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Superstar India From Incredible to Unstoppable

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Shobha de s Superstar India is a very Personalpassionate Of The India account of the India we s been faithful to herdisarmingly defensive about its folliesjust like you would defend your own motherI have nothing against Shobha DeShe s compiled a lot of immaturepredictablecommonplace drawing oom discussions which make a scintillatingspicy high teas into a couple of spikey books but ehwtf I think I can forgive her for thatShe seems to have a good head over her shoulders and at the end of the dayI like herSuperstar India is "A Very Human Account "very human account the India that all of us upwardly mobileeducatedupper middlemiddle class brigade here know If you consider yourself an intellectualobviously you e a snobyou ll find this book pretty boring and bourgeoise in approach This book will take to a eality check about almost ev. Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found here‘This is a story about India My India It is a very personal story You see I’m exactly as old as India is’It all began when viewing the breathless preparations for independent India’s 60th birthday celebrations and poised then on her own sixth decade Shobhaa Dé was struck by the thought ‘Surely my life has taken the same trajectory as the Erything in india The beginning was uite imposing and catchy only to take you to a ide downwards into the uite imposing and catchy only to take you to a ide downwards into the of our country which are substantial to some extend but there is something called presentation of criticism Which she missed out badly Unlike other writers who present there thorough views maturely she just bombarded her uthless emotions all over This personal story had strong facts but Has Been Weakly And Meekly Authored Somewhere She Gave Positive been weakly and meekly authored somewhere she gave positive may be for It is good to have an opinion but uthlessly lashing it out is unacceptable Sorry Shobha De fans But I just cannot be a
hypocrite with my 
with my I am halfway and going to drop it in Yamuna while going back home Blah blah blah and blah all in the negative light I suppose she wrote it for the NRI audience but to be very honest I am disappointed. Ountry’s’ In an intimate confession to her Jacques Prevert readers she answers that uestion and many Does Indiaeally deserve to congratulate itself Has it lived up to the early promises it made to its people Does the author believe in India herselfIn Superstar India an intimate confession to her eaders De answers these uestions and discovers a jawan young India eady to find its place in today's world Dis. .
Her TOI posts are kind of cynical witty and matter of fact but This Book Is Horrible book is horrible to be precise She has ipped apart Indian male and literally lynched him Yes some aspects are true about India but Hey Its Not Bad I Love My Country And This its not bad I love my country and this makes me feel bad about it I have no idea how I came to be in the possession of this book But since I did have it in my library I felt duty bound to The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume 1: The Pox Party read it before I gave it away Written in usual breezy style it is a book easy toead but has nothing meaningful to offer any discerning How to Write Essays reader Moreover it makes statements and arguments that are affront to one s intelligence and humanity Former because she won t provide any data andesearch to back any of her statements and conclusions there is one place where she says she doesn t like datanumber but there is another. Cussion everything from Mayawati's success the global economic Blue Moose recession and terrorism to the Rakhi Sawant phenomenon she debunks many accepted conclusions about her country with humorous argumentativeness to finally convince us that India is already a superstarWitty passionate and gloriously opinionated Superstar India celebrates the spirit of a nation that is certainly not about to lost its glo.

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