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Revived author Cat Patrick

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S a stupid random reason at all then the author should not be writing science fictionI did not find one character in this book relatable or just likeable There very flat I didn t connect with them didn t sympathize with them and they re not going to be people that I ll be thinking about months from now The love interest felt flat and of course he was ber hot Audrey should be the one we really sympathize with the most since you find out some big secret about her health but I didn t Daisy was whiny she was far concerned with friends and boys to advance the plot in any significant way other than finding stuff by chance and oh my God how many times can you get freakin stung by bees You re deathly allergic to them so why don t you ever learn to be careful I m not an expert on CPR but I know for a fact the chances of you being brought back to life with CPR after being dead for twelve minutes is virtually impossible So don t you dare try and pull that on me I know for a fact that she should ve been brain dead by the time you saved her So the climax of this stupid book is just not only virtually medically impossible but it s very convenient for Daisy and it comes too easy Maybe I was just expecting far too much from this book but I think it s the fact that the marketing team was trying to make it look either far better or far different from what it really was some starry eyed teen romance with random sci fi elements to try and hook readers but only a reader who doesn t care how the heck it s possible just that it s there Revived is okay It is less sci fi and of contemporaryrealistic fiction in my opinion This is fine actually I nderstand it Revived just wants to tell a story where the main character is aiming for a normal life attend school have friends etc even it is somehow hopeless especially if one is a part of secret experiment running by a secret organization Then add the twist that this secret organization isn t really worth trusting forIt s nothing new I have read several novels with this kind of plot but I have no issues with it whatsoever I just hope for the best that in the end I will like it or even love the bookBut the thing with Revived is that my hope has been shoved nder the rug by the insta love I ended Soldiers Pregnancy Protocol up overlynsatisfied in the end The main character Daisy is so head over heels with her love interest it s irritating and eye roll worthy I mean whenever she sees the guy a paragraph of description of his handsome appearance will follow It is just too much for me to bearDaisy is also a naive character who can t keep her mouth shut For being a part of a highly confidential experiment she is so inclined to share to her newly found friends or should I say boyfriend what her life has become just because of the right words he says about her And because she doesn t want to lie to them anyAnyway I did like the friendship between Daisy and Audrey It s a happy friendship that makes me feel better as I ve read about it It brought some light to a Behind the Throne (Morgan Crowe Trilogy, uite dark should be thrilling novelI also like the last few chapters whoite satisfy my craving for some real suspense and thrilling action Though I do think it has been set aside for so long thus it didn t manage to redeem the enormity of the novel I ve been entertained not really by a lot of cliches and tropes in this book that when I reached the climax I don t dig it any It s too late As soon as I finished reading Revived I rushed to GoodReads to check my friends ratings and they were exactly what I expected them to be eight out of ten gave this book three stars just like I did In my experience there are I read Cat Patrick s debut and while I struggled with the premise a lot I really enjoyed her writing style enough that I wanted to read her sopho novel Revived From the outset I really enjoy Cat Patrick s breezy writing style Her narratives are so easy to slip into her characters likeable Daisy narrates like a breath of fresh air She s chatty and vulnerable and just the right kind of niue with passions and irks It s Daisy that held me fast to the storyThe premise is so intriguing The set p is really well done The mystery and clues and little investigations were compelling enough Yet As The Plot Progressed as the plot progressed found myself nsettled Things started feeling messy like there were all these foundations laid for awesomeness and then the book shifted into a kind of romance But even so there were little seeds of doubt thrown in with the love interest that had me A Mighty Big Wish unsettled and wary The friendship Patrick crafted between the two girls was great and then when things happened it felt like it went nowhere and nearly served no purpose I feel a bit like there was this awesome premise that got too complicated and it was all mashedp with a real contemporary vibe and in the end neither the sci fi ish stuff not the contemporary stuff worked for me Call me conflicted I liked the characters but got lost in the story I loved the premise but the characters got in the way of really smashing it WARNING SPOILERS AHEADYou d think dying 5 times over will make one sensibleEvidently notAt least for Daisy McDaniel her real nameDaisy Daisy Daisy Now what can I say about our dear dear protagonist She s a selfish little girl who thinks the world revolves only around her no doubt irresponsible and totally immature to boot Having to shift houses and take My Mother, a Serial Killer up new identity everytime she dies and this of course applies to everyone assigned to babysit her I would think that she will take better precaution to prevent her own death But NO Our precious Daisy here decides to take all thennecessary risks like taking a shortcut through a dark alley I know and still have the NERVE to grumble about how much she WANTS TO REMAIN AT WHERE SHE IS Then be responsible and take your stupid EpiPen along with you and actually I have no idea what
