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E mostly got a punch line and little to no etails of how the research study was set up There was one section on male vs no Raising Gods Girl details of how the research study was set up There was one section on male vs fans that handled nuanced uestions gender and fandom uite well via extensive uotes from female fans and from one of the female researchers who studies sports fans Other sections included the author making jokes about women not being into sports and completely glossing over the sexism of various groups of fans though so I m hesitant to give him much credit on that front This bookid have some heartwarming and hilarious stories about fans that I enjoyed a lot At the end of the The Gulag Handbook day though I have a hard time imagining recommending this to someone If they asked for a book on this exact topic I suggest it but

Only LukewarmlyThis Review Was Originally 
lukewarmlyThis review was originally on Doing Dewey I The Beckoning Lady (Albert Campion don t watch or have any interest in sports but the way this bookescribes Will in the World different types of fanatics is still really interesting maybe than it would be if I was a fan myself since Ion t see myself in any of the June Fourth Elegies descriptions of the troubling aspects of fandom Each chaptereals with a Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes different facet of what it means to be a fan and how people express their fandom usually by telling the story of a fan who embodies the chapter s focus Some are inspiring like the soccer fan who made it his mission to get his relatively unpopular sport shown at local bars or the mascot who recovered from theeath of his young aughter with help from the fan group he belonged to or entertaining like fans who make elaborate costumes to showcase their loyalty or pull ridiculous stunts like printing out gigantic celebrity heads that are used to taunt players on opposing teams Other chapters get into the arker side of superfandom like one that chronicles the abuse sports journalist receive when publishing news that paints a franchise in a bad lightThough the book is mostly character studies some chapters get into the psychology behind fandom My favorite contrasts two fans reactions to their team Der Illusionist drafting a player who had been accused ofomestic abuse A women who was formally abused herself sticks with the team and urges others to give the player a fair shake while a man who runs a forum Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue dedicated to the team shuts itown and stops following the sport Dohrmann makes the case that while both of them love the team the man has an easier time leaving them since he has a family and other hobbies while the woman Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, does not have that kind of support outside her sports related social life The concept of optimumistinctiveness is brought up a few times to explain why fans are celebrated for wearing face paint but ostracized for fighting with fan of other teams Fans want to express themselves but have to straddle the line between creative passion and obsessionAnother great chapter centers around children s relationship with sports I was surprised that the author is firmly against children being fans of specific teams Through various studies and interviews with behavior experts he explains that kids have a very black and white worldview and are uick to categorize people as good or bad with no in between Teaching young kids that players on the family s favored team are the good guys can lead to them feeling genuine hatred towards players and fans of other teams and to have Ask the Past dramatic emotional reaction to wins and losses Instead of appreciating the game itself they get the idea they re watching a struggle between good and evil I grabbed this on a whim and really enjoyed it If you like books about sociology or like stories about uniue people many chapters would fit nicely into an episode of This American Life it s worth a read even if you haven t thought about sports in years Book ended with stories about fans of the MLS Portland Timbers one sweet and joyful one very very moving this smart breezy book looks at some extreme American sports fans and investigates the roots goals costs and benefits of their obsessive fandom Threaded throughout the book is the research of a jolly group of sports psychologists and sociologists we meet them playing mini golf the night before an academic conference whose scholarship illuminates the people and behavior Dohrmann writes about Dohrmann treats his subjects with honest warmth and compassion where other writers might see them as easy punchlines and he uses a masterful balance of academic research and his easy journalistic ability to show that these face painting costume wearing remote throwing obsessives are by and large happier than non sports fans Enjoyable illuminating and a very snappy read with moments of both genuine hilarity and great moving emotion this was a much better book than I expected from its horrible horrible cover I was lucky enough to win an ARC through a Goodreads giveaway. At their televisionuring the NBA Finals Superfans offers an entertaining and insightful exploration of the many ways human beings find meaning in something bigger than themselvesFeaturing photos of the Rally Banana Timber Jim the officers of the Viking World Order a pair of Kentucky Wildcats tattoos a Kevin Durant jersey torched by a jilted fan and Plus analysis of the Arizona State Sun Devils Chicago Bears Dallas Cowboys Green Bay Packers Indianapolis Colts Milwaukee Brewers Nebraska Cornhuskers New England Patriots Oklahoma City Thunder Philadelphia Eagles San Diego State Aztecs Seattle SeahawksWell reported and meticulously researched Dohrmann is a respected Riding Class (Saddle Club, diligent sportswriter and has been so for years youon't get Pulitzers for message board posts The Wall Street Journal.

