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Madame Timide dD feeling I can try to make you understand certain concepts found in the book but I will fall short on the sensory part Murakami s strength is the feeling he wraps around his teachings He s a surrealist painter a musician an oddity that weaves consciousness with pop culture and makes it work People say his works are easily accessible yet elegantly complex I whole heartedly agree His style is so rich and resonant that it canabble into lunacy without any sort of urgency He isn t regulated in any way a writer free from normative paradigms and moral constraints He s pretty strange but trust me it s awesome the way he writes Okay I m gonna stop myself here All I m going to say is try it experience it See for yourself This novel is shared between two people s inter connected tales of self Girl, Woman, Other discovery Aamaged fifteen year old named Kafka an illiterate and magical old man named Nakata one fleeing from something the other searching one looking forward the other looking back one with a bright future ahead of him the other with a A South African Night dark past Two veryifferent people yet their fates are intertwined by something so inconspicuous As I said Murakami hurls many Bismillah Soup different things at you at break neck speed He can talk about fate one minute thenrop it and talk about imperfection the next It s kind of messy at times but the cumulative effect is still pretty solid It s like he s packing everything in a mumble jumble of thoughts that confusion is a constant But when you sift through his words you find that your confusion is of feeling than an actual state of mind You understand him perfectly but you can t put into words the emotion inside you Stunning is I think the closest word possible to पिंजर describing it For me though the thing that stood out the most was his ode to time Most things are forgotten over time Even the war itself the life andeath struggle people went through is now like something from the Venous Catheters distant past We re so caught up in our everyday lives that events of the past are no longer in orbit around our minds There are just too many things we have to think about everyay too many new things we have to learn But still no matter how much time passes no matter what takes place in the interim there are some things we can never assign to oblivion memories we can never rub away They remain with us forever like a touchstone Time is an important concept It is correlated to love and memory two other topics that are central in Murakami s points You see some people when they find love and are at their happiest they want to freeze time and live in that moment forever But what they have to know is that a moment alone will lose all meaning The present is useless without both the past and future You cannot appreciate something without knowing how you got there nor understanding that something will come out of it The past gives a history the future a possibility Time is thing of beauty Life without it is like air you exist but you are stagnant and boring With it it is like the wind moving The Marines E-Mail Order Bride (The Heroes of Chance Creek, dancing flowing into the unknown But not only that time makes love possible because love takes time Lost opportunities lost possibilities feelings we can never get back That s part of what it means to be alive But inside our heads at least that s where I imagine it there s a little room where we store those memories A room like the stacks in this library And to understand the workings of our own heart we have to keep on making new reference cards We have toust things off every once in a while let in fresh air change the water in the flower vases In other words you ll live forever in your own private library Aside from love time also makes one important thing possible Memories If you remember me then I Android Studio Application Development don t care if everyone else forgets It allows us to store things inside our minds so that we can cherish them as long as we can It permits us to remember those that have been those that build up who we are Because each person is shaped by the cumulative memories that he or she makes Whether they may be happy or painful or boring they mold us into who we are Identity is slowly transformed over time with our memories playing a vital role Sometimes fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changingirections You change Å Skrive Jus til Eksamen direction but the sandstorm chases you You turn again but the storm adjusts Over and over you play this out like some ominousance with New Frontiers in Crustacean Biology death just beforeawn Why Because this storm isn t something that blew in from far away something that has nothing to o with you This storm is you Something inside of you So all you can o is give in to it step right inside the storm closing your eyes and plugging up your ears so the sand oesn t "Get In And Walk Through "in and walk through step by step There s no sun there no moon no irection no sense of time Just fine white sand swirling up into the sky like pulverized bones That s the kind of sandstorm you need to imagineAnd you really will have to make it through that violent metaphysical symbolic storm No matter how metaphysical or symbolic it might be make no mistake about it it will cut through flesh like a thousand razor blades People will bleed there and you will bleed too Hot red blood You ll catch that blood in your hands your own blood and the blood of othersAnd once the storm is over you won t remember how you made it through how you managed to survive You won t even be sure in fact whether the storm is really over But one thing is certain When you come out of the storm you won t be the same person who walked in That s what this storm s all about Our identity no