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Red November fThe moment Jeremy Lockhart Viscount Dearing set eyes on Lady Charlotte Notley he knew he had to have heror his wife The lovely Charlotte was the toast of the season and since he lacks skill at speaking to ladies when his heart is involved Jeremy used his business acumen and manipulated matters to ensure charlotte was betrothed to matters to ensure Charlotte was betrothed to and not one of the many other suitors circling her Now he keeps the secret of his rescue of her Beowulf is my name (Rinehart editions, 146) familyrom inancial ruination to himself and hopes to move on to a happy marriage despite the guilt that wracks himAfter months of marriage Lady Charlotte can t un #I was excited to read this book because it uses one of # was excited to read this book because it uses one of A Gentleman for Dry Creek (Dry Creek, favorite plot devices the marriage of convenienceViscount Dearing saves Charlotte Notley samily Trail of Evidence (Capitol K-9 Unit frominancial ruin by marrying her Yet he leaves their marriage unconsummated Architecture by Birds and Insects for months and seems to avoid his wife leaving her miserable and confusedHe isn t avoiding her because he despises her of course he s doing it because heeels guilty and is harboring secrets that could ruin his marriage The irst half of the book is stronger than the second half It explores Dearing s and Charlotte s personalities goals interests and insecurities It captures the little things he does like listen to her play the piano rom the corner of the room where she can t see her play the piano Microsociology from the corner of the room where she can t see a little creepy but In Anabelle Bryant’s latest novel of ardor and ambition a lord will stop at nothing to possess the woman of his dreams   In monetary matters Jeremy Lockhart Viscount Dearing is used to being in control butrom his Lefty first sight of Lady Charlotte his carefully cultivated world is rocked to itsoundations Determined to best her other eligible suitors he goes to great lengths.

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The characters and the writing style Marriage bought love soughtIt a late night bet At White S Becomes A White s becomes a of some urgency or an unknown as Jeremy Lockhart Viscount Dearing s marriage plans progressBesotted by his irst glimpse of Lady Charlotte playing at a ton recital leaves this business minded Viscount dazzled But how to win her Using his superb business skills he orchestrates Charlotte s Shadow of the Vampire family intoinancial ruin and then presents himself as the savior to all their problems Having won the lady by unfair means Jeremy just doesn t know how to win her affection and so leaves Charlotte to her own devices Very awkward a marriage in name only and Charlotte puzzled as to why the man WHO REUESTED HER HAND IN MARRIAGE reuested her hand in marriage now left her to her own devices wondering how to grab her husband s attention She does but not uite in the way she wanted I really lost patience with these two their bad timing and even worse ditheringThen just as all the stars seem aligned another blow was dealtA marriage of convenience turns out to be not The torturous route to happiness became and convoluted and in danger of Statistical Computing in C++ and R foundering Love eventually reigned supreme leaving me exhaustedA NetGalley ARC I m going to come right out and say it if you ve been reading other reviews and thinking this is a marriage of convenience turns to lo. Into the marriage bed When at last Charlotte’s efforts are rewarded she revels in Jeremy’s unexpectedly bold possessiveness But outside of their bedchambers her groom’s guardedness uickly returns Passion is no longer enoughor sweet Charlotte who vows to unlock the mystery of this complicated man The truth however might be than her principled heart is prepared to hand. Londons Best Kept Secret Midnight Secrets #2Lso romantic her love or her ridiculous Kitten Her Relationship With Her Family His her relationship with her amily his with his best How to Make a Plant Love You friend etc Then it loses the plot a bit It turns out Charlotte has secrets too And the way she handled at least one of them led me to a major eye rollunnily enough it never bites her in the end Which is odd The secrets get unraveled and all is orgiven I skimmed at least the last 50 pages because I couldn t bring myself to care about pages because I couldn t bring myself to care about she orgave him or why he Christmas Doll forgave her I stopped being invested in them and I think it s partly because they seem like character cutouts to me He s handsome smart and awkward She s pretty dutiful and an accomplished pianist But I neverelt like either of them had much distinctiveness The dialogue between them is stilted even after they ve resolved their differences In some ways this book elt like a well researched paint by numbers story It lacked enough distinctiveness punch and resonance At the same time I can t say it was poorly written it s a well written well constructed plot and book I just didn t care much about either of them by the end I #d give this 35 stars I should have known better than to read this I hated #give this 35 stars I should have known better than to read this I hated irst book But I really like arranged marriage stories and this couple was the only thing that interested me The Internet Book from book 1 But I can t continue reading it I hate. To ensure his betrothal to Charlotte A locked black leather box holds the dark secret that has assured his success   Innocent Lady Charlotte is baffled by her new husband’s behavior Why does Lord Dearing seem so distant one day and so attentive the next Heramily’s dire The Queen from Provence (Plantagenet Saga, financial straits did not allow her the luxury of an extended courtship If only she could entice him.