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3 12 stars Tackling the seuel to 70s classic SCRUPLES seemed the right decision ast summer Sun surf Beautiful story inethis is my first decision College Apologetics (with Supplemental Reading last summer Sun surf Beautiful storyinethis is my first of the author Judith krantz The story from starting till the end of book was captivating Though this is second part of scruples it was easily understandable inspite of not reading first SCRUPLES 1SO if u Overlord, Vol. 3 (light novel): The Bloody Valkyrie love books of women ineading character definitely can go for itThe book is full of friendship ove role of stepmother career oriented person faces ups and downs Success Krantz addictive than crackThis is my third Krantz and I m hooked One I l need rehab my third Krantz and I m hooked One I Dark Intrusions ll need rehab are the days when I d happily fork over 20 bucks for a sensible Paretsky or a tame Evanovich Ranger who Krantz is addictive than crack Luxuriousocales mesmerizing characters over the top dramacreate a tantalizing tale that delivers a happy ending for Billy Though a seuel to Scruples it s a stand alone novelI have not read Scruples but Scruples Two was an interesting read though some characters are short ive but ovable and the plot was beautiful but then why did I gave it 3 stars Because some section of the book was boring and I still Decade of Despair look forward to reading other Judith Kranz The first Scruples was an acceptable mix of smush and all out fantasy in the fashion world and the world of the very rich This however was a cheap knock off Beloved characters were killed off marriages were split and unrealistic characters were paired together The whole charm of the first book was completelyost First book finished in 2020 Such an auspicious start to the decade This book was so much fun I can t wait to read the third one A convoluted mix of scenes that have no beginning middle or end as though forgotten sentences from the first book sort of made half efforts to produce a seuel to the first book A mixed up mess Also it is disgusting that we have to pay the same price as for the first book when it is just a few pages What Was Lost long Do not waste your money or your time on this one This seuel is dull and blech in comparison to the originalKind of a rehash of the first book but with differnt characters same crap different peoplesave yourself the troubel and stick the the original Scruples I remember this book than the first Does that say something about me That I ve read both Billy Winthrop Orsini had grown up as a chubby motherless relation to the aristocratic Winthrop s of Boston She d graduated from a exclusive boarding school and then gone to Paris for a year and returned as a new version of herself She was a beauty and got a job as secretary to multimillionaire 60 yr old Ellis Ikehorn Billy was 21 She made two friends Jessica Thorpe nowiving in NY and Dolly MoonEllis had a stroke 7 years into the marriage and died 5 years Go-Go-Go! later She had traveled extensively with Ellis before his stroke and had become almost a recluse during the 5 years after his stroke After he died she threw herself into making Scruples her clothing store a success Two yearsater she married Vito Orsini who had spent most of his time producing Mirrors He had just won an Oscar for Best Picture and Dolly won for Best Supporting Actress Dolly went into Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook labor that same night and had a baby girl Billie wanted to tell Vito that she was pregnant but he was too busy accepting his congratulations to find for them to talk Gigi showed up then Vito s 16 yr old daughter Billy was angry that she hadn t been told he had been married previously and had a child Sheet him know how angry she was and then announced that she was pregnant Billy was happy to have Gigi join their family And Gigi appreciated having a new hairstyle and clothes that weren t Reine Mädchensache literally falling apart and stained Vito hadn t had anything to do with Gigi other than pay her child support He had intended to send her back to NY to one of the families she typically stayed with when her mother was out of town Graziella Giovanna Orsini s mother had been an actress who traveled aot Her mother had gotten pneumonia and not taken care of herself and diedBilly took Gigi to Scruples to see her manager and clothing purchaser to discover that Spider and Valentine had gotten married They were celebrating when Dolly s publicist came in and announced that he and Dolly were soon to be married Billy announced her pregnancy and Vito arrived He put on a happy face and wondered what kind of witch he had married for her to change into a prospective mother without consulting or warning him He complained to Maggie MacGregor a news reporter who still wanted Vito even though their affair had been over for 4 years They talked about his new project producing The WASP Then they resumed their affair Billy returned home after visiting Jessica in NY and miscarried her baby She was disappointed and knew that she had made a mistake in marrying Vito due to his attitude She divorced him while suing for custo. Billy Ikehorn Meet again the magnificent owner of Scruples Billy is imperious and stubborn a creature of rampant sexuality too rich too vulnerable and far far too impulsive The story begins on the day after Scruples ended the day on which Billy's husband producer Vito Orsini won the Oscar for Best PictureSpider Elliot who reigns ike a pasha at Scruples. ,

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Scruples Two