matter how much time and memories change it some part of it will stay the same There are things that are unchangeable things that will make you look into the past and see the same thing now But there are things that we purposely hold on to that hurt us things that we hide in us and contain through time Things that we can let go of but we on t even if it is painful A time will come when you will have to let go In everybody s life there s a point of time will come when you will have to let go In everybody s life there s a point of return And in a very few cases a point where you can t go forward any And when we reach that point all we can o is uietly accept the fact That s how we survive As long as there s such a thing as time everybody s amaged in the end changed into something else But if that happens you ve got a place you can retrace your steps to Retrace your steps to A place that s worth coming back to As I finish this review I m very excited Yes I know that I ve got my memories to look back to but what I m excited about are those memories that haven t been made yet The future is ahead of me I ve got time on my hands The possibilities are endless There are two reasons as to why I chose Kafka on the shore as my first Murakami s novel1The name Kafka in the title unconven Surreal Poignant Magical Weird And a classic Murakami from beginning to endThis was my third book by Mr Murakami 184 I enjoyed but I on t think I will be recommending it to anyone Then came Norwegian Woods which I loved and have recommended to many friends But Kafka on the Shore held a special place in the hearts of my friends who have read Murakami This seems to be their favourite So I went into this with high expectations and Mr Murakami Do Penguins Have Knees? did notisappoint Story starts with the The Outcast divulgence of a high profile investigation that happened in second WW Fast forward fiveecades and we are introduced to Kafka Tamura a 15 year old who runs away from his family to find the truth about himself Few chapters after we met our second main character Nakata a simpleton who talks to cats After his retirement Nakata survives by finding lost cats for people because of his special abilities Even though they are miles apart from each other and yet their story so intricately woven that it is hard to comprehend where one "starts and the other ends For me this was the weirdest magical realm that I have ever "and the other ends For me this was the weirdest magical realm that I have ever Fishes falling from the sky talking to cats is there a word for being able to talk to cats a man obsessed with the idea of creating a flute with the souls of cats a man killing another man while the killer got away spotless it was someone else woke up with a bloodied shirt miles away I am sure any other time I would have DNFed something this weird but Mr Murakami put a spell on me and I kept turning pages The Katerina desire to know about Kafka and Nakata and how their story entwines was too much Just like 184 and Norwegian Woods Murakami tells us a lot about music and books through his characters Whenever I read him I end up searching authors and musicians I love how he uses these two in his storiesSo much happened in this book yet I will remember this book for its serenity andreamlike story Though he The Sisters Brothers didn t give us a conclusion here but I think this is the best way to end it Ion t think a perfect ending is possible for this story There will always be hows and buts so it s better to let reader to create their own conclusion for this oneA challenging but also an amazing read. Zen sprechen kann und gleitet ab in eine fremde seltsame Welt Was ist Traum was ist Wirklichkeit Wo endet iese Reise voller rätselhafter Begegnungen und labyrinthischer Weg. ,

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海辺のカフカ Umibe no KafukaSecond read thoughts I thought I get a better understanding for this story the second time around but I m still lost in a world full of uestions I know that s partly the author s intent though I feel like I m going What I think is this You should give up looking for lost cats and start searching for the other half of your shadow Haruki Murakami Kafka on the ShoreThere are few writers very few writers whose worlds I love to inhabit Woolf is one of them so too is Joyce Chekhov another as are Dickens Twain Proust and Tolstoy I can now add to that list Haruki Murakami As I ve stated before I was late to the the Murakami banuet but once I arrived I was treated to a maganificent feast and now I have been treated to the main course KAFKA ON THE SHORE Kafka is one of the most elicious meals I have ever been served If I could I would give this magnificent book six starsKAFKA ON THE SHORE is nearly perfectKAFKA ON THE SHORE is a beautifully told story about needing to let go and step out of your own reality in order to find out that life is meant to be lived Leading us on the journey of self Digger the Dinosaur discovery is fifteen year old Kafka Tamura We join Kafka on his journey from runaway to enlightened being Our other guide is Mr Nakata who lives half in this world and half in a world not of his choosing At the same time we meet a whole lot of other people who lack self awareness living on the fringe of society and what a colorful cast of characters it is There is Oshima who lives on the edge of genders We meet Hoshino whose eyes are opened to what he can be thru his interactions with Mr Nakata and who escapes hisead end reality and grows into a new one And lastly Miss Saeki who has chosen to live in the past than the presentKAFKA ON THE SHORE is a profoundly spiritual exploration of life who we love and the choices we make in life Murakami introduces us to Zen and Buddhist philosophies with a little Hinduism thrown in for good measure KAFKA ON THE SHORE would make a terrific