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Intimacy Trusting Oneself and the OtherI realized that I have the ability to achieve a lot of self Control And Self Actualizationwithout The Help Of and self actualizationwithout the help of Well I am not much moved here This was a decent read not much adjective not much noun Spoken mainly in verb Certain oints of Osho make absolute sense they are truly words of a sage But certain other sections specially talks on the structure of society and daily movement of an insipid life didn t cut deeply into me However the central theme is recurrent And that is you have to drop your Fear Your Inhibitions Your your inhibitions your to love someone deeply so deeply that the lover and the beloved are not two separate entities they become one single unit of breathing Personally I don t know whether that is ossible or not and I don t know since I don Hit and run relationships have become common in our society as it has grown rootless less tied to traditional family structures and accepting of casual sex But at the same time there arises an undercurrent of feeling that something is missing a uality of intimacyThis uality has very little to do with the Genesis physical though sex is certainly oneossible door Far important is a willingness to expose our deepest feelings and vulnerabilities with the trust that the other erson will treat them with care Ulti. Follow or never followed Osho s theories Probably I should try The other theme is that you just have to go on and enjoy your life and always always be true to yourself because you know yourself better than anybody This book mainly speaks about You the inner you in everybody and then teaches how to intersperse that you with others All in all as a stepping stone into hilosophy and mysticism I will read some Osho again Would be a nice advice if we lived in ideal world where my children would get zero chance of falling under bad INFLUENCE OF TV FRIENDS RAISED UP of TV friends raised up video games etc Osho is just one of those sellers who is selling his vision which can be wrong or right This book shows how the real intimacy should beintimacy can be shown by removing the. Mately the willingness to take the risk of intimacy has to be grounded in an inner strength that knows that even if the other remains closed even if that trust is betrayed we will not suffer any ermanent damageIn this gentle and compassionate guide Osho takes his readers step by step through what makes eople afraid of intimacy how to encounter those fears and go beyond them and what they can do to nourish themselves and their relationships those fears and go beyond them and what they can do to nourish themselves and their relationships support openness and trustOSHO challenges readers to exam. ,

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Mask ieour body language shows our character in some other form but if we go insight within our self we can recognize in some other form but if we go insight within our self we can recognize real face what we really think inside and show our false face to the outer world The real intimacy comes by removing the mask and showing our real face to everyoneremoving the boundary level between the group or Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work personsReally everyone should read this booknice uotes and sayings are there in this book 6 StarsWow I could not haveicked up this book at a appropriate time in my life Typical Osho he has such a magnificent way of Mother India putting seemingly confusing ideas into such beautiful wordsSomeone who has had the opportunity to enter the deeper states of love will deeply appreciate and resonate with his words as they are transcribed here. Ine and break free of the conditioned belief systems andrejudices that limit their capacity to life in all its richness He has been described by the Sunday Times Of London As One London as one the 1000 Makers of the 20th Century and by Sunday Mid Day India as one of the ten The Late Romances people along with Gandhi Nehru and Buddha who have changed the destiny of India More than a decade after his death in 1990 the influence of his teachings continues to expand reaching seekers of all ages in virtually every country of the wor.

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