s it supposed 
it supposed do since there s no real explanation I m guessing save her lifeThat s not the worst yet Stupid heroines I can deal with if I could survive LUCE PRICE I sure as hell can survive Daisy but telling your boyfriend about Revive a drug that can supposedly bring the dead back to life but only works on healthy bodies ie disease free and expect him NOT to ask you to steal the drug for him when he has a sister dying from cancer Now that s just ask you to steal the drug for him when he has a sister dying from cancer Now that s just dumbimage error Rating 35 out of 5 starsImagine dying 5 times and being brought back to life after every single death This is Daisy s life in a secret government agency led by an ominous figure they call God and as a test subject to a drug that they call Revive cues oooh ing Revived was nothing like I expected it to be Instead of a fast paced book about a zombie like test subject this book has of a contemporary feel to it sweet warm easy to relate to I may be an expert at guessing what s going to happen in a book early on but the deceiving first half made me The Italians Stolen Bride unprepared for the surprise twist in the faster lastarterDaisy is a character I adored from the get go Along with co hosting a hilarious blog yup she s a blogger with her best friend Megan she ha. Fteen Daisy has died and been Revived five times Each death means a new name a new city a new identity The only constant in Daisy's life is constant changeThen Daisy meets Matt and Audrey McKean charismatic siblings who ickly become her first real friends But if she's ,
Revived committed suicide early on but somehow it was saved It was Revived Dun dun dunThe Science Oh dear god the scienceRevive is a drug which brings the recently dead back to life though it heals no wounds and cures no diseaseAdrenaline anyone Has this not been discovered in this world yet Why yes it has Daisy has epi pens on hand for a deadly allergy So how is it any different from adrenaline There s no answer because Revive s discovery was never explained Nor is the state of any Revived individual Are they the living dead Still human Able to reproduce No ideaAlsoA bus crash with no survivors would mean lots of corpses with fatal injuries Only those who d died by passive means like asphyxiation might be revivable Yet they tried the drug out on a child with a foreign body piercing his brain facepalm Then again in this experiment no other treatment can be performed in addition to Revive s administration No CPR This means no circulation of oxygenated blood to the brain heart and lungs critical organs this drug needs to work on So how is it going to get to its target destination from the injection site No defibrillation to restart the heart The drug would have to be administered with 5 minutes of flat lining to avoid risking brain damage or brain death But it would do no good if Revive can t be transported around the body in order to do its job Actual revival rate MINISCULEViability of drug nder these conditions NONE In conjunction with other resuscitation methods it would probably act like adrenaline possibly keeping someone alive long enough for surgery But for the sake of secrecy and the experiment the success rate of the drug would be so close to zero it wouldn t be worth Tikki Tikki Tembo usingThat CPR trick at the end is a MEDICALLY IMPOSSIBLE 12 minutes dead timed anyway death had to have occurred much earlier see below with no intervention Nothing you can do they re dead and gone b LOGISTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE view spoilerAccording to Wikipedia anaphylaxis can occur 5 to 30 minutes after exposure and hundreds of bee stings would ve accelerated the process Say it took 10 minutesntil death plus 12 after Communication boyfriend friend agent aeroplane finding a suitable place to land landing and findingflagging down a car near a small town 30 mins at least Driving 100mph for 20 miles euals another 12 minutes hide spoiler When I first heard about this one a lot of people were tossing around the word dystopia at the time I was reading Slated which is a dystopia and which is about a girl whose memory is wiped and she has to start over When I heard about this I thought the concept was pretty similar and I was curious to see how they d play off of each other But this is not dystopian after all Nor do I think it was meant to be and I think it s stronger for not taking that path Revived takes place now and is told in a way that makes it completely plausible for this type of thing covert experiments on new drugs somewhat shady government outfits etc to be going on right nder our noses I think a lot of authors would have tried to make this a doom and gloom dystopia and I think that s probably why so many people were tossing around that word But I have to say I m really glad it s not I appreciate that Cat Patrick didn t take that route and instead made it a insular relatable story As contemporary science fiction it works as a dystopia it would fall flatBut because I had been anticipating a dystopian story this didn t entirely go where I was expecting it to And even once I started reading the story and realized that it wasn t dystopia readjusted my perception and thought I had the story all figured out it still didn t go exactly where I was expecting it to And this was a good thing I mean it did go there in the
