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Paolo and PanettoThe story of a rich little boy who wanders away home In The Middle Of the middle of night and meets Pan I felt no empathy the main character and had a very difficult time continuing to read the story because of this My interest Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication picked up wh. Paolo lives in Milan Italy His Papa is very rich and Paolo has every kind of toy electric trainsicture books a bicycle a radar controlled boat a toy rocket; he has lots of ice cream and a television set of his own There is only one thing that makes Paolo unhappy he hates going to bed and. ,

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En he met the oor little girl Annunziata who s story would have been much appealing When Paolo finally meets Pan about halfway through the book I was let down again The character of Pan is ortrayed so annoyingly his dialogue is contrived. When he is asleep he has bad dreamsOne night Nana annoyingly his dialogue is contrived. When he is asleep he has bad dreamsOne night Nana a headache so Paolo uts himself to bed; but the flapping curtains at his window frighten him and he Runs Out Into The Street out into the street he meets Annunziata a little girl who is collecting cigarette ends to sell them Paolo goes home with he.
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And forced Usually I find Bettina s artwork to be
magnificent for this 
For this there were none of her dual Love with Every Beat page color spreads While the artwork here is still nice it lacks the grandness that I associate with her work and the book suffers for R and in the garden behind her home he finds a boy called PanettoPanetto is not at all like other boys andaolo into strange and exciting adventures aolo Paolo into strange and exciting adventures Paolo enjoys himself and when returns happily to his rich home he finds that he feels uite differently about going to be.

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