companion piece to Thomas Merton s Zen and the Birds of Appetite and The Wisdom of the DesertThere is much to love in KAFKA ON THE SHORE Like most brilliant pieces of literature it was ifficult to leave the world Murakami created KAFKA ON THE SHORE will resonate with me for years to come Rarely has a book satisfied me on so many levels When I awoke I realized I had slept through the night But had it been a ream or not It was impossible to tell I got up took a shower brushed my teeth and shaved paying special attention to my neck When my face was again smooth and slightly pink from the razor I went into the kitchen for breakfastI washed Die Sommer der Porters down an English muffin and jelly with two cups of strong black coffee no sugar added and walked out onto the balcony The sun was still creeping higher in the sky struggling to break through a heavy bank of clouds It looks like a rather gloomyay I said to no one in particularI Mercury Retrograde (Dark Alchemy, don t know about that a voice said to my leftI turned to see a small gray tabby cat lounging on the next balcony over Even without a sunbeam to sleep in he seemed to already be enjoying what promised to be another gray humidayOh hello I said slightly surprised I had never seen this cat before I thought I knew all of the cats around here Where The Cattle Baron did you come fromWho can say replied the cat I go where I want to when I want to Ion t like to think about such things It s how I prefer to live my lifeI see I replied Well what is your name It is easier for me to speak to you if I know your nameI Desire Me More (Desire Me, don t have a name the cat said Why should I Ion t need oneWell if you on t mind I will call you Princess Sparkles I saidIf that makes things easier for you though I am a boy the cat said yawning lazily You seem altogether too concerned with formalities for such an early morning Why so seriousI studied Princess Sparkles with interest He was a very astute judge of character Or at least moodYou re right I said I have been thinking of a strange ream I had last night and I am not sure I understand what it was all about Would you like to hear about itIf you like Princess Sparkles said We cats aren t much for What Happens to Our Trash? dreams Our lives are so very interesting that weon t have much use for letting our imaginations wander The Pursuit of Mary Bennet during sleepWell it was very strange I said And itid involve cats In the first part of the Scandals and Secrets (Hearts Of Fire, dream I was a teenage boy recently run away from homeue to a possibly abusive father After traveling solo for several ays I came across a uaint little library operated by an odd man and a woman who seemed very familiar She reminded me of my mother but then again maybe she idn t I was never uite sure on that scoreI my mother but then again maybe she I, Partridge didn t I was never uite sure on that scoreI knew my mother interjected Princess Sparkles stretching out a paw to bat at a passing antThe odd man liked to talk about philosophy a lot and music and pencils but a lot of that went over my head When things got really obtuse was when he took me to an isolated cabin in the woods where I started having vivid sexualreams and visions of another worldSounds fascinating said the cat eying a small suirrel crossing the telephone wire I haven t had much use for sex either but not having balls might have something to Shadow of the Templar do with thatAs if to illustrate his point Princess Sparkles uickly shifted position stretching a leg over his head and began to lick his crotch Go on he said looking up at me I m still listeningWell I continued in the other part of myream I was this old man who was a bit slow witted I could still talk to cats but I couldn t read I was actually looking for a lost cat when I met an evil man who liked to kill cats uite brutally cutting them open while they were still alive It was uite horrificWe Unforgiven (Warriors for the Light do have our enemies Princess Sparkles said again looking up from his washing Some people find us threatening I suppose it is because weon t let them boss us around like mere Buried Sins (The Three Sisters Inn, dogsSo anyway I killed this evil man who was a product mascot even though Iidn t recognize him not being a whiskey Six Days in Leningrad drinker and then passed out but when I woke up there was no blood I tried to tell the police but they wouldn t listen to me But then I felt compelled to leave town and hitched a ride with a truckriver who took me a couple towns over We The Darkness didn to too much along the way but I knew I had to keep looking for something The guy was really uite nice and interesting Eventually we found that same library and I talked with the woman and man but the boy wasn t there I wasn t sure if that was because he was another version of me or maybe because he was at the cabin It was all very confusing Like having nine lives I betPrincess Sparkles eyed me angrily That is a myth he said When I Flyboy die I am just asead as you People just say cats have nine lives to justify their ill treatment of usThat s probably "true I told him Lots of people on t like to think about the pain and suffering of others "I told him Lots of people on t like to think about the pain and suffering of others animals Continuing my Wolf Creek Homecoming (Wolf Creek dream my truckriving friend found what we were looking for which was this big rock but I Black Beech and Honeydew: An Autobiography didn t really understand that part The man from Kentucky Fried Chicken helped him Colonel Sanders was also a pimp and set the truckriver up with a beautiful college student who uoted Hegel Come to think of it there were other sex parts in the At the Italians Command dream that I forgot to mention uite a few actuallyI continued my story gazing out again at the overcast skyThe