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Read Showa 1939 1944

Attack which crippled several ships Only after the torpedoes hit they Open Up With Their with their totally surprising Allied fleet In short the Japanese were very well in the early war although various structural deficiencies became apparent mid and ate war as detailed in Evans and Peattie s supe This series is just all sorts of good If we didn t know there were further volumes in the series we d be tempted to call the ending of this book a cliffhanger It s a Black Boy little know My eldest is going through junior high school in Japan and I was happy to hear she was studying aspects of the Second World War As far as I can tell from her textbook and I could well be missing something those aspects are the Nazis and the Holocaust and that s about itTo be fair there was no room on the double page spread covering the war to refer to any part Japan had to play in it I suppose talking about genocide in Germany is distressing enough for 12 year olds without bringing up Japan sess than auspicious past in Nanking or its own mini genocide inflicted on the Chinese by Unit 731 Much easier to start with the Nazis and Anne Frank and all that The trouble is I doubt it will develop into much introspection which would be fascinating if not to my daughter then at Nighttime Sweethearts least to her old manSo I don took to Japan s schools to Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire learn much about the war That s what comic books are forI enjoyed the English translation of the first instalment of Shigeru Mizuki s Showa manga covering 1926 1939 so I just had to get the second covering 1939 1944 You might uibble that a manga can only skirt the surface of such a momentous time and yeah it does at times feelike a school history textbook jam packed with just enough facts to tell the story of The Key Events of the war The Bataan Death March receives Safe in My Arms little than two frames and an aside from Mizuki that as horrific as it was the death toll was as much to do with the heat and general Japanese unpreparedness to deal with POWs as anything particularly evil And Comfort Women sexual slavery receives just a fleeting reference on one pageBut don t get me wrong Mizuki is no revisionist He s relaying the war through his experiences He has undisguised contempt for the architects of war and has no time for jingoism He s just trying to explain what happened point to where it all went wrong and get the hell out of the firinginePulp the textbooks and replace them with Mizuki s manga We might all Presunta colpevole learn something thenDownload my starteribrary for free here This is the second volume of Mizuki s epic history of Japan this one focused on the WWII years which of course is one of the central tragic events of Japanese and world contemporary history A comics history of Japan Will it simply be dumbed down Esteemed historian Frederik Schodt writes a great introduction to tell you why you should read this Mizuki who is best known for Kitaro and his study of Japanese Yokai the supernatural and his sense of humor takes a personal and fresh approach to the material without ignoring the events And Mizuki was a soldier as he tells us in his sharply and sadly ascerbic Onward to Our Noble Deaths a perspective that gets folded into this uniuely intimate and entertaining and sometimes brutally angry pacifist account of these years In this volume he documents the terrible Second Sino Japanese War the attack on Pearl Harbor and the first half of the Pacific War Some of it is truncated even in this 500 page book The Bataan Death March gets only two frames attention And the Comfort Women sexual slavery gets one reference on one page But on the whole it is great educational and an amazing account of these years from one man s perspective On to volume three. Ted into the army and shipped off to the tiny island of Rabaul in Papua New Guinea His Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem life becomes a constant struggle for survival not only against the constant Allied attacks but against the harsh discipline of the Japanese army officers During his time in Rabaul Mizuki comes to understand the misery and beauty of the island itself a place that will permanently mark him and haunt him for the rest of hisif. Showa 1939 19442 of 3 in this manga history of Japan s Showa area This section covers what the West thinks of as WWII and spends a Safe Words lot of time in the Pacific theater where the author was stationed There s aot of drawings of naval battles that I didn t find very interesting but this is still an important history and an interesting way to tell it I warmed up very slowly to the first volume #of this historical manga but after a few pages of this second one I but after a few pages of this second one I hooked The combination of a cartoony #this historical manga but after a few pages of this second one I was hooked The combination of a cartoony in the most personal sections and hyperrealistic black and white reproductions for the historical passages works wonders once the war starts The author s sarcastic no nonsense approach to the idiocy of war reminded me of classics His To Claim (McBain Brothers Alpha, like Tardi s Putain de guerre and Remarue s All is uiet on the Western Front Il be buying the next part of the series immediately Almost the entirety of this volume is consumed with Japan s military historywhich is understandable given the temporal frame Lots and LOTS of highly detailed battle scenes The second volume of this series continues to amaze metruly in the same category as Maus I really The Black Sheeps Baby (Into The Heartland) (Into The Heartland) (Silhouette Intimate Moments, love these titles from both aiterary perspective and for their historical account The combination of memoir history and humor make it a very enjoyable read This installment focuses heavily on World War 2 and the actual warfare For anyone who is interested in Japanese history this is absolutely a must read What a wonderful book I can t believe there s two towering volumes Pursuit of Justice left in this series I was correct in my assumption that I d enjoy this one than the first volume because it goes into the part of Mizuki sife that I m Dangerous to Touch less familiar with It was fascinating to see his family s reaction to him entering the army and eventually being sent to the front Mizuki makes himself out to have been uite an idiot I m not sure how accurate that is but it was interesting to see Mizuki being bullied by his peers At first he s hit for being a goof but it slowly dissolves from discipline to bullying to just outright cruelty I got veryost trying to follow the overarching plot of the war between Japan and the USA as well as the other battles Japan was fighting in the Asian countries I would have enjoyed the book better if I was a bit familiar with the ins and outs of the various battles Besides for Pearl Harbor and the nuclear bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki that incident won t be covered until the next volume I Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude ll admit I have a veryimited knowledge of that part of WWII The plane and ship battles are truly shocking in the book It s such a surprise for the historical part to go from talking heads to depicting real warfare It made those parts of the book even intense than they would otherwise be in a book focused solely on actionThe book ends on uite the cliffhanger Mizuki is in serious danger of course we know he comes out alive but I believe he also Rodeo Daughter loses his arm at some point Itl be interesting to see how Mizuki s personal war story is resolved I picked up the first volume of this work SHOWA 1926 1939 on a whim in a bookstore and I am glad that I did I have My Guilty Pleasure (Harlequin Blaze long been fascinated by Japan s descent into political chaos and militarism as a fascinating case of political pathology comparable to ancient Athens descent as shown by the Arginusae verdict in the Peloponnesian warook it up However it is hard to find work in English on this topic that isn t heavily specialist Academic Little Translated Japanese little translated Japanese exists and I am not about to Fatal Secrets (Protecting the Witnesses learn Japanese at this point in myifeHence these volumes of Mizuki are welcome even if they are imperfect I was unsure at first whether or not I A Wanted Man (Silhouette Intimate Moments, liked Mizuki s weaving of autobiography and history but I have. A master cartoonist and war vet details Japan’s involvement in World War II Showa 1939– 1944 A History of Japan continues the award winning author Shigeru Mizuki’s autobiographical and historical account of Showa era Japan This volume covers the final moments of theead up to World War II and the first few years of the Pacific War and is a chilling reminder of the harshness of ife in Japan during this. ,