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The actress went into his room took her clothes off and climbed into bed with him He was so tired he didn t fully realize that she had climbed on top of him until Gigi entered the room and saw them He tossed the actress off him but the damage had been done Gigi was in ove with Zach too but now the damage was done She went home from the trip deeply hurt Billy and Gigi both arrived in New York about the same time Sasha was a Offenders and Detainees lingerie model and her boss had recently died of a heart attack He wanted Gigi who collected antiueingerie to work with his company to produce a qasas-ul-quran line of similar items to what she collected That was over now with his death The girls talked about his ideas with Billy and about opening a Scruples Two that sold moderate priced clothing and exclusiveingerie Billy angrily said no because she didn t want another Scruples store She didn t want to discredit what the previous Scruples had been She eft Gigi s and Sasha s apartment and flew to LA to see Spider Elliot who had returned from his years spent traveling by water Billy told Spider about the girls ideas and he thought it was a great idea He and Billy decided to work with the girls and start a catalog business with them They both flew to NY to begin the planning stages Billy arranged for office space for Scruples Two in LA in the same building where Josh Hillman Billy s awyer had his office He came by their office one afternoon to drop off some papers and he and Sasha fell in Dead-End Road Mysteries love at first sight Josh had been married before and had 3 kids He had gotten a divorce when he fell inove with Valentine before she married Spider Elliot Josh didn t realize how young Sasha was and she acted much older than she was in order to hold his attraction to her Sasha was close to 24 while Josh was 40 Billy spoke with a designer she knew and had worked with for Scruples and persuaded him to help Hear the Wolves launch Scruples Two Spider tried making out with Gigi but she put a stop to it telling him that it was all wrong They became close friends Gigi was closer to 21 while Spider was 38 Vito had come back to LA after being gone for a few years He ran into Curt Arvey s wife Susan and began an affair She used him as he used her for the rough sex she craved They grew closer than either of them ever thought they would She noonger went to NY to participate in her sexual fantasies Vito was trying to persuade Arvey to agree to produce a movie using a new book Fair Play that he had purchased the rights too Vito didn t realize that it was because of Susan s influence that he was getting nowhere with CurtVito had Valors Measure lunch with Gigi and asked her if she would speak to Billy about having a conversation about the book with Susan He didn t want to ask Susan for her help directly so she couldn t hold that over him in their relationship Gigi spoke with Billyater in so she couldn t hold that over him in their relationship Gigi spoke with Billy BFI Film Classics later in week and Gigi finally told Billy about herove for Zach and what she had walked into after she had broken her eg Billy told Gigi that Zach had come to see her after what had happened With The Actress Pandora Billy Had Gigi Listen To The the actress Pandora Billy had Gigi isten to the Zach had given her for the situation Gigi
Told Billy That She 
Billy that she talk to Zach when he came to LA for Sasha s wedding the next month Gigi also told Billy about Spider kissing her and they ended up good friends but nothing Billy called Vito after Gigi وصف الاستعباد في مملكة فاس - مذكرات أسير سويدي على عهد السلطان مولاي عبد الله left and told him that she would finance his movie on the stipulation that Zack Nevsky direct the filmGigi went to Sasha s to try on her bridesmaid dress She came out of the room to find Zach waiting for her She ran into his arms and he told her again that he was sorry and that he was inove with her She told him that she Fiend loved him too They were all preparing for a party and fashion show toaunch their catalog business when their designer arrived with a magazine article It detailed Billy s relationship with Sam in Paris Billy was embarrassed and didn t know what to do She went home to hide out She didn t want to attend the Voice of Conscience launch party Spider found out and went to see her They began to talk and Billy told him that she was thinking of going back to Paris Spider told her that he didn t want her toeave him Billy admitted to him that she was mad at him as well as jealous of his relationship with Gigi She was in PROBE MY ASS (A Reluctant Doctor/Patient Anal Sex erotica story) love with him and had been since he had returned from his travels Spider realized that he too was inove with Billy A year The Pedlar and the Bandit King (Scarlet and the White Wolf, later Vito s movie was another hit Zach directed the film and the actor friend who had been with Zach Pandora and Gigi when they went skiing had starred in the film with Meryl Streep Zach and Gigi weren t married but wereiving together Gigi wanted time with him to make sure they were the right fit Sasha was pregnant and due in another 4 weeks Billy was only 2 weeks behind and expecting twin boys The catalog business was much successful than any of them imagined it could Esistible story unfolds with an enchanting new cast of characters including Gigi Graziella Giovanna Orsini Vito's daughter from an early marriage Gigi with her charm independence and wild sense of humour changes the ives of everyone who knows her It is Billy and Gigi who together dominate the new chapter in a story millions of readers wish had never end. .
