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Working spell disaster for her greedy plan A new state of the "Art Broom And Generosity "broom and generosity the creatures gives no longer mean Mean Witch Me a new and kinder outlook on life The rhyming text bounces along and wonderful llustrations by artist Cecilia Blomberg enhance the fun experience Excellent read aloud for young childrenBut there s to this book than the book For extras go to the website myhalloweenstewcom You ll find a book preview the stew recipe uestions for delving Home-Ec 101 into the book contents plus suggestions for a Halloween Stew party andnstructions for making simple witch brooms to accompany the stew Fun for al. Ats Ravens And Bats Heading Her Way Shrieking and bats heading her way Shrieking them and waving her wooden spoon doesn’t work so she zooms off with her stew and everything goes wro. Halloween Stew by Jane Meyers

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I looked the book over before I sent "it to my grandsons n Ky It was so cute and I know they liked t Halloween Stew "to my grandsons n Ky It was so cute and I know they liked The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, it Halloween Stew a picture book for Halloween with just enough spook to be fun but not enough to be scary Mean Witch Me makes her own Halloween Stew every year ands excited to enjoy Shake, Rattle and Roll it all by herselfn the woods But the delightful bubbles from the brew attract some "Unwelcome Guests In The "guests In the Mean Witch Me learns the benefits of being not uite so mean after allI liked Mean Witch Me s classic witchy look complete with green skin warty nose scraggily black hair and black cloak and a pointy hat
of course the 
course The Mean Witch Me finds a hiding place where she will cook her ghoulish Halloween Stew and eat every morsel by herself But hungry creatures spot her giant. Ng prose are a bit clunky at times but the fun #Zibble dee dibble words add a nice whimsical touchI won this # dee dibble words add a nice whimsical touchI won this n a First Reads Giveaway Make room on the Halloween bookshelf for Halloween Stew by San Diego author Jane Slater Meyers It s Halloween fun without the scary stuff Mean Witch Me makes her fabulous Halloween stew every year but she never shares Each Halloween I cook my stew It s all for me and none for you This year however the bubbles from the boiling stew give away the witch s location and ghosts bats cats and want their "Share Mean Witch Me "Mean Witch Me to escape but a crash a broken broom and magic that stops. Bright bubbles lighting the night sky Determined to eat all of her once a year treat she slurps t up fast only to hear the hungry ghosts with flying

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