class list why not find some other numbersWhat was even annoying was Victoria s mom who before the mean text was even sent got mad and started an outcry because her daughter was experiencing social cruelty I m sorry but no one is obligated to be your child s friend or include her in friend groups or make lans with her or invite her to a birthday arty when she ll never spoken to or had classes with the boy They are never intentionally mean they just ignore her messages or don t make lans when she wants to That is not bullying and if Victoria doesn t like that they don t want anything to do with her stop trying to be friends with them Having your mom try to get them in trouble for being socially cruel to you is not they way to make them like you or want to be your friend And having their The Wives of Bath parents force them to hang out with you is not the way to do it This book was good Most of the book was written in text messages so I finished it uickly I think the 2 girls were being very mean to Nicole when there was no need to be The book just did not feel real to me Like it could happen in a real life situation Obviously cyber bullying is real but to me everything happened to fast TBH is a uick read that will definitely resonate with a younger middle school crowd. Accidentally sent a hurtful text message the entire sixth grade gets called out for bullying cellhones are confiscated and the trio known as CPG4Eva is forced to figure out just how strong their friendships are IRL.