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Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade

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Lord John who emerged from the Outlander series as a separate series "Of Novels Has A "novels has a problems on his plate For one thing he s in love with his new stepbrother For another the bitter feelings surrounding his father s death are still very much alive after a period of several years and his brother Hal won t bear his father s title Then there s the matter of the pages from "his father s missing journal that keep turning up On top "father s missing journal that keep turning up On top which as a professional soldier Lord John generally has a battle to fight somewhere and the next one may cost him his lifeAs always I m impressed with Gabaldon s command of dialog and attention to historical detail As always her plot is intricate and involves a large number of characters I have decided I need to get a better handle on the Outlander world if I m going to keep eading these books and I will I m a sucker for a lively historical novel so I ve downloaded the audiobook of Outlander and intend to work my way through the series in the order they were written Perhaps my poor lame brain can get its head ound all these people if someone is doing the voicesWhat
I Like Most About 
like most about Lord John books is I think the fact that each one is based on a puzzlemystery that gets worked out by the last chapter whereas the Outlander series is very episodic I also enjoy seeing how Lord John negotiates a world in which homosexuality is a crime and a guaranteed oute to social uin if found out And I like this character I always enjoy characters who have a smooth polished facade that hides deep emotions Dorothy L Sayers fans like myself may ecognize Lord John as a gay Lord Peter Wimsey who according to Sayers is an 18th century gentleman at heartVerdict Good If you like intricate plots in a historical setting you ll enjoy I m continuing to enjoy the Lord John spin offs than the actual Outlander books This one contains some of the most powerful scenes I ve ead by Gabaldon Onward to the next one with the flash of a blade The one where Lord John s mother emarries which sets in motion new dangers new evelations about his father s disgrace and death and a elationship with an attractive new stepbrother I like Lord John a great deal but I don t like Lord John books very much Partly this is just a bookreader mismatch I don t enjoy mysteries so I m eading these particular mysteries for the character stuff and the historical milieu stuff which is like someone who doesn t like omance eading omantic suspense books for the plot sure to be a disappointm. The breathtaking new novel from Top Ten Sunday Times bestselling author Diana GabaldonIt's 1758 and Europe is in turmoil the Seven Years War is taking hold and London is ipe with deceit The enigmatic Lord John Grey a nobleman and high anking officer in His Majesty's Army pursues a clandestine love affair and a deadly family secret Grey's father the Duk. .
EntBut part of it is the booksLord John s infatuation with Jamie Fraser is beginning to call
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intensive therapy I t actually believe their confrontation in the stable late in "THE BOOK SEXUAL BOASTING IS WAY "book sexual boasting is way of character for Grey with anyone let alone with Fraser but its inclusion suggests that Fraser unbalances someone s brain either the character s or the author s Aside from the Fraser bits the character stuff in this book is easonably satisfying I liked seeing the development of Grey s elationships with his brother and his mother but the omantic plot and the historical milieu were both unrelentingly bleak and hopeless and depressing Significant parts of the mystery seem like a big mess the involvement of the O Higgins brothers the eally unnecessarily large number of people named Longstreet and people with the initial A Grey asking Fraser to send some letters to help solve the mystery and then uite literally forgetting about them until eminded Gabaldon s sex scenes have improved since Outlander which had one sex scene where I actually could not figure out what was going on She had good sexual tension going here and some nice moments If I d been her beta I would have advised her that when you use the genteel generalities with a few details picked out method one guy musing on the precise shape of the other guy s cock is maybe not the best detail to pick out I had a very strange problem with this book which I can t fully explain or say where it comes from or even what exactly it is I generally ead this book for a lot longer than I should have Let s start with the fact that I generally enjoyed this book I like John mystery is good writing style is excellent When "I started eading it I couldn t tear myself away from it The "started eading it I couldn t tear myself away from it The appeared when I made a break I didn t feel the immediate need to come back to it Sometimes when I ead many pages at once I felt tired of this story And I don t uite understand it because this story ticked off all the boxes for what I feel like now MM omance good crime plotline and historical setting And yet I ead several such books before I finished this one All this means I don t know how to ate this book and what to think about itI wonder what actually didn t work The only thing that comes to my mind is that this story is a bit too serious for me in my current mood Huh that sounds bad somehow And this is not exactly the point I do not know how to describe it eally Part of the point is that this is not a typical MM omance. E of Pardloe shot himself just days before he was to be accused of being a Jacobite traitor Now seventeen years on the family name has been edeemed; but an impending marriage evives the scandal Lord John knows that as Whitehall whispers umours all too often lead their victims to the wails of Newgate prison and to the gallows From barracks and parade In which we know that at the end there will be a happy ending To a degree also that we are not sure even if the mystery solution will be part of some happy ending Or even if it will be solved at all And partly because in this book a lot of things are happening that happen in eal life and are not pleasant And to be totally honest instead of all this I would ather prefer something much simpler lighter and joyful Even if much distant from eal life and its ealities So it s not the book it s me after allI guess that s the point I needed something happier And here although we have very joyful scenes of John who finds a lot of happiness in his elationship with Percy that brought me a lot of satisfaction we have definitely of sad and cruel fate of homosexuals in the mid eighteenth century Of course I am fully aware that this is what their life was at that time But I can t help but feel sorry for John who must always fear betrayal and blackmail Who can not eveal anything to even the closest family Unhappily in love with a man who probably will never eciprocate his feelings Always hidden always afraid that someone will find out It s very sadObjectively I must say that the mystery in this book is not in my opinion as good as in the previous one Although I admit that I don t emember that much from the previous one that I ead many years ago But it seems to me that John previously conducted a much extensive investigation than here Many things happen here by accident Of course the love thread war issues and the social life thread also take up a lot of space But because of this the mystery sometimes goes to the background it is not the center of history I wish it wasThis eview has only slightly helped me sort out my thoughts and feelings for this book I think I m starting to understand what I had a problem with But it doesn t help me at all in ating this book If I only took into account how easy it was for me to ead it I would give it 3 stars But the truth is that if I was in a different mood I would probably give it 4 and I would like it a lot "I fight with my conflicted thoughts For now I will give 4 stars Think about "fight with my conflicted thoughts For now I will give 4 stars Think about I still don t "understand why gabaldon s lord john books are "why Gabaldon s Lord John books are popular than they are Is the gayness of the main character eally such a huge turn off Because I can t find any other eason to dislike these books To me Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade is another great historical novel full of subtle wit and humor details of 18th century London Rounds to the bloody battlefields of Prussia Grey faces danger and forbidden passions in his search for the truth But it is in the stony fells of the Lake District that he finds the man who may hold the key to his uest the enigmatic Jacobite prisoner Jamie Fraser Eighteenth century Europe is brought startlingly to life in this compelling adventure myster. ,