end it worked 
it worked way back to the shady covert sci fi thing but there was a detour through some much human relatable territory I wasn t expecting and it made it interesting and poignant as a result Much human and natural than it otherwise have been I don t want to risk giving anything away but I was pleasantly than it otherwise have been I don t want to risk giving anything away but I was pleasantly by the places Patrick took this and the way it sort of muddled genres into something realistic and authentic for Daisy the MCAnd speaking of Daisy was a really good main character and she was surrounded by an excellent supporting cast I really loved her relationships with other people in the book and how organic they felt there could have been some risk of insta lovey ness but this was one of those rare cases of the speed of things making absolute sense The relationships are a very believable level of gooey and tempered by some darker real life things which coupled with the characters reactions to those things keeps the story safe from disgusting YA love levels I also especially loved Daisy s relationship with her not really fathersecret agent Mason Th Revive has one of the most niue premises I ve come across in YA but fails to deliver since it seems to leave out the actual plot of the book in the flap that so deceivingly made me think this was a good bookIn modern times there is a secret government project that has made an experimental drug known as Revive which can revive people back to life Daisy is one of many test subjects who all died in a bus crash one day and have since then been relocated given new last names and given Revive every time they die They also live with new people in Daisy s case Mason and Cassie who are her legal guardians that are agents for the project After Daisy dies for the fifth time somebody s a klutz they re relocated to Omaha Nebraska where she meets Audrey and Matt McKean and makes friends outside of the test subjects for the first time in her lifeSome people were disappointed because they thought it was a dystopian novel but it turned out to be a modern day science fictionOthers like me are disappointed because this isn t science fiction like we were told it was by the people who thought it was dystopian but because it s a contemporary romance masuerading behind a flimsy science fiction fa ade The romance isn t even very good it comes Hoofd in de wolken (Puffin Island up out of nowhere you know it s going to happen there s nothing between the two Daisy s reasons for falling in love with them are nonexistent and it tookp far too much of the bookThe whole book was far too mundane for my tastes Hanging out with her best friend and the friend s brother ie the love interest school visiting other people hanging out with friends doing ordinary things and mentioning of science y thingsDo you know what a huge flaw in this book is WE DON T KNOW HOW THE HECK PEOPLE MADE REVIVE So you expect me to believe that people just randomly found out a drug that you inject somebody with a syringe with but you re not going to tell s how this amazing discovery was made Okay I m not going along with that I m sorry but if you re trying to be a science fiction book with contemporary elements or be a contemporary novel with science elements in the background compared to the romance like this book you need to explain the science elements And if you can t even give It started with a bus crashDaisy Appleby was a little girl when it happened and she barely remembers the accident or being brought back to life At that moment though she became one of the first subjects in a covert government program that tests a drug called ReviveNow fi.
The Promise of Palm Grove (Amish Brides of Pinecraft, Amber (The Smugglers Wife Emilys Magic Words A Fistful of Feathers
S su After dying 5 times Daisy is kind of tired of it all Having to relocate each time a new school new routine new last name a whole new life It gets tiring after a while not getting to keep your identity An interesting plot with a fast pace and short chapters Revived is surprisingly easy to fly through Revived is the drug that can bring people back to life This drug has been secretly tested on a few kids Daisy included and controlled As readers we love to hate our Too Stupid To Live characters Those loveable Mary Sues who knowingly walk into impossible situations do irresponsibly stupid things like singlehandedly confronting monsters and angry men who could beat them p with a finger They re the horror movie euivalent of the innocent virgin who walk down a basement when we the viewer are screaming at them to just stop in front of the screen But as much as we make fun of these charactersthey have one thing in common they re as hard to kill as cockroaches Not so for our heroine in this book no Daisy is literally Too Stupid To Live So much that she dies multiple times twice in the same wayIt s rather appropriate that her name is Daisy given that she s constantly pushing them His Convenient Highland Wedding upOur intrepid heroine first died at the age of four through no fault of her own She was in a group of fourteen kids travelling in a bus when there was an accident then they were chosen to be in a test group for a drug called Revive The drug aptly named revives people from death It has been kept a secret all these years by the creator of the drug known as God and each subject of the experiment lives with jack of all trade Agents who pretend to be their parents Every time a child dies he or she and their family move on to a new home a new place a new identity The drug is such a secret