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E love story with a liitle Not a Nothing that happens is simple or little and the author made sure of The supporting Chance Nothing happens is simple or little and the author made sure of that The supporting is amazing in not one slipped by unnoticed They each play their parts and play them well every character has a purpose in this story and are all utilized in appropriate and timely ways By that I mean they aren t jsut wondering around the book being in the way They are placed and used in a fashion that keeps the reader in touch while not losing focus of the main story that is happening I know I ve siad a couple of times it s action packed but I don t think I can stress that enough Some books have lulls of action where the author builds a relationship or a plot line but Jenna does all that while the characters are kicking major demon ass the whole time What s not to love about this book No list there I can t think of one thing I didn t like I enjoyed the story from wicked beginning to the mouth dropping ending and I am anxious for to know what is going to happen next 5 out of 5 stars for Silver Mortal by Jenna Kay well done can t wait for Stunning and Epic What a ride Gracen is a Silver Mortal a supernatural teen who after midnight becomes super powerful rare being Her eyes turn silver and silver claw marks appear on her skin She d love than anything to be normal but her life as a demon and scum of the supernatural world hunter and killer has her riding out into the night to take care of business Gracen is a strong willed teen but wants to do the right thing She hunts with her mother another silver mortal with the help of their gadget making sidekick JudeWhen Gracen meets Phoenix a Night Viper who s Gracen s natural enemy she is thrown for a curve when he tells her that there is a group of them who want to defect from the Viper clan and fight demons Gracen finds it all pretty confusing especially with the deep feelings she develops for Phoenix blossom Agreeing to fight with him and his small band of friends she encounters some truths about herself that she d rather not knowI loved this story It had so much action thrills and enough romance to heat it up nicely The writing is witty funny at times and engaging It brings ou into Gracen s life head on and delivers with butt kicking style Paranormal was never so much fun and dangerous The secrets her mother holds from her the realization of things not being so black and white in her world just send Gracen spinning She has a strong head on her shoulders and with the help of Phoenix and his band of Vipers they might have a chance to survive the greatest evil of all Adding to the awesomeness Gracen s slutty but well meaning friend Bets keeps the joking fresh and upbeat Overall an action packed and highly recommended storyI received a free copy of this book from the author for an honest review My review of Silver Mortal by Jenna KayRating 5This book was provided free from the author in exchange for honest literary review Gracen Potts lived a completely normal life until puberty struck Once she hit the start of her womanhood she was shipped from the home she shared with her loving grandma to the big apple to live with a mom she hardly knows Gracen is a silver mortal sent by the eagle to protect us mere humans from thinlgs that go bump in the night She and her mom who is also a silver fight demons from hell to protect the earth every night What a way to spend our teenage ears Now add Phoenix to the mix Being born a Viper he is supposed to be inheritantly evil Gracem should be battling himbut instead she is drawn to him In fact it seems as if his body calls to her Could it be possible Loved this story Gracen fights demons at nig 455 StarsI received an eARC copy of this book directly from the author in return for an honest reviewThis has to be one of the best YA demon hunter books I ve read in a long time The storyline alone is one of a kind and I love how they change and their powers are stronger at midnight because well demons are out at night Sliver Mortal is fast paced full of action and surprises that will leave ou looking for book 2 This book is a must read if ou love YA paranormal Gracen Potts is a 16 Pisco significa pajaro. year old teenager who is a touched human A Silver Mortal During the day she goes to school hangs out with her best friend things most girls her age do Except at midnight the Silver Eagle in her blood starts the change and she is ready to go hunt demons with her mom who s also a Silver Mortal If there is anything Gracen can t stand than demons it s Vipers That is until she meets Phoenix Being born a Viper he is supposed to be Evil but him and some others want nothing to do with the evil they were born into they want to help people like Gracen and her mother I m not giving any Ifou want Einführung in die deutsche Sprache der Wissenschaften you will just have to find outoursel. Ike nothing can take her down That is until she meets a group of Night Vipers who have escaped the Viper clan Can Gracen keep doing her job of demon slaying and protect the rebel Vipe.