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SuperfansThis book was such a fun read I on t know that I really learned anything but it sure was interesting 60% of Americans identify as learned anything but it sure was interesting 60% of Americans identify as fans and if you re reading this review you probably count yourself among the ranks of athletic partisans Originally inspired by his experiences fielding calls from irate readers while working the sports esk at The Los Angeles Times at the start of his journalistic career sportswriter George Dohrmann explores the most extreme Different Class depths of fandom in his new book Superfans andetails the psychology behind such behavior It is not as gripping or powerful as his absolutely fantastic Play Their Hearts Out but Superfans is a breezy and enjoyable application of pop psychology to the sporting realmDohrmann is currently a writer for The Athletic and *Previously Served As An * served as an reporter for Sports Illustrated and won a Pulitzer Prize for a series of articles revealing academic fraud at the University of Minnesota while at the St Paul Pioneer Press He is a tremendously gifted writer with a knack for Short Stories by Roald Dahl deep and engaging character portraits Superfans has a bit an educational bent than some of his other work but he still excels at bringing to life and colorful and outrageous fans he meets such as Steven Nevets the founder of the Portland Timbers Timbers Army and the eccentric forefather of fan psychology Dr Dan WannSuperfans bounces around the major aspects of fandom including illusions of control affiliation and identification and hatred or rivals Each chapter has a mix of profiles and a littleetail on relevant studies Given the minutia researched across a variety of academic Goldilocks the Three Bears disciples I was surprised to learn the marginalized position of fan psychology within academia Most of the leading researchers are concentrated in pedestrian universities and for whatever reason cluster in the Midwest Dohrmann usually mentions the conclusions of each article but I wish he providedetail at the psychological concepts hypothesized as causing such findings The book might have benefited from a co author from academia to give the book a little scientific heft I realize it is intended for sports fans than psychologists but if you are looking for some meaty psychological and neurological explanations you may find yourself wantingThe majority of studies in the space seem to be uirky and along the lines of The Impact of Team Identification on Biased Ratings of Odors Some of these studies are legitimately fascinating and it is great for them to be shared with a broader audience However a good portion of the research papers lean heavily on self reporting and I would imagine that the approach could cause some issues It oesn t take a PhD to acknowledge that sometimes passionate sports fans can be a tad biased especially when reflecting on their own behavior Sometimes the conclusions are essentially reaffirmations of common sense such as the notion that fathers are hugely influential in shaping rooting interests and that many fans are looking for social acceptance and a sense of camaraderie Dohrmann also largely ignores sports fans beyond America s shores and I would have appreciated expanding the book s geographical scope especially when it comes to some of the soccer mad countriesGripes aside Superfans was still uite a fun read Dohrmann writes with a sense of compassion and empathy for the fan and he gives his superfan subjects a sense of humanity that can be lacking in some accounts It s a nice mix of sociology and psychology applied to the sports fan a topic that for some reason has largely been ignored by the brobdingnagian pop psychology publishing world to this point Sure I would have liked some scientific rigor in some of its explanations a psych professor co author could have one wonders but I still had a good time with Superfans and think it will appeal to any sports fan with at least a passing interest in the social sciences75 10 I really enjoyed this book especially the way the author chose to bookend it with stories of the Timbers Nevets and Timber Jim and how one man can create a literal army in Timbers Army This was an interesting combination of sociological research into fandom and anecdata in which the author conducted some really interesting one on one interviewsI thought the intersections of religion and medical addiction with sports Socialist Realism drew an interesting parallel The Vikings fan could walk away from the Vikings entirely because he had other things in his life the Seahawks fan couldn t And the Cowboys youth pastor still tried to find a balance between the two It was telling to see how real world events such as Seau s suicide and Adrian Peterson s child abuse impacted fandomWhile I agreed with the point they were trying to make that female fans aren t a monolith. A Pulitzer Prize winning journalist pulls back the curtain on the extraordinary inner lives of America's most obsessive sports fansThere are fans and then there are fanatics In this wondrously immersive look at American sports fandom George Dohrmann travels the country to find out whatistinguishes an ordinary everyday enthusiast from that special breed of supporter known as the superfan In Minnesota Dohrmann meets newly minted generals of the Viking World Order a Minnesota Vikings affinity group organized along military lines In Oregon he shares a few beers with a etermined soccer fan who amassed almost singlehandedly a four thousand strong cheering section for the fledgling Portland Timbers In Illinois he talks with the parents of a five year old boy whose intense hatred of Tom. .
