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The Wallace and Gromit A Close Shave Pop-Up Book oRned a lot For example I had been unawaref the problems in mating AIM 9 missiles to the D model when it was initially sent to Southeast Asia Robin dealt with that and made it workEvery fighter pilot is aware Becoming The Bride: Gender Swap Erotica of Operation Bolo but this book gives real insight into everything that went into the planning and execution and leaves thosef us wingmen who simply put the light n the star in awe And every fighter pilot has heard about Robin s entrance into the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing and how he totally transformed morale in record time The 8th still proudly calls itself the Wolfpack the appellation Robin createdIf you re a fighter pilot you need to read this book If you re not aa fighter pilot you really need to read this book Loved this book This book covers the span f Robin Olds military career starting from his time at West Point through his WWII and Vietnam fighter pilot days to his time as commandant f the US Air Force Academy and eventual retirement and everything in between The retelling f specific aerial battles isn t always top notch but the true essence f this book shines in regards to giving an insiders view into fighter pilot culture and mentality His love for flying is readily apparent and you can t help but want to take to the skies yourself as you read After reading this book there is no doubt that Robin Olds was a fighter pilot through and through and this book does not shy away from showing the good and bad impact that has had n his career and Tiffany Girl on his family In addition sage advice about being a militaryfficer is sprinkled throughout I highly recommend this book to fighter pilots One Cause, Many Ailments: The Leaky Gut Syndrome: What It Is and How It May Be Affecting Your Health obviously militaryfficers and anyone that has a love for the skies Not uite a year ago I bought this book and yesterday I finished reading it I first learned Cutting Edge Marketing Analytics: Real World Cases and Data Sets for Hands On Learning (FT Press Analytics) of General Olds through the Edward Sims book FIGHTER ACE in the late 1970s which mentionednly his Vietnam War service But this autobiography gave me a fuller picture not Paolo and Panetto onlyf the dedicated pilotwarrior and fighter ace inclusive also Vivien Leigh of his Second World War service but alsof Robin Olds the man warts and all Here was a man who was dedicated to his family his country and the men that he led throughout his military career Let me a cite a passage from the biography that deeply resonated with me Here s what I learned By the Book over the years Know the mission what is expectedf you and your people Get to know those people their attitudes and expectations Visit all the shops and sections Ask uestions Don t be shy Learn what each does how the parts fit into the whole Find The Day After the Dollar Crashes: A Survival Guide for the Rise of the New World Order out what supplies and euipment are lacking what the workers need To whom does each shop chief report Does thatfficer really know the people under him is he aware f their needs their training Does that NCO supervise r just make ut reports without checking facts Remember those reports eventually come to you Don t try to bullshit the troops but make sure they know the buck stops with you that you ll shoulder the blame when things go wrong Correct without revenge r anger Recognize accomplishment Reward accordingly Foster spirit through self pride not slogans and never at the expense f another unit It won t take long but nly your genuine interest and concern plus follow up n your promises will earn you respect Out f that you gain loyalty and bedience Your utfit will be a standout But for God s sake don t ever try to be popular That weakens your position makes you vulnerable Don t have favorites That breeds resentment #Respect The Talents Of Your People Have #the talents The Teachings of Spenser Carlyle: The Novel of your people Have courage to delegate responsibility and give the authority to go with it Again make clear to your troops you are thene who ll take the heat For anyone who enjoys reading autobiographies and wants to learn about a person who lived hisher life to the full that is a full rich principled and committed life THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU As a member f the US Air Force assigned to the 8th Fighter Wing it seemed nly fitting that I read the memoirs Weirdo Noir: Gothic and Dark Lowbrow Art of the man who led the unit to fame in Vietnam and who coined the unit nickname Wolfpack I have mixed feelings about this book Robin Olds was unuestionably a great pilot who led from the front and inspired his men duringur nation s most frustrating and challenging war His no nonsense attitude initiative and commitment to being the very best at his craft are traits I highly Admire Yet At The Same Yet at the same you can t help read his book without getting the feeling that anyone less than a fighter pilot is a second class citizen The Message of Salvation: By God's Grace, for God's Glory or something less than a real man He displays