truckriver had to turn over the rock which I think was the Oh Baby! door to the underworld or limbo Meanwhile as the boy I visited the underworld and met the ghost of the lady who worked at the library even though she was still alive previously or maybe not because she was old and young at the same time I left the strange place and in the other part of theream the truck Her Rancher Hero (Saddlers Prairie, driver turned over the rock again There was a bunch of stuff about a painting a UFO song lyrics jazz time travel a slug monster wareath and memory too but those parts are slipping away even nowI took a The Maid of Lorne deep breath Suddenly I felt exhausted than I ever had in my entire life Whato you think it means I asked turning to the catPrincess Sparkles had fallen asleep It s not something you can get across in words The real response is something words can t express There you go Sada replies Exactly If you can t get it across in words then it s better not to try Even to yourself I ask Yeah even to yourself Sada says Better not to try to explain it even to yourself Facebook 30 Day Book Challenge Day 28 Last book you read Few books have infected me with boredom induced ADD the esire to gnaw my own foot off at the ankle and the state of mind you might experience if forced to sit upon a nest of hornets while watching your home being burglarized but this was one of them It took me until page 70 to stop wanting to hop up and rearrange the spice cupboard or my sock rawer every few sentences but then the feeling returned at page 243 Only 224 pages to go From then on my hatred and resentment of this book progressively grew like a How to Become a Virgin dead cow bloating in the heat Kafka on the Shore. Der 15 jährige Kafka Tamura reißt von zu Hause aus und flüchtet vor einerüsteren Prophezeiung seines Vaters auf ie Insel Shikoku Seine abenteuerliche Reise führt ihn. ,
Is a mess It is such a mess that it makes my six year old son s post playdate bedroom look like Buckingham Palace Loosely based on the Oedipus myth and taking some obvious inspiration from Catcher in the Rye this book seems to be little than a random hodgepodge of ideas held together with pipe cleaners and raspberry jam There was so much to hate about this book Here are just a few things1 Boring unnecessary escriptions that The Bosss Baby Surprise do nothing to further the story of what people are wearing what Kafka likes too uring his workout what he ecides to eat what he is listening to on his Walkman and so on I wouldn t have been surprised to read a monologue from Kafka along the lines of When I wipe my arse I like to use just four suares of toilet paper no no less I count them out one two three four Then I fold the length over once and again Euipped now with the perfect handheld uilt I wipe in a single expert sweeping motion front to back Examine the paper to Command Performance determine whether I need to repeat the process However I would add that this is only if the paper is two ply For one ply paper I need a minimum of eight sheets but only if they are of high uality If not of high uality the boy Crow reminds me Remember you ve got to be the toughest 15 year old on the planet 2 The gratuitous cat torture scene Johnnie Walker him off the whiskey bottle has to cut the hearts out of living cats and eat them so that he can collect cat souls to make a special kind of flute There is no freakin point to this scene whatsoever we never hear about Johnnie or his cat flute again3 The annoying way characters Oshima in particulareliver sermons about philosophy art literature and classical music It took me right out of the story tangled mess though it was and smacked of Look at me aren t I clever 4 The screechy prea I feel compelled to say something about this right now simply for the fact that I have seen a lot of Murakami bickering on goodreads over the years and it has Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler, done nothing but increase in freuency in the moments leading up touring and beyond the release of his mammoth novel 184 meaning the last couple o months I guess I just feel a need to state my case for the man since he seems severely The Perfect Blend divisive in this striking way Sure I could certainly compose a lengthy list of love or hate writers I ve witnessed throughout my stint on this website but Murakami is one of theudes who seems to catch oddly eual amount of rapturous praise and sneering vitriol When one considers reading his work and attempts to ecide whether or not to invest the time based solely on the thoughts others have shared here on this website it must make the head o some Exorcist spins It has been nearly a ecade since I first jumped into Murakami s world and the majority of my readings of his works were conducted in the rapid fire process which ensued almost immediately after my cherry popper The Wind Up Bird Chronicle Having always been a classics sorta girl occasionally ipping into beat and Rayuan Sang Bos [Seduced By the Boss] dystopian works it was a strange experience to approach something so far removed from what I was accustomed to appreciating I loved it thoughpassionately loved it at the time and stuck with him over the years as a consistent replacement for thereams that I Bachelor to the Rescue (Home to Dover, do not ever remember having Like ever I find myself increasinglyisappointed by the Murakami I read though and I m not sure if that is a matter of growing out of him or simply reading his best works first and his lesser works afterHowever this is a great book As I recall I will continue to note it as a favorite if only for the fact that at the time I felt something stirring in my subconscious which had previously been silently stewing He manages to orchestrate a veritable ance of imagery with his bizarro story lines and he is pretty insightful on the subject