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By the art I figured we d be etting something along the vein of JTHM We sorta did it s very The Perils of Pursuing a Prince (Desperate Debutantes, gothic but way less violent for the kinds of creatures that are involvedIt s romance story Gothic but very modern It deals with ancient monsters and a traveling freak show and reincarnation just a lot of stuff to unpack I wasn t a really big fan of the first few chapters mostly cause weet little snippets here and there of there maybe being to the story than meets the eye I know it s supposed to piue interest but it just wasn t enough to piue mine The story really picks up in the t enough to piue mine The story really picks up in the few chapters but I still didn t The Barracks Thief and Selected Stories get much enjoyment out of it It sood it s just that the story is very fast paced things happen really uickly there s barely any buildup to the climax and the action and it s over so fast that it doesn t leave much of an impression It has the spooky othic design to it but if it just had the same sort of pacing it probably would have worked better in my opinion Some of the stories #and drawings from this were just suishy I loved the monster and the carnival macabre Other elements were oogie #drawings from this were just suishy I loved the monster and the carnival macabre Other elements were oogie of the writing was awkward their instead of they re etc but the bits that were delightful were so pleasing when coupled with the art that they carried me through I would say some parts of this book averaged 4 stars and others 2 hence the overall score of 3 As a huge fan of Disney villains I first discovered Serena Valentino several years ago when I discovered her novel Fairest of All A Tale of the Wicked ueen a preuel to the Disney movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Fairest uickly became one of my favorite novels of all time upon reading it She has since published several books that take place in the same universe effectively creating her own universe in which most if not all classic Disney movies seem to coexist Not too long after becoming a fan of Serena and her writing I also discovered that GloomCookie s'attache à suivre les pas d'un roupe de personnages aux destins liés de façon tout à fait originale Il y a Lex lauelle est amoureuse de Max Max n'éprouve rien pour elle uoiue et aime la faire marcher Il y a Isabella la Re. GloomCookieHe had two series of The Commodore (Aubrey/Maturin, graphic novels one titled Gloom Cookie and the other titled Nightmares Fairy Tales but it has taken me a long time toet to start reading them because as Serena has stated herself they Are Now Out Of Print And Difficult now out of print and difficult find and I have begun reading the Gloom Cookie series due to having put holds on the books through the interlibrary loan system via the college where I teach My hope is that I will be able to continue to do this for the entirety of both series because I absolutely love the first volume of Gloom #Cookie And Much Is Left #and much is left at the end of this first volume which collects the first six issues of the series Serena Valentino is the writer and Ted Naifeh is the artist and both the writing and the somewhat Burtonesue art come together to create a wonderful blend of Dare Mighty Things gothic beauty and comedy and while I know that there is probably almost no chance of this ever happening I think that Gloom Cookie would make areat television series While it may be true that some of the characters such as the bad The Texas Rangers Heiress Wife gothic poet Vermilion are simplified and seem to function as caricatures than fully developed characters that works well toward the purpose of Gloom Cookie s world which seems to playfully and affectionately poke fun at and parodyothic culture and othic art At first he seemed really cool and stuff Lex the story s lead heroine explains to her friends as she recounts a date "gone wrong with the aforementioned Vermilion He even planned a picnic at the raveyard Valentino 55 Perhaps the most intriguing character "wrong with the aforementioned Vermilion He even planned a picnic at the Eternal Quest graveyard Valentino 55 Perhaps the most intriguing character the story s primary villain ueen Isabella even though she is spiteful and vengeful the story freuently hints at the possibility that there is literally to her than meets the eye and her slim figure black attire and horned head she can actually be seen on theraphic novel s cover art all come together in order to remind me a The Widows Little Secret great deal of Maleficent I in fact rece. Ine de la communautéoth ui aime exercer son emprise sur les autres Et enfin il y a Sebastian leuel ignore tout de son passé et sa petite amie Chrys ui n'aurait pas fait de mal à une mouche avant de rencontre le monstre caché sous le ,

Ntly sent Selena a message and told her that and she said She was an inspiration I ve always loved Maleficent There is even a scene in Gloom Cookie that is definitely intended to be reminiscent of the iconic christening scene from the opening of Sleeping Beauty Much of the narrative in fact seems reminiscent of classic fairy tales I also love the anachronisms seen throughout the story #Many Of The Story S Elements Such As Puk Mon #of the story s elements such as Puk mon Martin The Spice Sluts and The Backyard Boys seen as posters on characters bedroom walls seem to place it in the late 1990s or early 2000s which is actually when Serena originally penned the story but other elements such as Victorian attire and hansoms seem to place it centuries sooner than that I absolutely love Gloom Cookie and there is only one reason why I award it four stars rather than the full five stars there are several rather annoying errors throughout such as their or there being placed where it should be they re your being placed where it should be you re etc and with part of the story being set in New Orleans the infamous serial killer Madame Delphine LaLaurie is mentioned but her name is perhaps intentionally misspelled as Madame Le Lori As someone who majored in English in college and now teaches it I cannot help but notice such errors and be slightly annoyed by them but they do little to nothing to take much away from the story As aforementioned I adore Gloom Cookie and am really looking forward to reading the second volume Gloomcookie reminds me so much of all my lovely and drama filled Resurrection Year goths in all their extravagant finery It s sweet dark fun and yes there s bound to be a real life version of badoth poet Vermilion somewhere Serena Valentino knows this scene and writes both lovingly and bitingly about it while embracing its fantasy elements as well Ted Naifeh s illustrations are amazing especially Lex and Max our woebegone couple Will they or won t the. It de Sebastian Bref il se passe beaucoup de choses dans les récits de Serena Valentino et Ted Naifeh trahisons amours déçues mauvaise poésie et monstres sous le lit sont au rendez vous pour les protagonistes de ce conte de fées modern.

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