His Emergency Fiancee
And awesome I would read it again just to get the same happiness this gave meI will be impatiently waiting for book two and believe me it will be agonizing So hopefully it publishes soon Rating is 4 12 starsWe received this book as an ARC to reviewThis review and others are also available at Readers In Wonderland Silver Mortal is about a girl named Gracen who has abnormally white hair and skin most people judge her because of this and call her a freak Other than this her life was pretty normal until the day she went out and Saw Her First Werewolf her first werewolf a demon really The demons take the form of human monsters ie vampires weres trolls etc After seeing the demon She undergoes a transformation and her grandmother sends her to live with Her Mother Who Teachers Her About The Silver Eagle And mother who teachers her about the Silver Eagle and to slay demons after midnight The action scenes reminded me a bit of Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs You ll be on the edge of The Defense (Eddie Flynn your seat while Gracen takes on hoards of demons with her mother and Love interest PhoenixThe characters are really likeable and easily relatable There are plenty of twists and turns in the plot and the ending is a definite shocker leavingou wondering What happens nextMake sure to check this book out when it comes out September 21st I read this book literally in a dayI loved it and now I can t wait for the next book in series to come outIt s really easy to readSimple and interesting story will leave Hai nhà you grasping for Gracen is not a average teenager girl Because of her white hair and pale skin she is considered a freak at her schoolShe has only one friend BetsIn the daylight she is boring weird girl but at night she is a warriorAt midnight her eyes turn silver and silver claw marks appear on her cheekGracen is a Silver Mortal just like her mother Together they fight against forces of evildemons The Night VipersThey are evil and they want to corrupt and destroy mankindThen Gracen meets Phoenixa night viperHe claims that he wants to be goodthat he doesn t want to hurt people and than he asks Gracen for help Can she trust him Soon Gracen s world is turned upside downWant to know what happensGo on and read Silver Mortal Silver Mortal is without a doubt one of the coolest booksou will read this Harry Potter a Me Ka Pōhaku Akeakamai: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in Hawaiian year It has such an amazing story line super cool characters no other book can compare to it Once I started reading I couldn t stop and I found myself getting deeper and deeper by every page until I realized I had devoured the book in one day s sitting and still I wanted I can t wait for the release of book two to find out what will happen next Gracen is notour normal girl and at school she is known as a freak because she looks different than everyone else she only has one friend named Bets aka Betsina they hang out and go to parties but Gracen has to leave before midnight because she undergoes changes eyes that turn silver and she has silver scars on her cheek its part of who she is it s in her genes She her mom help save Untouched Humans from Vipers Vipers want to corrupt and destroy mankind with evil while out on one of hermissions she comes in contact with a Viper who claims everything is not as it seems and he doesn t want to live in evil destruction and asks Gracen and her mom for help Everything Gracen has been taught about Vipers leaves her confused can she trust him can he really change and be good read on to find out Falling Through Clouds you won t believe what happens Hea all Anne here with my review of Silver Mortal by Jenna Kay Wow what an intense and original read Jenna has taken the time honored tale of good versus evil and thrown her uniue and new idea into it The story is fast paced from page one The Art of Acquiring you re thrown into the world of Gracen Potts Touched human in an Untouched world From the very beginning the action is hardcore and inour face as Gracen takes the readers on a journey they will not forget Born of the light and destinted to defend the Untouched from the lurking darkness what will Gracen do when her world is flung from semi not normal to are ou freaking joking insane Jenna has done a spectacular job creating a world full of olf favorites and adding her new amazing breeds of characters into it thus spinning the tale that is Silver Mortal Gracen Potts is the main character and what I adore is she is real a mouthy attitude filled shy and self doubting 16 ear old girl who just wants to fit in She knows she s not like anyone else but what she doesn t know is how different she really is Enter Bets her best friend daring and promiscuous Bets is always hunting her next great triumph usually int he form of a uarterback or ultimate bad boy Gracen is thrown for a loop when the mysterious and dark Phoenix shows up in her first period class he bears the mark of the Night Viper her enemy What ever will happen Simpl. Ivious to the monsters hiding from the lightAs a Silver Mortal Gracen has the power to send these demons back to Hell With the Silver Eagle blood running through her veins she feels I received