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Love Rockets

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375 Stars I absolutely LOVED the characters in this one Jake is brilliant and a little geeky I can t be the only person who still a little geeky I can t be the only person who still super smart and adorably nerdy heroes incredibly sexyright yet with a uiet confidence strong sense of self sincere kindness and subtle sexiness and I could go on and on He was the first hero I ve ead about in uite some time who emerged as a guy I d eally love to be with in eal life as opposed to the excessively supposedly alpha heroes who have all merged into one interchangeable and increasingly unappealing snarling blob to me And I loved and elated to Darla so much than I d imagined I would She s described as a sassy feisty waitress but she s also so much incredibly determined esilient witty and clever an amazingly loving mother and emotional and vulnerable than she may appear I loved Darla I loved Jake I loved the elationship between Darla and her daughter Grace I loved most of the author s prose and dialogue and I loved how vividly she depicts the book s small town setting The thing that prevented me from ating this even higher and putting the author on my auto buy list is that the sex scenes are REALLY long detailed and explicit to the point of making me cringe a bit This is just a personal preference thing and eaders who like A LOT of steam will likely love that aspect of the book but for me it started to feel like the book becomes sex than story which is a shame since #It Isn T That #isn t that a book to begin with less than 200 pages I think I d have preferred that some of those pages be used to fully develop the H and h s emotional connection and smoothing out the somewhat uneven plot Overall I d definitely ecommend this one for fans of lovable brilliant heroes and spirited layered heroines Some of the dialogue is highlight worthy and again the elationship between Darla and her daughter and even Jake and Darla s daughter are lovely But if your tastes are similar and her daughter and even Jake and Darla s daughter are lovely But if your tastes are similar mine just be prepared to skim some of the loooong and eally explicit yes explicit even by steamy contemporary standards sex scenes and feel a bit let down that there wasn t ultimately emphasis on fleshing out the story and strengthening the H and h s emotional bond in. Smart is the new sexy   They say if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen but it’s not the sauce at The Pit BB that has Darla Kennet breaking a sweat The sassy single mom has waited tables in Mobile for years to support herself and her daughter Grace and she’s never let anything get .
Stead Review also found at eceived an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley Thank you In eturn I offer my honest opinion This book will be published on November 22ndThis story is part of the Coastal Heat series however can be ead as a stand alone I have ead all of the stories that came before this one however I do not feel it is a euirement The characters in the other books are mentioned and are present but you would not feel like you are missing somethingSo this is a short book so there is not a lot that I can say that isn t covered by the synopsis This story is written for those who like their stories hot and their characters hotter Those who appreciate a good steamy scene or three look no further For those who avoid them you may want to look elsewhereIn all honesty you pretty much know what YOU ARE GOING TO GET WHEN YOU PICK UP are going to get when you pick up story and that is exactly what is delivered It eally doesn t venture far from the standard formula I did like the fact that Jake was geeky hot and not what can be found typically in this sort of story He was smart and a little bit uncoordinated but don t worry ladies when he undressed he was still the drool worthy fantasy that you are looking forThis
"story allowed me "
allowed me sweat through my workout without ealizing I was working out so it was a good distraction Sweet baby Cheeses this book was awesomeI loved Love Rockets When I put my iPad down because I had to go do something I kept thinking about the characters My favourite thing about the book was the motherdaughter elationship between the main character Darla and her smart Pre Teen Daughter Grace Of teen daughter Grace Of Jake was awesome as the hunky nerd but for me it was Darla Darla is at a point in her life where I could so easily elate Her personality her elationship with her daughter and being a bit usty in the love life area were bang on I eally enjoyed eading about her taking a chance I could picture her and the decisions she was making so clearly in mind I adored Love Rockets Another gem from witty wordsmith Maggie WellsThird in the Coastal Heat series Love Rockets follows in the footsteps of the previous installments the title can be ead as a standalone omanc. Er attleduntil now  Somehow handsome aerospace engineer Jake Dalton has gotten under her skin  Although they went to school together Jake doesn’t emember much about Darla Back then the brainiac future ocket scientist always had his head in a book But now that a chance meeting has him helping Gr. ,
E and it stands out among its peers as superbly written Maggie s use of the English language never fails to amaze me While eading I often think Wow I never would have thought to express in that way Rather than watered down prose her vocabulary and syntax challenge eaders giving credit to their intellect andor powers of deductionLike the other titles in the Coastal Heat series Love Rockets features elatable well developed characters and sources of conflict that eaders can identify with family tensions societal hierarchies career demands and last but not least the treacherous dating landscapeA Maggie Wells hero has chinks in his armor a source of vulnerability that makes him human one of my favorite aspects of the author s storytelling Her heroines on the other hand wear pride and independence like a badge and struggle to admit when they need help This dynamic when aired with the author s mastery of the craft never fails to deliver a page turner Finally I found the aspects of Jake s job to be well esearched and I liked that the novel s hetorical devices ie descriptions and comparisons often evolved around the subject of space science The latter adds an extra layer of art to an already well written novel I eally eally wanted to like this a lot than I actually did Romances well written novel I eally eally wanted to like this a lot than I actually did Romances scientists are total catnip for me but this one just didn t work for me The beginning threw me off when single mom Darla finds scientist Jake talking to her young science crazy daughter Grace and immediately accuses him of being a pedophile The scene wasn t funny and left a bad taste for several chapters Other awkward moments included a side character named Christian which prompted pages of bad Fifty Shades of Grey jokes I
"m all for "
all for FSOG joke but not lame ones Darla was eally difficult to warm up to with her pushing away Jake and then finally the big eveal of her easons against telling Jake the name of Grace s father didn t endear her any to me The author did a nice job creating a small town community with a fun cast of characters it was clear that everyone in the town wanted a HEA for Jake and Darla I just didn t feel the same 25 starsNote I eceived an ARC in exchange for a honest eview. Ace apply to space camp he’s been pulled into Darla’s orbit And it isn’t long before Jake and Darla have a heated meeting of their own celestial bodies The trouble is Jake wants Convincingcautious fiercely independent Darla to trust him with her heart just may be his most challenging mission yet.

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