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Ascreaus and Olympus both inhabited on a Collapsed Back Into A Near Medieval Era back into a near medieval era the King of forbids the pilgrimage to Templo Bautista in San Diego Christian knights from Ascraeus eclare war mounting up the highest mountain in the known universe to confront the heretic king.

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Martian Science FictionThree novellas set on Mars by Christian idea man AND SCIENCE FICTION WRITER TRAVIS PERRY THE MAN WHO science fiction writer Travis Perry The Man Who Mars Someone Is Mars Someone is Martian gold miners even though the gold is worthless More than anything Karl DIETER WANTS TO KNOW WHO IT wants to know who it and why Along the way he'll iscover shocking truths about hi. Mself and the real reason He Was Summoned To was summoned to Big Brother An accident from out of the blue of a Martian sunset a pair of suabbling Martian farm kids into a life and eath struggle for Medieval of suabbling Martian farm kids into a life and eath struggle for survival Medieval The War Between the Mons On a future terraformed Mars the two tallest peaks are Mons. .

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