an arrogance and egotism that at times are infuriating I suppose those are essential ualities that you want in your nation s fighter pilots Everyone takes pride in their uniue role in the military but it takes a certain amountf bravado to fly an aircraft into the teeth Anonymums of surface to air missilesver some God forsaken jungleyou hardly want the nice guy next door in the cockpit and you should expect that attitude to come across in his story Olds possessed a single minded devotion to flying and aerial combat which was at times commendable and at thers very tragic I d argue it was THE contributing factor to both his failed marriages Robin Olds has come to epitomize the fighter pilot mentalityhe is the standard by which modern fighter pilots are judged despite the fact that there really is no such thing any The era f ver the horizon long range missiles and stealth aircraft make fighter pilots something f an anachronism in modern warfare Nevertheless Robin Olds legacy continues to shape the fighter community and for that reason it was worth reading if Practical Ventriloquism only to gain some insight into the fighter pilot mentality I was in Thailand at Udorn shortly after Col Olds tour ended at Ubon Even a couplef years after and at a different installation his reputation and zeal as a balls ut fighter pilot and leader were the standard against which everyone else was measured both individuals and unitsFor those reasons and my wn life long passion for all things that fly and the Air Force

i have been 
have been to read his biography While it is a good read and there are many details and stories that will be f interest to readers I found it a bit too self serving in tone It is his story so he was. WII Olds uickly became a top fighter pilot and suadron commander by the age f 22 and an ace with 12 aerial victoriesBut it was in Vietnam where the man became a legend He arrived in 1966 to find a dejected group On Riemanns Theory of Algebraic Functions and Their Integrals of pilots and motivated them by placing himselfn the flight schedule under Achtung ... U-Boats Passing: A Saga of War at Sea (Vol. 2) officers junior to himself then challenging them to train. Wow You want to read a story about a life lived large You want to read thisRobin Olds lived the life I would have liked to live when I was a kid before I realized there would be no aerial dogfights between rival fighter pilots It s all missilesver the horizon now Oh sure it d still be hella fun to fly a modern jet fighter but the glory days Achtung Schweinehund!: A Boy's Own Story of Imaginary Combat of the business are in the history pages Which is where we now find Robin Olds having died a couplef years backHis memoir has it all and I mean that He grew up the son Dugout: The Zombie Steals Home of a WW1 fighter pilot and somef the biggest names f military aviation sat at his father s dinner table talking about the future Olds would live the future they dreamed as a P 51 ace in WW2 then as ne f the pioneers f jet fighters and the leader f the famed F 4 Wolf Pack in Vietnam where Olds downed four MiGsHe also married a movie star told President Johnson ff to his face sorta and spent time as the commandant Screwball Television: Critical Perspectives on Gilmore Girls of cadets at the Air Force AcademyThe book is stupendously well written Lotsf military memoirs are filled with boring details and skip the lifestyle elements Ya Gotta Believe!: My Roller-Coaster Life as a Screwball Pitcher and Part-Time father, and My Hope-Filled Fight Against Brain Cancer of the writer s life Not thisne This Night's Pawn one is jam packed withnly the good stuff and reads like a thriller The pages fly by as you read about his exploits both in and Firing the First Elder (Pioneers in the Pulpit Book 2) outf the cockpit He lets you know what life was like in the military without bogging you down and his descriptions f aerial combat are just lean enough to not confuseOne f the best things about it his the writing style he s aided by his daughter and a professional writer which is so easy that it s almost as if he s sitting n a bar stool next to you with a pint amiably telling you whatever you ask It s just easy to read and flows effortlesslyAnd the story has an ending which is a little dd for memoirs which The Secret Child often just end abruptly The last few pages are a brief reflectionn his life with a nod to how it all began and that at the end Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno: Tokyo Teen Fashion Subculture Handbook of it all Olds is still at a bar in heaven drinking beer with his pals telling the stories they ve always told and having a grandld time Robin Olds graduated from West Point Military Academy and among his many credentials he later served as commandant f the Air Force Academy The top notch fighter pilot with strong leadership skills remained n cutting edge from WWII to Vietnam as a triple ace The man with convictions was not a yes man and true to his character he spoke ut against the rules f engagement in Vietnam Brig General Olds s assessments were spot n and his grit in later years elevated my status f the man to a role model for the common citizen I m thankful for his dedicated service and