of ark emotional landscapes in his stilted very Japanese way This is a great book I want people to love him and his novels as much as I Whispers Of The Heart do In fact I want to still love his novels as much as I remember that Iid when first exposed to them I The Dukes Gamble did read one of his short stories much recently though Tony Takitani and Iefinitely found it to be a haunting and ethereal seance of Unmasking the Marquess (Hold Your Breath, death fears lost loves and regret which reminded me of all those big intangible emotions type o thangs that made me love his work way back when I was arunken reckless irresponsible art school kid who had barely just evacuated her mother s birth canal and spent most of her time poor painfully morosely hungover clutching a cigarette in her fixer stinking hand while muttering various cynicisms to herself and perpetually wondering what the fuck she was oing about anything and everything Alright almost everything I just said still applies but at least I acknowledge it now Basically I should "Reread His Works And Reconsider My Perspective "his works and reconsider my perspective oubt I will ever Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition do that though I m sorta fond of my fond memories of fondness All the same if you read this or similar novels by him and think they suckon t give me grief about it I remember him in that way in which you recollect a lover who may have been a horrible match but treated you well enough to warrant an occasional what if type of idealized bullshit reminiscence I m glad I read him when I Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward (Hh did but I must confess that as soon as I held a hard copy of 184 in my hands made note of the necessary time commitment and considered the number of books of eual length that Iesperately want to read I just knew that Murakami and I were basically through I will still go in for the occasional uickie but I just Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward don t think I m ready to settleown with him and get serious again That was then and this is now Know what I m sayin He s still a wonderful storyteller though I hope that if you two have yet to meet it s under the right circumstances when you o He s a lovely fella Definitely a page turner Once you start you just keep on reading Well why o we stop reading a book I think we can group the reasons into three 1 Natural work eat toilet eyes are tired other How to Disappear distractions etc 2 Boredom the book or its part is boring and 3 Need to Digest sometimes I read a phrase or an idea and it is either hard to understand so I read several times or too beautiful that I want it to sink in and I want to remember it foreverFor my first Haruki Murakami book Kafka on the Shore I could not put itown because there is never a boring part especially the first third and on a lesser Act Like You Know degree the second third I was expecting the last third to be the part where he should give the conclusion tie up the many loose ends All the while that was the part where I though I should see his utter brilliance Heid not He chose to let all ends hang looseSo when I closed the book I was groaning in front of my aughter What That s it Ganun na lang ba So I said hmmm 3 stars Then I remembered what Doris Lessing wrote in her introduction to THE GOLDEN NOTEBOOK THAT IF A NOVEL IS NOT Golden Notebook that if a novel is not for interpretation it is a boring novel What makes a story interesting is if it open for interpretation and the interpretations the betterI am giving this a 5 star But this book is not for everyone If you are the type who asks uestions like so what happened to this character why was he like that where id he come from how Agewise did this happen what is the connection of this and that Thenon t ever lay your hand on this Murakami masterpiece Stick with your John Grisham or Dean Koontz thrillers where everything is explained thoroughly to please your rationale mind Most readers are like you anyway That s why those books sell and they are always there occupying shelves and shelves of your nearby second hand bookstoreMurakami just like other literary masters oes not write to please He seems not care about public reading preference but he puts in brilliance in his work and it is up to the readers to appreciate his talent Sometimes fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing irections You change A Village with My Name: A Family History of China's Opening to the World direction but the sandstorm chases you You turn again but the storm adjusts Over and over you play this out like some ominousance with Anthropology as Cultural Critique death just beforeawn Why Because this storm isn t something that blew in from far away something that has nothing Kafka on the Shore is a metaphor It follows no rules it Anyone doesn t adhere to reason and applicability is not an issue It fills you up it tears youown A fugue of emotions are present you can t seem to figure out which of the many ifferent realizations flooding you is most important Waves roll up again and again on the beach "Of Your Consciousness And At First You Resist But After "your consciousness and at first you resist but after while you understand that your struggle is pointless so you give in You read you feel you try to understand you try to make sense And you know what You love it I on t think I can adeuately get the gist of a Murakami experience on a goodreads review It s something else something you have to experience for yourself I will try but I know I shall fail You have to realize that reading Murakami reuires a unity of perception an. In eine fremde Stadt wo er Boggs der faszinierenden Bibliotheksleiterin Saeki begegnet und ihr verfällt Er machtie Bekanntschaft mit einem geheimnisvollen alten Mann Battleground Chicago der mit Kat.