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His Instant Heir Baby Business #1

Katherine Garbera ☆ 6 free ead

To like about Dec and that she was coming to care for him She also saw how much he loved DJ and him She also saw how much he loved DJ and he wanted to be a better father than his own had been She also thought that she was making a good case for keeping her company intact as she worked with her people to make the transition smooth She was floored by his actions at the end of the six weeks and convinced that they had no chance of a future together I eally liked her strength and how she worked so hard to try to protect the people who worked for her She was also a fantastic mom and wanted to do what was ight for her sonDeclan was a man who was torn between loyalty to his family and his desire for Cari and their son He was adopted and had never felt like he was truly part of the Montrose family His parents had ended up not eally giving him the love he deserved and had made him a pawn in their own elationship As a esult he kept away from any kind of commitment That worked for everyone except Cari He had never been able to forget their night together and was looking forward to trying to seduce her again The news that he was a father caused him to feel a connection that he d never experienced before that there was someone else out there that was an actual elative to him He made it clear to Cari that he would be an involved father and they would have to find a way to make it work Though they weren t yet eady to tell their families about his identity as DJ s father they were going to start dating and making it clear that they had a elationship Dec s biggest problem was the fact that he could see what a big part of her business Cari was and that he didn t want her to lose her job and that he knew of her business Cari was and that he didn t want her to lose her job and that he knew the intent was that she and her sisters would not be kept on He wanted to do what was ight for his company thereby cementing his place in the family but he also wanted to do what was ight for Cari In the end he made neither side happy and had to figure out how to fix it I liked Declan s immediate acceptance of his fatherhood and the way that he wanted to be a good father He worked eally hard at it and found that his commitment to DJ also opened up his heart to let Cari in as well This is an intriguing story of love hate business ivalry and a baby boyCari Chandler can t forget Declan Montrose Her baby is a Constant Reminder Of The reminder of the they shared Unfortunately he was gone by the time Cari awakened the next morning and she has been somewhat distraught since their eighteen months ago ONS She waited a long time for him to call and it was months before she ealized she was pregnant She felt too much time had passed to contact him and it was apparant he The no commitment billionaire and her family's sworn enemy walked out of her life the morning after But now he's backwith a vengeanceTaking over her company is the last step to victory in their families' long
When I first started to ead this book I did not think it was my type Of Storybut I Continued To Read It storybut I continued to ead it I became interested in the characters I had to finish the book to find out what happened to them I eceived this book for free from Goodreads 45 Star Review His Instant Heir Baby Business 1I ecommend this bookThis book includes drama passion betrayal and omance throughout the entire storyCari Chandler and Declan Dec Montrose had a one night stand 18 months ago which esulted in a baby boy named DJ Declan Junior Cari decided not to tell Declan when she found out she was pregnant as he an out on her after that one night and never contacted her Dec was sent in by his cousins to get id of the Chandlers and dismantle there company as they are the enemy of the Montrose from a long ago feud between the grandfathers of the two families Dec has not stopped wanting Cari since he left her in the hotel so many months ago He decides he will have her and they can be together for the next 6 weeks that he is there When Cari tells Dec he has a son things change He ealizes that he wants his son and Cari too Now he must figure out how he can have them and also do what his cousins want him to do alsoWill he be able to make the ight decision Will he have any family left in the end after he makes that choice You can feel the chemistry between the two throughout the book You also feel Dec s conflict as he is being pulled by family in a different direction then he wants to go with Cari Loved it Katherine Garbera s books are always A Pleasure To Read Dec pleasure to ead Dec Cari are a great couple Cari understood him so well especially his issues from his childhood It was fun to watch Dec meet his match Sexy and intriguing I liked both Dec and Cari She and her sisters have been unning their company and doing a pretty good job of it but they were no match for the Montrose need for evenge With their acuisition of the company Cari was going to have to deal with Dec on a daily basis as the businesses are merged Cari knew she was going to have to tell Dec about DJ but she wasn t sure how he was going to take it She felt guilty about not telling him sooner but he had walked out the morning after without a word and had never contacted her again She didn t expect him to care since he had made it clear that he was not interested in any kind of commitment She was eally surprised when he was happy about the baby and that he wanted to be involved as a father He also insisted that they begin to date so that it wouldn t come as much as a surprise when they announced that he was DJ s father Over the next six weeks Cari discovered that there was a lot. In her Baby Business trilogy USA TODAY bestselling author Katherine Garbera starts with just one nightCari Chandler can't forget Declan Montrose Their baby is a living eminder The baby she hasn't told him about. .
As not interested in her or he have made an effort to get in contact Her disappointment heartbreak and his thoughtlessness hurt her in contact Her disappointment heartbreak and his thoughtlessness hurt her It did damage that I m not sure she will ever completely get overThe troubling thing about this is that he never eally apologized for not contacting her or missing her pregnancy the birth and the first nine months of his child s life In fact he said it was probably a good thing she didn t call him because he never planned to marry or have a child and he didn t think he would be a fit parent That even hurt me Why not just take a knife and gut herDeclan Montrose is Cari s family s sworn enemy and a no commitment billionaire who with his cousins is trying to take over Cari s family s company Something happened years ago with their grandfathers They were in this business together and the Montrose family was tossed out That is about the extent of the facts of why this ivalry began The grandfather made his three grandsons promise to someday get the business back seek evenge and suash the Chandler family They are now involved in a hostile takeover FYI the three Montrose cousins already have their own game company but they aren t satisfied until they put the three sisters out of business and take over theirs as wellgreedy much The game biz is all the three sisters have so all three will be out of their lucrative positions They may make a lot of money but they work very long and hard hours but they get no creditThe thing is this battle has nothing to do with the present generation but the three guys are hell bent on taking over the company that their grandfather once had a stake in To complicate this matter Declan discovers he has a son with his family s most despised enemy This would be his son s heritage one day but is that enough to ease up on the damage they plan to do to the Chandler sisters He has been so pressured throughout his life that he feels he can t let his cousins down In fact he decides to let Cari the woman he loves and his son down and stand with his cousings So will he let down the only woman he has every loved and his sonor his cousins Does there have to be a choice or is there a way they can work together He can t have it both waysIn Dec pleasing his cousins he will finally feel like their blood elative Dec was adopted and has never felt good enough to be a Montrose His biological parents didn t want him and he was ignored by his adoptive parents They just wanted a child they could bring out for family pictures and he was aised by nannies He desperately wants to feel like he finally belongs but at what expenseCan this little guy his son soften Dec s heart. Eud But Cari's than collateral damage to Dec He wants needs to seduce her again and again Until he finds out she's hidden something precious than her company His son And Dec intends to claim himno matter the cos.