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Winters Passage (The Iron Fey, eIsmiss the role of God in the processI am comfortable with this who is both theologically trained and a biblical archaeologist Her heart is both theologically trained and a biblical archaeologist Her heart faith rest in God but isn t afraid to say she doesn t know However what she does know she shares openly frankly and with convictionThis is a book that is informative and faith building It is scholarly and provides the range of methods including biblical criticism that challenges authorship and the writings themselves So you are given a good introduction into this subject and as a result your own faith isn t crushed It may beither deepened or be open to scepticism But as the author suggests we need to allow God to lead us in his ways and be involved in our uest for knowledge I picked up this book as I saw that her next book with an The Replacement Wife eually snappy title is due out The Red Haired Archaeologist digs Israel Based on this book I now can t wait Amanda delves deep into the very structure of the Biblexploring how the holy manuscripts were written compiled and translated and teaching us to cherish Damned (Witch Hunt each passage for its uniue literary structure and voice That contribution alone would have beennough because she lays out that complicated history in such an The Bluebird Bet (Welcome to Tall Pines easy to understand format that the reader leavesnlightened rather than overwhelmedBut she goes deeper teaching us how to view science s relationship with the Bible in a healthy manner the passages on creation literally made me tear up how to look at scripture in context rather than cherry picking how to read slowly and carefully and ultimately how to strip Hot-Blooded Italians everything awayverything you have Mlynowski Teen Thriller ever heardverything you are supposed to read into scripture and just listenParticularly helpful I thought was the chapter Reggie entitled Too Many Cookbooks in the Christian Kitchen which talks about the problem not new to our generation of preferring to follow a doctrine or a denomination or legalism or a man which is soasy for us to do isn t it I think a lot of times these problems start as we try to boil our beliefs down into a teachable message to take out into the world But we forget to fluff the stew back up again to learn God in the fullness of His glory Amanda does a wonderful job reminding us of just how important it is to do thatHer tone is conversational and Switchback easy to read I found that the scripture she used asxamples throughout was particularly well chosen You feel like you re in a really fun classroom and she s the teacher at the front with a blackboard breaking it all down into understandable language And finally I will add that what Amanda does is than just teach hermeneutics a word we learn in the last chapter She presents the beautiful awe inspiring picture of God s plan It seeps in when you least Marrying Marcus (Virgin Brides, expect it moving you tomotion and prodding you to *Reflect On What An Awesome * on what an awesome we serveHighly recommended So Well Written I loved this This showed me it s okay not to have all the answers and maintain a uestioning attitude while continuing my learning This is a very relatable book with scripture based Belonging (Temptation, explanations for societal norms today Writer Amanda Hope Haley uses her theological background to weave a humble approach to teaching others how God really sees things we find important in our daily life Her stories andxamples are well developed to help put scripture in a realistic and honest light Thank you Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in xchange for my honest review. Re written transmitted and translatedrecognize the differences between genuine Scripture and popular doctrinesboldly seek God in His own words ask uestions of tradition and find answers in the textsgrow in your understanding of God and appreciation of the Bible’s intimate and complex revelation of His natureIt’s time to abandon the gods of tradition and meet God in His Word. ,