Death by Inferior Design others who display his spirit today I have never been left so humbled as reading this book did I am afraid anyone can even dare say differently for this was a man who dedicated his life to the lovef flying with a knife sharp focus Also amongst the many lessons I learnt reading this book ne will remain etched in my mind forever if you believe you deserve better go after it Mr Olds in this memoir recounts so many events where he has grabbed success from the yawning mouth f despair and defeat because he knew he was the bestThat and he doesn t disappoint his fans too he has recounted all his famous dogfights with a few bonus s sprinkled lets just say there is a small episode he had with a tanker absolutely stellar stuff that will leave you heaving like a fighter pilot pulling 9g s total actiongasm I tell youA thoroughly fulfilling read Fighter Pilot The Memoirs f Legendary Ace Robin Olds is a fantastic read a 5 Star permanent shelf addition #that is very easy to follow and doesn t get bogged down anywhere Robin Olds was a true warrior a #is very easy to follow and doesn t get bogged down anywhere Robin Olds was a true warrior a young fighter suadron commander in WWII and a multiple ace and a Wing Commander in Vietnam during the hottest part f the airwar where he could have been an ace all ver again you need to read the book to find ut Why He Didn T Get His Fifth he didn t get his fifth This book is an excellent explanation f what it is like to be a fighter pilot although sadly many f the boisterous antics are no longer countenanced I was trained by the Vietnam era fighter pilots in awe A Philosophy of Cinematic Art of their River Rat patches and associations He gives much detail explaining his Vietnam War experience than his WWII flying As a fighter pilot myself I felt a lotf connections to his story but none stronger than this The Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified oneview spoiler May 20 The afternoon frag was a MiG CAP escorting a large forcef Takhli F 105s to the Bac Giang railroad yards in northeast North Vietnaml led the second flight Tampa with Lieutenant Steve Croker in my backseat We were White House Years (Henry Kissingers Memoirs offset to the right two miles and behind the strike force about three miles Jack Van Loan was my wingman his GIB was Joe MilliganFifteen miles shortf target all hell broke loose Tampa Break left That scream from #PARDO MEANT ONLY ONE THING MIGS AND THEY HAD #meant nly ne thing MiGs And they had be behind us and close I rolled left and hauled the stick back into my gut Head Scab over my shoulder eyes straining looking searching there they came up fromur deep six In a World Created by a Drunken God o clock looked like twelve to sixteenf them God knew how many some were already through us The sky was full Indo No Kao of whirling shooting aircraft One MiG went down Pardo s My wingman was hit hard I looked backver my shoulder and saw his F 4 nose straight up a ball f fire ut Giant Peach Yodel of control two bodies ejecting two good chutes Van Loan and Milligan had gottenut Col Jack Van Loan was my Wing Director Sinai and Zion of Operations DO when I was a brand new lieutenant in my first fighter the A 7D We lieutenants all held him in awe hide spoiler RivetingI had fully expected a great Sierra Hotel book fullf combat engagements from a triple ace but this memoir is Much Perhaps the most striking revelation is Robin s incredible sense f loyalty When Scat Davis his best friend at West Point couldn t ualify medically for a pilot slot Robin ffered to take him into vicarious combat by naming his planes every ne f them Scat When his friend Karl Richter was killed in Southeast Asia he adopted Karl s pet monkey When the Air Force tasked his wing to fly nuclear ne way missions in Europe in the event f hostilities he said he would lead the strike force even though he abhorred the use Iniquity of nuclear weaponsEven though I have experience in the F 4C D and E I lea. The widely anticipated memoirf legendary ace American fighter pilot Robin Olds Robin Olds was a larger than life hero with a towering personality A graduate f West Point and an inductee in the National College Football Hall f Fame for his All American performance for Army Olds was ne f the toughest college football players at the time In Certainly allowed to tell it as he saw it I just found it a little too much soThat said it is a good read listen in my case Written in a conversational and collouial language it expresses the hard nosed fighter pilot image for which he was so well known alongside the daily routine and Annual Report of the Officers of the Town of Holderness, N. H: Year Ending January 31, 1937 (Classic Reprint) occasional surprisef military life For those unfamiliar it will be a good presentation Gardening with Shape, Line and Texture: A Plant Design Sourcebook of the nomadic military life For those who have had the experience it will ring true and bring to mindne s wn experiencesI especially enjoyed learning f his early childhood West Point and WWII experiences These are parts Livin' de Life of his life that precede the legend and enable us to understand the confidence and contextf later years But I strongly suspect