this this book as an ARC for review The date for Silver Mortal is September 21st 2012 I am so glad for review The release date for Silver Mortal September 21st 2012 I am so glad didn t have to wait to get my hands on itAlot of YA books out there with sixteen A Menagerie of Heroes years old characters just don t sound sixteen I really feel like it s a teenager telling the story Even at only 4% into the book I felt like I was much farther in which is amazing I felt like I knew Gracen already From the very beginningou know she s going to be a very strong character From her thought process to her sassy mouth to her moral compassI really feel for Gracen being sixteen and not able to live in a teenage world must be so hard to deal withI love phoenix brought up in a horrible place and Tormented Every Day Of His Life But Though Everything He every day of his life But though everything he has the kindest of souls brought together under the most desperate of circumstances Gracen and Phoenix are brought together soul mates as star crossed lovers in a way mortal enemies in love And everything Gracen was brought up to feel tells her that it s wrong that he is the enemy I really like how their relationship unfolds neither of them ever having a real relationship before Wonderfully written this book had very strong characters and the flow of the story was perfect I enjoyed every moment I was reading this book and have to say that It is very much a must read Five stars to Silver Mortal and an A to Jenna for an amazing bookTO SEE MY WHOLE POST INCLUDING THE COMPLETE PREFACE AND A BIG SWAG GIVEAWAY PLEASE COME CHECK OUT MY BLOG AThttpterrisbookaddictionblogspotc I read a lot of books and sometimes it can feel like Mr. Fix-It you re reading the same concepts and storylines thatou ve read before So when I come across something that is new and fresh and original I cant help but get excited Let me tell The Complete Photo Guide to Slipcovers you Silver Mortal is like nothing I ve ever read beforeGracen Potts is a touched human A Silver Mortal By day she attempts to be a normal 16ear old going to school and dealing with the normal things that most teenage girls deal with But things aren t easy She looks different with her white hair and skin and so she doesn t really fit in In fact she is pretty much seen as a freak But each night at midnight Gracen feels the change She feels the Silver Eagle coming to life in her blood and that s when she becomes this kick ass demon slayer She has these mad ninja like fighting skills and an arsenal of weapons Her job is to slay the demons To get rid of the evil Then she meets Phoenix a Night Viper and a group of his fellow Vipers Vipers are her enemy But something feels very different about Phoenix She feels only goodness and honesty coming from him But how can that be Silver Mortal is filled with action right from the start but still manages to build the intensity and suspense all the way throughout the book There are plenty of twists and turns to keep Nazo no Kanojo X, Vol. 1 you guessing The romance is perfect Two people on such opposite sides of the spectrum finding love The characters are fantastic and I especially loved Gracen s sarcastic and sassy comments and her relationship with PhoenixI ve read Jenna Kay s writing before and loved it but Silver Mortal just blows that out of the water This book is an awesome read and is fantastically written Make sureou give this book a readReview first posted at YA Book Addict My review 5 out of 5 stars Wow this book took me to a whole new world of paranormal I am speechless from the ending I can t wait for the next book At first I was in love with the book because it gave Tarikh Se Kuch Nahin Sikha you an awesome sense of paranormal beings being disgusting I loved that outlook I am excited to say this was amazing then I ever thought it could be I just can t describe my emotions at this moment there was a huge cliffhanger but not the one whereou are angry but the one where چهار تیاتر you are excited about the next book thenou are for Christmas To start off it was exhilarating I loved the killing and the action it was way detailed and awesome I loved the whole night vipers and silver mortals It was incredible and a GREAT readGracen She was amazing She knew what she was doing and she was awesome She was cocky snobby and funny She was exciting and a good example of how girls should beAsh He was not crazy to me he was lost lonely depressed and haunted from his pastPhoenix He was brave hostile caring not judgmental and kind He was very strong willed on being a good person and he truly accomplished that He was willing to sacrifice himself for others and that takes guts and dignityBetrina bets When people say love means Legs Open Very Easy she proves that she s spunky and funny but she is very vulgar I like her as a character though she was built wellI can say all in all that this was spectacular read don t take that lightly it was action packed thrilling exhilarating exciting. There is a world invisible to Untouched eyes where demons rule the shadows and prey on the innocents Gracen Potts lives in this world Her job is to serve and protect those who are obl.

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