Much of this book isn t a bad She talked about how we got the Bible how different Protestant denominations came about and some of their traditions and gave some Bible background information for the New Testament that was fine She also talked about how we shouldn t add human ideas to the bible t add human ideas to the Bible cherry pick verses to prove our point and we should keep the verse context in mind But then she does xactly that about GenesisShe says that God used the Big Bang and CaddyGirls evolution to create Both are human models that continually change and are guesses about the past by people who weren t there God was there and told us what happened and a closer look shows that the Genesis account and the Big Bang don t mesh She says that because yomday indicates a longer than a 24 hour period in other contexts it can be used that way in Genesis 1 Linguistically not true look up Answers in Genesis online for info So she s adding human ideas to the BibleShe also seems to feel that our interpretation of archaeological finds and ancient texts should shape our understanding of the Bible She accepts that there was a big flood because other cultures have flood stories She doesn t necessary think that the Bible s version is the accurate account She feels that the Bible is meant to teach moral truths and so doesn t need to be historically accurate She accepts the Documentary Hypothesis which I thought was very discredited these days but I guess not She often says the right things but then does the very thing she s teaching against so I can t recommend this book Some uotesLocation 540 541 It truly doesn t matter whether or not yom means twenty four hours in Genesis 1 because creation is no less amazing if it took 138 billion years instead of seven days to get us hereLocation 734 735 Just because a book contains historical truth doesn t mean it is a history book The Bible has many greatxamples of thisLocation 757 758 We have to become okay with saying I don t know why when Scripture conflicts with science and historyI received an Assignment ebook review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley This is one of the BEST most accessible books on biblical interpretation I havever read Amanda Hope Haley provides a very Philosophy of Religion easy to read yet challenging book on understanding the Bible Her background in biblical archaelogy makes her findings veryvidence based but her strong faith in God shines through in No Respect every page I thought she was very thoughtful logical and faithful a rare find in hermeneutics books 5 stars for sure This book came along at a time when the Lord was challenging my Westernized understanding of scripture and beliefs of how the Bible came intoxistence Amanda Hope Haley s Mary Magdalene helped me understand hermeneutics and introduced me to the original context of the Bible in a way that I felt conveyed knowledge without the overtone Of Intellectual Superiority Her intellectual superiority Her way with words drew me along in the story and it was The Spirituality Revolution exactly what I needed to read I highly recommend it to anyone seeking the truth behind the Truth so to speak This is a great book for those interested in digging deeper into Christianity and why we believe some of the things we believe As a person who grew up in a fairly conservativevangelical church and then studied religion from a historical and textual perspective in college and grad school this was a fantastic opportunity to revisit some of the things that once challenged. Truth Legend and the Stories You Thought You Knew   Tradition suggests Mary Magdalene was a prostitute and Jesus was born in a barn But what does the Bible really say Armed with her theology degree archaeological Comptia Cysa+ Cybersecurity Analyst Certification Bundle (Exam Cs0-001) experience and sharp wit Amanda Hope Haley clears up misconceptions of Bible stories andncourages you to dig into Scripture as it is written rather than accept vers. My beliefs but now help inform who I am The author does an xcellent job of presenting the material but is very upfront that she carries a particular bias as a Christian I imagine some of her content may challenge long held beliefs for some but she does so in a respectful and she does so in a respectful and driven way As someone who was forced to confront challenges to my faith during those college and grad school days I in particular can appreciate how those challenges can lead to deeper faith The author uses relatable and modern xamples that will be familiar to today s readers who have a causal interest in the historical bits of religion but also drives at some of the scholarly content that interests those from academic backgrounds I in particular Designing with Web Standards enjoyed the section on the Proverbs 31 woman and some of the satirical content around marriage Haley has a talent for writing in a way thatngages the reader and makes it feel like a conversation You don t feel scolded for believing certain things You aren t told your beliefs are wrong You re simply presented with a fuller picture and left to reach your own conclusions I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the struggle between our modern world full of science technology and cynicism around our faith traditions It will help you see how the two can peacefully coexist And maybe if you re in need it will help restore your faith Look if you re a Christian or you are interested in learning about the Bible stop whatever you are doing and get this bookI really wish we had this as a study companion for all the Bible study sessions we had during confirmation and baptism classes it d make the whole process uite thrillingSo thank you Amanda for researching and writing this book and Harvest House Publishers for having this out I m not keen on spoilers but the aspect of Christ and the Christ still has me shookThanks Netgalley for the Sadies Surrender (Oyster Harbor, eARC now I feel like I mnlightened Mary Magdalene Never Wore Blue Eye Shadow is an interesting and informative book The author Amanda Hope Haley holds a master s degree in Hebrew Scripture and Interpretation from Harvard University Haley does a fantastic job guiding the reader through some of the finer points of biblical study Structure Of The Nucleus encouraging them to consider dating methods archaeology translation and transliteration denominational perspectivestc Her tone seems to be progressive but sympathetic to believers who may be struggling with having a shift in perspective This is not an objective book as Haley makes it clear she is a Christian and believes the Bible to be inspired Nevertheless she presents the information clearly and is undoubtedly knowledgeable about the subject matter Readers who First Anthology enjoy books by Peter Enns and Rachel Held Evans should certainly put this one on their to be read pileI received a copy of this book from the publisher inxchange for my honest review Originally started last year Returned to it with focus and thoroughly njoyed the level of scholarship and faith building insightVery balanced approach to the Christian Faith the origins of the scriptures how to study them why things go wrong and confusion happensHaving studied theology myself I am comfortable with this subject and have always found modern literary criticism liberal and destructive to the point you lose sight of why you started in the first place Mostly this is because those scholars in the main adapt traditional academic practices and Ions altered by centuries of human interpretations   Providing context with native languages historical facts literary genres and relevant anecdotes Haley demonstrates how Scripture when read in its original context is than a collection of fairy tales or a massive rule book It’s God’s revelation of Himself to us   She teaches you tounderstand how the books of the Bible we. .

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Mary Magdalene Never Wore Blue Eye Shadow

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