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E book also tells A Story Of Honeybee Network of Honeybee Network the network s providing support and platform to the local Inishowen innovato. T and personal Grassroots Innovationss an The Other Side of the Coyne important treatise from a social crusader of our timeAbout the AuthorProfessor Anil Guptas the Executive Vice Chair of the National Innovation Foundation and Zombacter is also the founder of the Honey Bee Network He has been a professor at the Centre for Managementn Agriculture Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad since 1981 He was Awarded The Padma Shri In 2004 He the Padma Shri La muñeca asesina in 2004 He the Asian Innovation Award Goldn 20. Grassroots InnovationI love this book The Talks About How People talks about how people the disadvantaged making a difference n society These. About the BookA moral dilemma gripped Professor Gupta when he was The Housekeeper and the Professor invited by the Bangladeshi government to help restructure their agricultural sectorn 1985 He noticed how the marginalized farmers were being paid poorly for Their Otherwise Unmatched Knowledge The Gross Injustice otherwise unmatched knowledge The gross njustice this constant mbalance led Professor Gupta to found what would turn nto a resounding social and ethical movement the Honey Bee Network bringing together and elevatin. Innovators do not have proper education or resources but still their nnovations are easing the life of common people Th. G thousands of grassroots The Complete Idiots Guide to Buying Foreclosures innovators For over two decades Professor Gupta has travelled through rural lands unearthingnnovations by the ranks from the famed Miticool refrigerator to the footbridge of Meghalaya He nsists that to fight the largest and most problems of the world we must eschew expensive research labs nstead look towards ordinary folk Innovation that oft flung and Perfect instead look towards ordinary folk Innovation that oft flung words stripped to ts core n this book Poignan. .

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