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Playing With Fire How the Bible Ignites Change in Your Soul11 Bible Reading Studying Very good at bringing together Bible study and spiritual formation Russell oes not give as much consideration to the interpretations of scripture that are found through out church history this is at times the strength of playing with fire at at time its weakness Though this book is an excellent place to start in learning how to read scripture and fight against a culturally relativistic reading of the bible A good basic introduction to the field Biblical Hermeneutics with helpful and necessary sections iscussing the Role Of Scripture In Our of scripture in our personal spiritual formation I would have liked to see about the role of hermeneutics in the Church and a greater survey of the field of hermeneutics as a whole as this leans heavily toward a grammatical historical interpretation of scripture and a moderately progressive ispensational eschatology To compensate for this lack students should read Biblical Hermeneutics Five Views edited by Stanley Porter and Beth Stovell very academic but one should read something academic in theology if one is going to be pursuing the Faith Russell explains approaches and perspective to reading the Bible based on the historical context and the genre of the books I ve never approached the Bible with this mindset And as a literature major it make sense to me Don t we expect ifferent Purposes And Elements From and elements from genres of texts Hence to approach some of the narratives in the Old Testament one would look for how God is the Hero whereas in the New Testament we can ask How is Jesus shownproven as the Messiah More importantly reading this book eepened my sincere esire todiscover and be transformed by the power of His Word It has been a long time since I read Fee and Stuart s excellent How to Read the Bible for All It. Bible scholar Walt Russell insists that when we study the Scriptures properly it is like playing with fire a fire that can ignite ramatic change in our. By Walt Russell from Talbot School of Theology at Biola University the book is a balanced approach to hermeneutics written with the laypersonundergraduate in mind He is brief when possible but expands on issues when he needs toI appreciated his relevant illustrations from the classroom his personal life church ministry and life in general Russell is clear and challenges many ill conceived notions of modern American interpretation He uses familiar biblical texts as examples for putting his principles into practice David and Goliath is used to show the shallowness of much preaching on the subject Psalm 8 is analyzed and interpretedRussell s whole point is to fit this book suarely into the NavPress Spiritual Formation to fit this book suarely into the NavPress Spiritual Formation it is a part of The subtitle of the book shows his intention is not just to produce smart Christians but changed Christians Understanding the Bible will lead to changed lives through the power of the Holy SpiritOur church is going to o an all church Sunday School class this fall based on the book I would recommend the book to any person who wants to know how to approach read and apply the Bible betterThe only ownsides are endnotes I hate endnotes and some shying away from igging read and apply the Bible betterThe only ownsides are endnotes I hate endnotes and some shying away from Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside digging little biteeper into specifics of application A good introductory book to hermeneutics and a reading of the Bible that is sensitive to the istinctive genres of each book I had the wonderful opportunity to have Dr Russell as a professor for a class at Talbot Highly recommended read for those wanting a valuable introduction to the fundamentals of hermenuetics while also providing practical efenses against common objections This will be a book I will be constantly recommending to those unacuainted or wanting a polished presentation of an introduction to hermeneutic practice. This fuller understanding of God's Word unleashes a heart transforming power that burns away your efenses like fire bringing radical change to your life. .

S Worth but this book is written in very much the same vein in fact much the same vein it in fact from Fee and uite extensively Since it has been so long I can hardly remember enough to compare the two but in my mind Fee and Stuart set the standard here so much so that a book like this has to struggle to justify its existenceThat being said I liked it a lot and the author is careful to point out areas where he isagrees with Fee and Stuart in a lot and the author is careful to point out areas where he When Stories Clash disagrees with Fee and Stuart in way he approaches certain genres If you re looking for a good overview of Biblical interpretation for a layperson you couldo a lot worse than to read this book It gives good summaries of the major genres present in the Bible and Sword of Honour Second To None does a nice job framing the approach to each with a set of uestions to ask yourself as you are reading Russell insists that the Holy Spirit will notemean our God given responsibility as interpreters of the Bible by The Extra Cadaver Murder doing the interpretive work for us In other words reading the Bible takes effort There areegrees of effort according to genre yet the work of understanding primarily lies with the reader The Holy Spirit will however enable us to grasp the significance of what we are reading accept it as truth and apply its message in our lives Russell instructs how to read the Bible top Perfect Girl Evolution Vol. 6 down rather than bottom up beginning with a book s genreown to particular paragraphs or verses rather than isolating verses or passages from their surrounding context Not only oes he emphasize the author s original meaning of the text as opposed to reader supplied meaning he also points out the author s intended application while allowing contemporary applications in the lives of believers as long as they o not violate the boundaries of the original application An excellent and understandable book on how to interpret the Bible Written. Souls With an intelligent engaging style Russell puts the tools in your hands that enable you to study Dark Ties (Broken Saints Society different styles of biblical writing inepth And. ,