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God this could have
"Been SO Good I Wish "
SO good I wish s writing abilities matched his imagination because this would have been an awesome book As it was it was okay There is abilities matched his imagination because this would have been an awesome book As it was it was okay There is beautiful love story in the center of the book but it comes to an extremely trite conclusion Throughout the novel he 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life relies on some extremely hackneyed devices that with just a little effort could have melted away into I am somewhat outraged by this book It is marketed as an inspirational love story and I would like to say that I strongly disagree The premise is that Julia s father has disappeared and she travels to Burma where he is from to solve the mystery of her father s disappearance Let me mention that Julia s parents are still married when he disappears When Julia gets to Burma she meets a man who tells a long and somewhat uneventful story of her father s life before he came to the US He was in love with a woman named Mi Mi who he was wrongly separated from because of a meddlesome uncle It turns out her father has traveled back to Burma to be with Mi Mi After Julia comes to terms with this so calledomantic story she wants to see her father But oh wait it turns out he and Mi Mi are both dead nowBut here is what bothered me what about his family in the US What about his wife who he committed to be with forever Are we supposed to overlook the fact that he did a pretty horrible thing by disappearing on his family who thought he loved them All because he had this love story to move mountains with a woman he knew forty years ago Why couldn t he just tell his family why he needed to travel to Burma and have the decency to come clean UGH I have been a little stingy with awarding 5 stars this year and this book is an example of why I want my full 5 stars to portray to others I Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, read something exuisitely written wholly engaging and so profoundly touching The Art of Hearing Heartbeats was all of those adjectivesand so much Julia is in her late 20 s and living in New York has always had a loving father even if his and her mother s marriage was not perfect and she believes her fast paced life in the field of law is following in his footsteps Then one day her father just leaves not to be heard from for the next four years Julia is at a loss as to what could make him abandon her and she heads to Burma her fathers homeland in search of answers Who was this man she thought she knew Why has he never spoke of the first 20 years of his life in a small Burmese town Why does he have secret love letters to a woman named Mi Mi hidden with his bel. Konsten att höra hjärtslag av Jan Philipp Sendker är en storslagen kärleksroman En modern saga och internationell bästsäljare som nu sålts i närmare en miljon exemplarTin Win är framgångsrik advokat i New York Han kommer ursprungligen från Burma men hans amerikanska familj hustru och två barn vet nästan ingenting om hans upp. Ongings Does he still love herIn Kalaw Julia meets U Ba a man who seems much older than his years He uncannily knows about Julia and proceeds to tell her the unknown beginnings of her father s life His traumatic childhood that had so much heartache hiselationship with Mi Mi that made him finally feel alive and a sense of family duty that led him down a path so different from the one he envisioned It soon becomes clear that perhaps he wasn t abandoning his family in America so much as finally following his heart by coming homeFirst and foremost Sendker is a beautiful writer The words flow effortlessly off the page to paint a picture that you flow effortlessly off the page to paint a picture that you only see but can hear as well Tin Win and Mi Mi have one of the most amazing love stories I have ever heard It was not ushed or selfish and it has no end While fictional with just a touch of magical ealism it embodied everything I associate with true soul mates who are destined to be together And while I fully expected to be a sobbing mess by the end of the book I closed it dry eyed and with a smile on my face U Ba telling the story to Julia esulted in an interesting cultural comparison between the slower family oriented life of the people of Burma and the fast paced career centric life of the typical New Yorker She could not understand why he
"Chose To Live In Burma "
to live in Burma he could not understand why she thought he had a choice Aside from the main story of Tin Win and Mi Mi I thoroughly enjoyed the juxtaposition of the cultures and how it made me truly think about what is important in my lifeI usually like to give a critiue of each book I ead but there was honestly not one thing about this book I would change I can t imagine making it better It may not be the perfect book for everyone but for me Mr Sendker seems to have heard my heart and made me fall in love This book is a perfect example of what I consider book club bait A compelling blurb major publisher s backing glowing eviews elouent prose family drama journey of self discovery troubled self sacrificing protagonist who just wants to do the ight thingBook clubs fall for these things all the time While I d like to think my "BOOK CLUB IS ABOVE THE BAITING "club is above the baiting we e pretty good at weeding them out once in a while a book like this one comes along and catches us off guard for whatever eason and we don t ealize what we d gotten ourselves into until we e half way through the self sacrificing self discovery journeyThat s not to say this book is not good It s well written and the author has a great han. Växt och bakgrundEn dag strax efter att dottern Julia avlagt sin juridikexamen försvinner han utan ett ord Familjen tvingas till slut acceptera att spåren slutar i Bangkok Fyra år senare hittar Julia ett fyrtio år gammalt kärleksbrev som hennes far skrivit till en okänd kvinna i en by i BurmaHos Julia tänds åter hoppet och hon ,
Dle on turning phrases to make them stick with you long after you e done eading It s just not ight for me The story did not and still does not sit ight with me view spoilerSuch an ending such a evelation will never sit ight with me egardless of story or genre hide spoiler The heart of this novel is set in Burma pre WWII The author Sendker was correspondent in America and Asia for Stern the weekly German news magazine for some years This is his first novel Sendker was successful and very clever in his choice of subject In making the setting a mountain province of Burma a country not much opened to the outside and stuck in a pre WWII lifestyle things had not changed significantly since the 1950s and if they had very few English speaking eyewitnesses would be able to efute it In addition Sendker gave his main character a disability blindness which gave Sendker the latitude to describe through the voice of another person what the main character was meant to be seeing Not only does this help us but it helps the author in that eaders are a little like blind men the author must describe everyday things giving focus to sounds smells colors If the eader has any experience in a Southeast Asian country the descriptions trigger unforgettable memoriesBut Sendker did than just excel in describing what any eader could see He delved into the psyche of the Burmese and showed us folk tales beliefs habits and ways of living A novel is always suspect in what it eveals but in this case we can understand as outsiders understand a way into a South Asia culture that is so emote and so different from modern day Western culture All this and I haven t mentioned the novel is a love story But not an ordinary love story it tells of a love that any of us would be happy to call our own Some eviewers may call this a fairy tale but I would merely say it was an especially daring and insightful attempt to create a plausible story that works on many levels And so it doesSpecial kudos go to Other Press for epublishing this story at this time of the opening of Myanmar to the outside world 2012 originally published 2002 and to Blackstone Audio for making a very good audio version of the title with American accented Cassandra Campbell I have to admit the Americans in the novel were so much less spiritual likeable and accepting than the Americans in the novel were so much less spiritual likeable and accepting than the that one can see the stark contrast in our approaches to the world Let s hope these differences do not keep us apart We d all do better if we had just a little influence on one another. Estämmer sig för att söka upp kvinnan i brevet När Julia kommer till den lilla byn bland bergen hamnar hon i en främmande värld I byns tehus lär hon känna en man som berättar en märklig historia om den blinde pojken och flickan med de missbildade fötterna om det som står skrivet i stjärnorna och om kärlek som övervinner al.