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First Degree MudderDyer Seeley brings us another murder mystery with local setting this time Fort Vancouver Extreme sports journalist Meg Reed gets involved with a fitness training group preparing for the upcoming Mud Sweat and Beers competition The mystery is set against the background of her ongoing interest in finding the truth about her father s death tied to his news story about Oregon s meth problems and all the upcoming changes in her life best friends both leaving town a takeover at her place of mployment and dating a cute copLots of local PortlandVancouver flavor the scenery the beer the food the coffee yadayadayada Meg in a moment of madness has signed up for a mud Run And So She Needs and so she needs train with that in mind she signs on with Mind Over Mudder the training is done by an Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, ex Drill Sergeant and Meg falls foul of him within minutes and finds herself doing pushups and the Administration is done by a Yoga and natural food fanaticverything seems to be going well if painful to the Not Without a Fight extreme when Meg finds Billy the trainer dead in the steam room now in between training which keeps on Meg needs to figure out whodunnit and as well as this she finds herself uestioning about her father s death why she is stillstranged from her mother and figuring out whether Matt is the man for her No problems then FIRST DEGREE MUDDER is a first rate mysteryThis is my first book by this author as Kate Dyer Seeley I do read and LOVE her Bakeshop Mystery series that she writes as Ellie Alexander At first I wasn t sure about this series The covers and the descriptions didn t really say cozy TO ME HOWEVER ONCE I STARTED READING FIRST DEGREE me However once I started reading FIRST DEGREE I forgot all about my very wrong opinions about this series I liked protagonist Meg Reed from the very first page Just getting inside her head in the first chapter I knew this was someone I d want to be friends with She has way Garden Bouquets and Beyond energy than I do and I couldn t do half of what she does Meg s training for a mud run and two things I don t do mud or run but I d love to sit and trade stories with her Meg s trainer is the victim in FIRST DEGREE MUDDER Who would want to kill the former drill sergeant Billy is the uestion Meg wants answered Kate Dyer Seeley takes readers on an action packed adventure as we search for answers into Billy s death and a few other mysteries that pop up along the way If you re anything like me you re going to be breathless by thend It has taken me too long to get in to this series I m thrilled to have had the chance to read FIRST DEGREE MUDDER and I can t wait to go back and read the first three books Make sure to check out the back of FIRST DEGREE MUDDER for Meg s Adventure Tips We just got back from visiting xtended family in Ohio for the Thanksgiving holiday When I was packing for the trip I had to decide what book I wanted to take with me I wante. When a mud marathon champion bites the dust Meg Reed has to go the distance to make sure a killer comes clean Back home in Portland Oregon Meg is ready to take her career as an outdoor writer for Extreme magazine to the next level Lesser journalists sling mu.

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For this opportunity to read and review the book The opinions xpressed are my own I m actually at the bittersweet part of this series meaning that the ongoing submysteries are getting better but I know that there s only one book left I m taking comfort in the fact that I remember reading somewhere that the series was given a good closure and readers aren t left hanging which I kind of had a feeling that the author wouldn t do anyway But it was good to see it kind of had a feeling that the author wouldn t do anyway But it was good to see it had gotten herself involved in the training for and subseuent mud race and of course she got involved investigating a murder Her two besties got for them good news the magazine she s working for was possibly getting sold and Meg found out some things about The Case Her Dad Was Involved In case her dad was involved in might shake her faith in some people she d always trusted I m so anxious to dig into the next book but I m going to wait for a little while since I have uite a bit on my mental and physical list that I want to read I can t say that I was Zu schnell ever really sure about who the killer was in this book There werenough suspects with reasons to want the trainer dead and I couldn t really settle on just one although any of them wouldn t have come as a huge surprise It was fun following through and seeing how the perp got caught Meg s latest assignment for Northwest Extreme magazine finds her signing up for a mud run and a training Course Billy The Drill Instructor Billy the drill instructor charge of the training course is harsh possibly two harsh After two weeks Meg is wondering why she signed up However one morning she sneaks out Sleepless (Bird of Stone, early only to discover Billy s body Was someone fed up with his training techniuesThose coming to the series now might be disappointed While there are some twists to the murder it is overshadowed byverything lse going on in Meg s life including a very intriguing twist in the story of her father s murder Fans who already know and love Meg will be intrigued by what happens here and anxiously awaiting the next book Cliffhangers anyone The new characters are a bit thin as a result but Meg and the other regulars than make up for that as wellRead my full review at Carstairs Considers 3 starI really like Meg that s why I keep reading this series The mystery in this book was underwhelming view spoilerthe murder turns out to be an accidental drug overdose a supplements user takes a dangerous drug unknowingly hide spoiler First Degree Mudder is my favourite in the series so far How couldn t it be when it has 2 of my favourites mysteries and running I kept guessing and then doubting again who the murderer was until the last page and then I realized I was definitely on the wrong track A fun and fast paced mystery that made me want to visit Portland and area Highly recommendedI also njoyed the Portland adventure tips at the nd of the book. N the locker room she has a sinking feeling someone may have been pushed too far Digging through the hidden secrets at Mind Over Mudder is a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it Meg will have to tread carefully though or she may soon be running for her li. .
D to take along a light and Fun Read And First Degree read and First Degree by Kate Dyer Seeley was a perfect choice This is the fourth book in the Pacific Northwest Mystery Series but it was new to me However the author is not I love Kate s Bakeshop Mystery books that she writes under the name Ellie AlexanderThis series follows journalist Meg Reed on her adventures working for an adventure magazine Portland Oregon Although I was new to the series I did not left behind starting at book four I immediately connected with Meg s nthusiasm for her family friends and life in generalOne thing I thought was very cool about this series is I almost felt like the murder was a sub plot to complex storylines going on in Meg s life she is investigating the death of her father who was also a journalist working on a Invisible (The Curse of Avalon expose when he died Meg s journey through processing her father s death and trying to find answers is a great story that I mxcited to read about in future books It was nice to have a mystery follow the protagonist that makes you want to keep reading something that is uniue in cozy mysteries I ve come acrossComplete review originally posted here This is the first book in this series that I have read I do have book 5 to read and will be getting to that soonAs Meg Reed is in boot camp training for the Mud Sweat and Tears Yummy Supper extreme 5k mud run which sounds like fun just for the beer addition she finds the body of their trainer Billy the Tank in the steam room She then begins to investigate to find out who wanted him dead and whyFun and uick cozy read with a great core cast of characters who gel well together and wi This is the fourth book in a series aboutxtreme sports The background is set in the Pacific Northwest Meg Reed is a reporter for an online magazine on sports She is an active participant in the sports There is an underlying theme of the death of her Father aka as Pops The detail is superb and takes you to the area The characters have become friends from the first book Meg the protagonist is recovering from the death of Pops She has two best friends Matt and Jill Greg the owner of Northwest Extreme Grams her grandmotherThere is a 5 K Mud Race and Meg is participating in it The training program is three weeks and then the Mud Race The Trainer is x military and trains the members of his class hard These characters are described in detail Billy s partner is Dylan a health specialist Members of the class include Tim an overweight businessman Jenny a housewife and a TV reporter Kelsey who out to make headlines Billy is found dead in the locker room It is unexplained death Meg xplored the situation and needs an answer before she loses her life I recommend this book and seriesDisclosure received a free copy from Kensington Books through NetGalley for an honest review I would like to thank. D Meg plans to run through it To train hard for Mud Sweat Beers an Deep Listening extreme 5K mud run she’s signed on with the Mind Over Mudder team run by ten time mud marathon champ and former drill sergeant Billy the Tank But when Meg finds her tenacious trainer dead