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Protecting His Brothers BridePlenty of action and a Few Good Plot Twists Are good lot twists are highlights of this story The sharp witty banter between Dalton and Kira along with their sizzling chemistry makes this story one entertaining romance RT Book Reviews 4 stars Man Kira is kinda dumb but I guess it was an okay junk read It s like Double Jeopardy with Much Ado About Nothing esue romance But of course you know where it s going and how it ll end I think the only thing I wanted to see was Kira take The Princess and the Three Knights people to court for defamation and destroying her reputation Also Kira has a seriousroblem larger eople She claims they re all obese with #high blood ressure and insurance nightmares without any evidence of these insinuations #blood and insurance nightmares without any medical evidence of these insinuations seems to. AN UNLIKELY PARTNERSHIP SHROUDED IN SECRETS FAMILY SECRETS TOO SHOCKING TO REVEALFramed for embezzling investigator Kira Kincaid will go to any lengths to clear her name even team up with Dalton Matthews her estrangednow deceasedhusband's brother But the reclu. Be her forte And Dalton seems to think women like certain kinds of showers and that Kira is meant to be controlled butnot controlled I am so confused Whatever I m overthinking this Good story Kira is having a rough time She s being framed for embezzlement Her husband who she is trying to serve with divorce apers has disappeared In an attempt to find Josh and clear her name she reluctantly teams up with Josh s I am not usually one for Romantic Suspense novels but I won this and was thoroughly impressed Jan Schliesman has written a very engaging story To uote Jan My favorite stories are those that make me forget I m reading a book this book lives up to this mantra #IT IS THE STORY OF KIRA #is the story of Kira who is framed for Sive mogul isn't what she expected he's the uintessential alpha male who evokes an unwelcome yearning And now thanks to his involvement with Kira a target to those trying to kill herDalton is determined to rotect The Headstrong Widow Even As headstrong widow even as lans to walk. .

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characters Protecting His Brothers Bride

Mbezzlement and Dalton Matthews a reclusive mogul While is trying clear her name she unintentionally draws Dalton into the drama while trying to avoid trying to kill her I t want to say because this is a book to be read I highly recommend it Pretty good story line but I wanted something I wasn t overwhelmed with anything really it was all kind of right down the middle Even the supposed action and danger didn t get my heart umping That combined with the fact that I figured out the entire story line before
Anything Was Revealed Toward 
was revealed toward end made this one only a 3 star read for me It was good enough but not great I will robably have a hard time remembering much about this book in a few weeks. Away once she's safe If only her green eyed gaze didn't melt all of his emotional defenses But when their mission exposes an earth shattering family secret from both their asts Dalton must choose between his brother's betrayal and the one woman he should deny.

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