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I thought that Jay s sections would be uicker TO READ THROUGH SIMPLY BECAUSE I VE ALREADY READ read through simply because I ve already read Name Wrong They re harder because so much was clearly changed about Jay s backstory when West was writing the House Wars series I find that because of this and because of the characters themselves I m njoying Stephan s parts the bestAlso although most of the changes in House Name involving Jewel make sense because of the new in depth and changed backstory some smaller seemingly Random Parts Were Changed parts were changed well These parts stick out because there are whole sections that were clearly just copied and pasted into House Name I m not mad or upset about the copying from the older book They re not large sections and the books were published almost two. Now at the risk of breaking their Oath Hunter Gilliam and his huntbrother Stephen must journey ,

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E story hid details that were intended to be revealed later for that aha moment It had the unfortunate side ffect of confusing me for an awful lot later for that aha moment It had the unfortunate side ffect of confusing me for an awful lot the storySo I liked Jewel The Terafin the mage Stephen the seer and the wild girl Their stories were all over the place but the characters helped me get through itIf you re a Michelle SagaraWest fan go for it and pick this one helped me get itIf you re a Michelle SagaraWest fan go for it and pick this one Otherwise I m not sure I d recommend it 255 stars I tried to get into the book but I really just skimmed and DNF d about 35% of the way in The writing isn t bad but I just don t care all that much about the characters or world Too much bigotry as well I will still attempt to read the following series because I do want to I just hope that it s not as dragging as this one. Reign over the mortal lands This novel continues the brilliant fantasy saga begun in Hunter's Oa. Hunter's Death The Sacred Hunt Book 2Decades apartAll in all maybe you shouldn t read House Name and the Sacred Hunt duology within a month of Notes for the Everlost each other because the changes can be a bit jarring Stopped at page 237 in August 2015 It isn t a terrible book but there a bunch of other books I want to read and I m notnjoying this one I hate leaving books unfinished but I m trying to read books I like so 200 out of 670 pages in 2 3 months means I don t want to read this book any Hunter s Death had some likable characters but there were too many that the author tried to get me to bond with It almost feels like there were 3 OR 4 STORIES HERE THAT SHE 4 stories here that she to wrap into one I think I would have preferred this to be broken into some smaller storiesAnother issue I had was the way that th. O the ancient city once ruled by the Lord of Hell himself a being who again seeks to impose his.

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