I think they could have chosen a better case study Maybe one that idn t go for the angle that female fans need to know which boots to wear to NBA games I also think Sexually Transmitted Fandom is an unfortunate name glad to see that was in the relative minority and that In the Bloods were still going strong As a baseball fan I loved Baer on Buster Olney he could have included ESPN in that because they re constantly accused of the same biasAll in all a really interesting read I Doctor Extraño d like to meet some of these Superfans oneay especially the Colts one We ve all probably witnessed fan behavior at some point that leaves us shaking our heads In Superfans Dohrmann examines the psychology behind behavior that to the casual observer is at best uestionable He shows the psychology behind behavior that to the casual observer is at best uestionable He shows both the beauty and arkness that can result from what may seem to some as an obsession For me part of the fun of reading Superfans is that this was a topic I idn t even realize I was interested in prior to readingDohrmann relies pretty heavily on Psychology professor Dan Wann whose research focuses on team identification Wann is uoted escribing how a few weeks into one of his college courses the class suddenly s Even though I am not a sports fan I picked up this book out of curiosity about what motivates extreme fandom and whether it might be similar to political and religious extremism Dohrmann makes the point that identity is unsurprisingly at the core of fandom and he touches lightly on some gender and religious issues but there s not much eep analysis It s still a fun read though lots of well told stories and good portraits of some superfans George Dohrmann s Superfans is a study of how meaningful sports and favorite sports teams can become in the lives of their fans Some people identify so closely with their favorite team that their whole lives seem to revolve around the ups and Feminism is for Everybody downs of those teams competitive seasons Others are casual fans or bandwagon fans who come and go largelyepending on the won loss records of their local teams or teams with which they have some other kind of tie an old school or childhood memory for instance Superfans tries to answer why some fans take it all a whole lot seriously than othersAnyone who has ever attended a professional sporting event probably has seen one of Dohrmann s superfans than once those who arrive at the venue covered in team colored war paint wigs and costumes that leave little oubt as to their level of loyalty to the home team Dohrmann has chapters on specific fans who have etrimentally let it take over their lives to fans who have greatly benefited from their close identification with a team I was especially touched by the chapter titled Salvation Army that profiles Jim Serrill a man who became closely associated with the Portland Timbers soccer club so closely in fact that when Serrill s Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, daughteried in a tragic auto accident it was the team that largely brought him back from the brink of Hunters Heart despairAnother memorable chapter called Breaking Awayescribes the process of what happens when rabid fans lose interest in their favorite team or likely in their favorite sport and how Menneskefluene (K2 difficult it is for them to finally let go This is something that I suspect is probably happening all across the country theseays with NFL fans who are finally growing fed up with professional football s politicalization and concussion problemsAll in all this is a book unlikely to appeal to readers who are not sports fans but fans who see a little of themselves in what Dohrmann has to say about superfans are likely to enjoy it and learn a little about themselves from it Superfans is as much a look at US culture as it is about sports and sports fans so it Nazi Gold deserves a bigger audience than it is likely to find I really enjoyed this book on some of the mostedicated Mr Majeika and the School Inspector die hard fans of various teams mostly in football but soccer and baseball were also covered In every case not only were the people profiled but there were studiesone on what made these people Selected Poems do what theyid It s good for those who want to study the brains and though processes of these individuals as there is of this type of ialogue in the book than there is sports coverage This was another book that was a bit of a letdown Although I on t watch much in the way of sports myself popular psychology is a particular interest of mine and learning about why Some Other People Are other people are into sports appealed to me Unfortunately the psychology in this one was extremely light To some extent this seems to be Doctor Strange, Vol. 2 due to the limited amount of research that s beenone The conclusions were all pretty basic things like people are invested in sports because who they root for becomes part of their identity Even for the research the author escribed though Brady went viral on YouTube Through these and other intimate profiles Dohrmann shows us the human faces behind the colored face paint the *real people inside the elaborate costumes who prowl the stands and parking lots *people inside the elaborate costumes who prowl the stands and parking lots stadiums from coast to coastIn addition to the fans themselves Dohrmann also talks with the experts who study them He uses the latest thinking in sports psychology some of it learned uring a spirited round of miniature golf with a group of professors at the annual Sports Psychology Forum to unravel the answers to such burning uestions as How The Train Robbers does fandom begin What are its effects on everyday life Whenoes it go too farFor everyone who's ever body painted their torso with the team colors of their alma mater before heading off to a sports bar or even just screamed.

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