Dy of Gigi Over the next several years Billy opened branches of Scruples in Chicago NY Munich Honolulu and Hong Kong while maintaining the Billy opened branches of Scruples in Chicago NY Munich Honolulu and Hong Kong while maintaining the in Beverly Hills She made Valentine and Spider partners in those stores to keep them from Roberto to the Dark Tower Came leaving her Billy spent aot of time traveling on business while Gigi grew up Gigi Polyphemus loved to cook and tookessons from Billy s cook Jean Luc He resigned when Gigi was ready to go to college and a new cook was hired uentin Browning Gigi immediately pursued him and began an affair She had Pink Ribbons, Inc. led him to believe that she was experienced with men while she was yet a virgin He knew he was in over his head because he couldn t stop thinking about Gigi or keep his hands off her and she was head over heels inove with him Gigi pretended she didn t know how to cook until she found out that he had resigned and she showed him that she was an excellent chefVito s new movie had bombed and Maggie dropped him when she realized how bad it was Vito Star Cookies Comfort left the country because he was too was embarrassed to be seen Curt Arvey had produced the movie while his wife Susan wasn t surprised as she watched the choices that Vito had made of writer director andeading actors roles She had married Curt with the approval of her father and was wealthy but unhappy Her father had Mail Horror Bride (One Nation Under Zombies left Susan s husband to inherit upon his death Susan used Curt s inattention to take time to travel to NY where she assumed another identity and hired male prostitutes to succumb to her bitter nature Valentine O Neill accepted a job to design clothes for Melanie Adams for a new movie titled Legends Melanie was the only other person Spider hadoved and Val wanted to meet her After they met the only thing Val felt for her was pity Melanie didn t seem able to picture herself in reality She was owned by Wells Cope who had discovered her and didn t know how to break freeComtesse Cora de Lioncourt had married at 19 to a man who was 49 while she was in Paris She was ugly in the manner of women Doros asin mga Anghel like Barbara Streisand and felt she had few options He had money and a title and she accepted his proposal for those reasons Neither of them wanted children and they spent their time and money cultivating members of society and collecting various items of interest to them He died yearsater and her income wasn t enough to support her The Other Alice lifestyle and she began thinking of employment She was still an American citizen and a job in Paris wasn t possible Her first thought was of NY She moved there and began a business taking commissions to steer people to restaurants and stores One of the customers she pursued to work with was Billy Spider had gone out of town for work for a few days and Valentine was having trouble sleeping She went to the store to work for a few hours and fell asleep while smoking The Beverly Hills store was closed for remodeling and the cigarette fell from Val s hands and caught the place on fire The paper paint and construction supplies caught fire uickly The store burned down with Val inside Billy ordered herawyer to sell all of her stores She wanted Scruples to cease to exist She blamed herself for Valentine She wanted Scruples to cease to exist She blamed herself for Valentine deathSpider bought a boat and took off to where no one knew him It was a well after a year The Inside Text later that he found out about Billy selling off Scruples He wrote her aetter telling her that she wasn t to blame and that Val had probably fallen asleep smoking and her cigarette had started the fire Billy moved to Paris and found a house She dressed as a poor Parisian and went to flea markets to find decorations After one of those trips she met a sculptor and they practically The Connected Home lived together for 9 months Billy never told him who she was and used her nickname as a child Honey Winthrop He went with a friend to the Paris opera one night and saw Billy there He had discovered herie and told her that he never wanted to see her again Billy had been planning on telling him within the next couple of weeks He was having a showing of his work and she was going to tell him after it was over Billy had found a roommate for Gigi It was Sasha the daughter of one of the people that Gigi had stayed with growing up while Mills Factories of Ne living with her mother Neither of the girls thought they would get along Sasha was 4 years older She was surprised to find out that Gigi was not a virgin and friendly Gigi began dating Sasha s older brother ZachZach was an off Broadway producer known for his affairs with actresses He fell for Gigi in a big way but couldn t convince her in the slightest that he was inove with her He invited her skiing with another actor and actress They didn t know how to ski and took essons He convinced her to eave the class and try the easier slopes on their own He kissed Gigi and she fell as she backed away from him and broke her Darkest Night (Birthright, leg He went to get help and got her to the hospital He felt guilty but was exhausted and fell asleep. Is a man who adores women and can read their minds He is than tough enough to stand up to BillyValentine O'Neill is the brilliant young designer for Scruples As alert as a vixen hot tempered and thoroughlyovable she is as difficult to pin down as a mermaidNow Billy Spider and Valentine have explosive unfinished business Watch the sparks fly as this irr.

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