that they can t even fly lest the drug is stolen or discovered during baggage check I thought the premise for all the moving and secrecy was idiotic and the heroine herself is not much betterIn the beginning of the book Daisy dies from a bee sting She s allergic to bees she knows that But why didn t she have an Epi Pen on herI spent way too long deciding what to wear leaving only five minutes to arrange my hair into something resembling a style I left for school in a rush remembering the EpiPen which probably would have saved my life halfway down the block I wasn t so late that I couldn t have gone back but for some reason I didn tHer previous deaths were caused by similarly treacherous situationsI wolfed down my PBJ then started in on my grapes stuffing than a handful in at once A monstrous red grape got lodged in my windpipeWell she was only five and a half then so accidents do happenBut thenin the summer before seventh gradeI died from asphyxiaif we re getting technical I was swimming near some houseboats at the reservoir and got carbon monoxide poisoning from an idling boat Carbon monoxide poisoning What the actual fuck How stupid do you have to be to be swimming behind a boat for that long I do not claim to be an expert on carbon monoxide poisoning but I do know that it takes enclosed space To be in the open air swimming near an idling boatmaybe a few hours Again WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK How do you die of carbon monoxide poisoning from swimming on a lakeDaisy s personality is not terribly endearing She s a typical teenager which is to say she is very silly very concerned with boys and popularity There s nothing wrong with that given the age of the character but when reading a book I would like my heroines to be a little mature and show some signs of introspection and growth There is very little of it in this book Daisy has died so many time that she s taken it for granted in herself and when it comes to death in someone she slowly comes to care about she completely freaks out and acts irrationallyThe Revive project is an extremely secretive one If Daisy were a CIA agent she wouldn t last half a second because the instant she falls for Matt and learns that his sister and her friend is dying she spills the beans Knowing the secrecy of the project knowing how important it is she endangers herself and this important secret right away which I thought wasnbelievably foolish Falling in love with a boy and then throwing away everything just like THAT a boy and then throwing away everything just like THAT NOT A HALLMARK OF is not a hallmark of deep complex character but of a shallow stupid foolish little teenager who thinks only of herself and her best interests which for the moment rests in keeping her friend alive so she can continue her mission of dating said friend s SUPER HOT BROTHERThe premise of the book lacks credibility too Why do they have to keep running away when she dies It s not that ncommon for someone to die for a short while then brought back to life It s not that incredible at all It s certainly a lot to life It s not that incredible at all It s certainly a lot to be brought to a hospital or brought somewhere private to receive the injection particularly when the agents with whom she is assigned also masuerades as a paramedic Children have stupid accidents all the time especially kids with allergies and it s so much simpler to explain away a hospital visit than to create a new identity completely clean out the old house and the hidden secret lab brainwash and monitor the previous town s residents so nobody suspects anything s wrong Oh and kill off anyone who suspects anything s out of the ordinary with the grieving family who just left town So much fewer bodies to clean p Literally It s one of the worst premise I ve ever read in a YA sci fi and that s saying considerably given the gaping plot holes that freuent too many pieces of YA sci fi and dystopian fiction these daysIn every good mystery there is an element of subtlety involved The reader should always be guessing the allusions and clues need to be there but with such style and finesse that it s hard to discern Not so with this book The clues are as subtly hidden as a purple polka dotted cowMovement near a planter catches my eye A man in a blue button down and jeans is standing there waiting for someone The funny thing is that he looks right at me when I look at him He watches me for a second like a curious stranger might then looks away taking out his phone and typing on the keyboardHe s got the same robotic look that Cassie has that the agents in the cleanup crews haveHMM WHO COULD HE BE I WONDERAnd Matt lovely dreamboat Matt Sooooooooooo much hotter than Jake Gyllenhall I swear to god that s what she says Unbelievably gullible naive Matt who buys Daisy s incredibly story at the drop of a pin And need I mention this jewel My girlfriend started college this year We felt like it wouldn t work long distance Well I felt that way She wanted to stay together Now in addition to jealous I feel inferior My lanky fifteen year old self is no match for a college girl Possibly reading my anxiety Matt adds She s a bitch Such a gentleman I can see why Daisy fell for him As God the creator of Revive not the actual Lord although it would have been true either way says to Daisy Bad moveWhat a colossal waste of Revive you were I couldn t have said it better myself. Ver to have a normal life Daisy must escape from an experiment that's much larger and sinister than she ever imaginedFrom its striking first chapter to its emotionally charged ending Cat Patrick's Revived is a riveting story about what happens when life and death collide.