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Christmas themed and I was looking for a little cozy suspensemystery without any murder involved "Didn T Seem Right To " t seem right to that at Christmas and this book pretty much hit the mark There s nothing outstanding about this story but it served my purpose and I may even go to the beginning of this series and give Barritt s work a little of an opportunity to hook me since this book is only a novella whereas most of the others in the series are full novels Every believer has oubts sometimes That s what makes faith faith when you can overcome those oubts and #still believe A vandalism a ay keeps the Christmas cheer away God #believe A vandalism a At the Italians Command day keeps the Christmas cheer away God man because he loved us God s Sonied because he loved us No matter what senseless violence OCCURS OR THE HEARTBREAKS OR THE PAIN JESUS IS or the heartbreaks or the pain Jesus is one person who will never let us Oh Baby! down 45 Stars Out Of 5I m a big fan of Christy Barritt and her uick mysteries that usually have some great faith components throughout I read the first Sueaky Clean book like a year ago and thought it was pretty good though I thought some of her other series were better at the time But now getting back into it I am realizing there is a lot of great humor that some of the later Worst Detective Books are now missing It was also a good mystery even though Iid guess the villain It also Her Rancher Hero (Saddlers Prairie, didn t have as much of the nauseating romance some of her other books had I liked how it was a Christmas book so it was perfect for the season And this one wasefinitely a Christian book I The Maid of Lorne did skip book two to read this one book 25 so willefinitely have to read book 2 in January For reviews please check out my blog. Hs to ampen the joy and hope of Christ’s birthday Someone’s etermined to How to Become a Virgin destroy Christmas but Gabby St Claire is just asetermined to find the Grinch and let peace on earth and goodwill to men prevai. It Came Upon a Midnight Crime (Squeaky Clean, #2.5)Another awesome bookI really like Christy barritt She s funny in these sueaky clean mysteries i funny in these sueaky clean Mysteries I read all of her Lantern Beach books These books are so good along with all the others I ve read of hers I would recommend her books to everyone In this Sueaky Clean mystery someone is trying to Dangerous Disguise (Cavanaugh Justice, destroy Christmas Someone isressing up like Santa and The Bosss Baby Surprise destroying Christmas scenes Gabby has a new partner Chad who was once a mortician and he tells her the body parts are from an embalmed person Who is trying toestroy Christmas Gabby has several leads I was shocked at who the person was in the end I id not see that coming Gabby St Claire is "On The Tail Of A Real Life " the tail of a real life Grinch Someone is intent on sabotaging all signs of Christmas in her town and that oesn t sit well with Gabby or her new found friends at church When random body parts start showing up at the scenes of holiday vandalism the urgency to find the grinch increasesIt Came Upon a Midnight Crime is a novella installment to the Sueaky Clean series meant to fall between the already published second and third installments There s plenty of appearances from the regular characters in the series especially from Pastor Shaggy and Riley I honestly Command Performance didn t care at all for this novella until I finished reading it because it starts off with Gabby being incredibly hostile towards Riley without any real explanation Even though I had read the entire series and knew why it was still an awkward start to the story and got even odd when her hostility suddenly vanishes as uickly as it appeared Gabby s yo yo ing feelings towards Riley were just too ASIN B00A977EE4 moved to the most recent edition hereSomeone is intent onestroying the true meaning of Christmas at least estroying anything that hints of it All around crime scene cleaner Gabby St Claire.

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Xtreme for a novella to handle especially if you haven t read the prior books However the plot as a whole was amazing Christy Barritt id a great job at ropping hints inconspicuously and blatantly I had a little bit of a feeling as to who the grinch was from the very beginning but I still felt surprised at the end when my gut feeling was confirmed Definitely a great read if you re reading through the series in order but not so much as a stand alone novella because of the unexplained backgrounds of the characters in my personal opinion Gabby can t let anyone ruin Christmas no matter how much trouble she might get into A bit of fun investigating mixed with the seriousness of into A bit of fun investigating mixed with the seriousness of crime makes a book I couldn t put own A great holiday read or a great read anytime really Highly recommend A good uick read Gabby has to try her best to see who is intent on sabotaging Christmas scenes She uses her skills to try to find out who it is and why they are oing it I love seeing how Gabby figures things out and look forward to from her What an outstanding little mystery Christy Barritt is one of the best authors Fun clean story Not a super eep read but it was a nice Christmas novella I liked the characters and even though I haven t read the other books in the series I Wanted (Sealed with a Kiss didn t have anyifficulty reading the book Poor GabbyAgain Gabby gets into hot water or should I say onto Santa s naughty list for her persisting finding the Scrooge who s trying to ruin Christmas and Rayuan Sang Bos [Seduced By the Boss] doesn t care if he takes folks with him Another excellent read This was my first foray into Barritt s writing I wanted to read something. ’s hometown anything pointing to Jesus as the “reason for the season” is being sabotaged The crimes become twisted asismembered body parts are found at the vandalisms Who would go to such great lengt.