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Instruments of Darkness jThis author did something to me that doesn t happen to often in this genre if at all I got teary I felt ever pain the main characters were going through like it was my own which left me on an emotional roller coaster I was wanting my own Parker Reed from the very beginning I had to finish this in one sitting Iust couldn t put it down Now that doesn t mean I wasn t screaming and having melt downs Maybe even the odd hate mail to the author P What can I say the emotions got to me and hate was definitely used I hated the ending not because it wasn t amazing BUT because I have to wait for her to finish writing book two When this book goes live scoop it up and read it right away bump all your other reads because My Uncle Oswald just like me once you start you will be wanting your very own Parker Reed This is the first book that I m reading from this author I have some of her other books But Iust hope they are not like this bookWow First thing that came to my mind when I started reading this book was that it reminded me so much of Fifty Shades Of Grey A little But way darker The author didn t mess around with Of Grey A little But way darker The author didn t mess around with timeline eitherKeely meets Parker Reed in a The Umbrella Man (Inspector Samuel Tay job interview Then like two hours later she was already fighting her feeling for himI mean I m all for instant love But I want the main characters to work for itust a little And that s only 4% into the bookI guess I would be ok with this whole "scenario of instant love if they had met at a party or club or bar Where instant attraction flirting a "of instant love if they had met at a party or club or bar Where instant attraction flirting a witty little comeback s between both main characters would be expectedIt all The Witch’s Warning (Aberrations just seems too coldI would expect how fast they got together coming from a little novella a short story but not a novelHmmm This is hard This bookust was not for me And it s not the content of the book that I didn t like I guess you can say how *it was written that I didn t care forKeeley and Parker *was written that I didn t care forKeeley and Parker character Beach Blanket Bad Boys just didn t do it for me Theyust felt so cold and impersonal I absolutely hate it how he called her pet in front of other people I felt like that should ve been between them and kept for their private momentsThe bo. WARNING Book contains adult content Not for readers under 18 years of age Remember Safe Sane Consensual He is my light My darkness The heat that creeps along my bones He controls me Captivates me Owns me He needs me ust as much as I need him He teaches me to love to want To heal He breaks me down only to make .

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Ok was kind of choppy did not flow easily And there really wasn t a lot of details in a lot of the events that went on in this *BOOKI HAD SUCH HIGH HOPES FOR *had such high hopes for book Owell Please Note that this book is pretty dark and contains a lot of abuse Not for faint heart This book has a lot of insight into BDSM Shibari and Kinbaku "I Read The Blurb "read the Blurb this book and I knew I had to read it This is the 1st book of the Author I have read and I must say its a well written book Parker LovingTattooedDomProtectiveFierceAlphaMaster I loved the way Parker is characterized in this book He is such an amazing hero full of warmth but beware ladies a Dom to the core The scenes between Parker and Keely are so amazing it made me droooooool swallowing my drool back He hires her to be his assistant but when he meets her for the 1st time knows that she is a broken women who needs a Dom to help her heal her soul Their story brought me to tears at times when he cradles her through her tough timesHe is strict but is also very giving The way he soothes her is so beautiful that it made me want to hug Parker and look into his eyes and look at his soul and know he is such an amazing person Keely VulnerableBeautifulStrongSubLoyalBest HackerSlave She has been through so much that I feel so sad for her At the age of 16 she made a mistake of falling in love with Devin who abused her used her tortured her to such extent that she could not be truly free from any of the abuse she faced even after she put him behind barsYears later when she is finally with Parker where they both want to move ahead with their lives Devin finds her and haunts herThis book is full of twist and turns which keeps this book interesting But towards the end of this book what Devin does to Keely makes me hurt for her And Parker he is there for her to pick up the pieces again to help her and make her a strong women AngelPetI love you ParkerI love you Keely This book is painful yet beautiful Sinfully Sexy yet breathtaking For me 5 NJOY 5 Heat filled starsJM Walker is one of my new favourite BDSM romance authors This is a new to me author but in so glad. E whole He gives me a reason to fight To move on from the nightmare that was my past The life before him He introduces me to a world of trust empowerment and pure utter submission He unleashes an inferno a raging fire inside of me that burns only for him He is Parker Reed When Keely Price is hired at Reed Indust. ,
Heat Parker Reed #1I gave this book a chance Parker Reed is all kinds of wonderful He s a smart incredibly sexy Dom with a dark side I loved this book The sex was super hot and became "KINKY AS THE BOOK WENT ON THE LAST 25% "as the book went on The last 25% this book was super exciting and it become like romantic suspenseI d love to read in this series and by this author I received a review copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley DNF at 38%Well When I read the book blurb to *Heat I Was Pleasantly *I was pleasantly It promised to be a bit dark and everything hot Unfortunately none of that was delivered for me Every erotica cliche that is out there is in this book Let me count the ways 1 Rich yet young billionaire CEO2 Meak woman enters for ob interview Gets hired after basically two or so uestions Her name her age Asks her to stand Asks her to sit You re hired Hmm3 Hired position is for his assistant aka his submissive4 Gay BFF roommate5 Hero has mother issues6 Every annoying endearment known to man Pet Kitten AngelAnything ringing a bell here It s a complete blend of FSoG and B2U without near the plot Just sex sex and a side of sex Heroine has a past boyfriend who clearly abused her as a submissive He s actually ust getting out of prison That s all we re told So would it be smart to enter into a Ds relationship with a complete stranger that has a horrible media reputation of being a dark secretive man Better yet when the Devin flashbacks come she begs him to fuck her fuck her HARD Hurt me Yah No I m no psychologist but this screams inconsistent survivor behavior So the theme is pretty much back to back slapping uglies So if that s your cuppa this is your book In fact upon inspection the word fuck or fucking was found in this book 188 times Anywho The plot is way too inconsistent the character development almost nonexistent and the overall plot is entirely overused As a side note I m not sure who the dapper fella is on the cover The hero is tattooed with a barbell in his eyebrow with gauges in his ears I may see a shadow of the neck tat however Moving on ARC received from Hype PR via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Ries she takes on than ust an assistant Watching Ice And Weather Our Way job Having to deal with Parker Reed’s unconventional lifestyle choices while also trying to subdue her own demons she looks to him for guidance and protection in a world unlike her own Can they conuer their own demons before they take control and break them apart foreve.