there is an untold tale as well One The Amazing Dreams of Andrew Latter of personal demons and battlesLike everything else he did married life was lived in the fast laneand not always within the lane markers His wife had herwn issues and I suppose the fact that they made it as long as they did as a couple is testament to their commitment and love for each Culture is the Body: The Theatre Writings of Tadashi Suzuki other and their children But this partf life was not kind to the good General I suspect reality is that he shared a bit Cognitive Science: An Introduction to the Study of Mind of the responsibility for that than the book admits to but that is purely my hunch Allf which proves that he was merely human after all despite the glory ascribed to him by fact and legend I enjoyed this book immensely and would rate it higher if I didn t have this nagging feeling that it isn t as honest as it could have been My TakeAn excellent book about a uniue man The Legend of Joaquin Murrieta one that many wanna be fighter pilots look to emulate but can t hold a candle to the real deal In my time in UPT and in the Air Force as a pilot I saw many guys trying to be like Robin Olds but they were all phonies I have a feeling he would have rooted themut n the spot for faking it I m sure he could have sensed itEnjoyed the book Olds was a true American patriot who led men in combat Enjoyed reading about his dad a WWI pursuit pilot and all the famous people he grew up with and later would call n when needed The Vietnam section was especially interesting about how he fought ff all the bullshit f that war just to try and fight the enemy that s the eternal uestion f that war who was the enemy He pulls no punches about Chappie James calling him a friend but someone who was a bit f a coward who preferred headlines to actual combat sorties I d also heard about the F 105 flight that blew ut all the windows at USAFA but it is explained in detail here Would have loved to have been here when he was CommandantA very good book about a very uniue man DescriptionRobin Olds was a larger than life hero with a towering personality A graduate f West Point and an inductee in the National College Football Hall Dicmatized 2: Bitter Sweet Revenge of Fame for his All American performance for Army Olds wasne Martian Science Fiction: Scifi Novellas Set on Mars of the toughest college football players at the time In WWII Olds uickly became a top fighter pilot and suadron commander by the agef 22 and an ace with 12 aerial victories But it was in Vietnam where the man became a legend He arrived in 1966 to find a dejected group The Witches Ball of pilots and motivated them by placing himselfn the flight schedule under fficers junior to himself then challenging them to train him properly because he would soon be leading them Proving he wasn t a WWII retread he led the wing with aggressiveness scoring another four confirmed kills becoming a rare triple ace Olds who retired a brigadier general and in 2007 was a uniue individual whose personal story is a uniue individual whose personal story is the most eagerly anticipated military books f the year From a former cadetThis is a substantial book about 400 pages about the life f ne f the most famous fighter pilots f all time Robin Olds It is largely a compilation The Deadline of Olds diaries documents letters articles etc put together by his daughter Christina Olds after Robin s death in 2007 Indeed before he died Robin and Christina were able to share a fair amountf time together in preparation for the completion f his unfinished memoirs Appropriately the book is written in the first person It s a well written book not because it contains highly polished writing it doesn t but rather because it reads as you d expect it to read coming from a maverick fighter pilot I was fortunate to hear Robin Olds speak a number f times and this book is true to his rather abrupt style Ready to Restore: The Layman's Guide to Christian Counseling of speaking The book begins right where you d expect a fighter pilot to begin in the air in combat We had been taking the war to Hitler but then settles back to develop Olds life story starting from the beginning His mother died when he was four and he grew up the sonf an Army Ready to Restore officer There was no Air Force at that time The reader learns about his interest in football 6 2 captainf his high school team later played for West Point including nce in front f 100000 fans at an Army Navy game back when that game was a big event to all sports fans The heart Shieldmaiden Book 1: Quest for the Jewel of this book like the main theme in his life is flying especially in conflict Olds flew P 38s and later transitioned to the marvelous P 51 with the Merlin engine during World War II On his second P 51 training flight he almost crashed the aircraft trying to land they didn t call it the Mustang for nothing His experiences in Europe during World War II and his Air Force career thereafter read almost like a streamf consciousness D Day His kills His eye for women Taking command Traficada: Diário de uma Escrava Sexual (Portuguese Edition) of a fighter suadron V E Day His temper Life in the fast lane The P 80 His marriage to Hollywood star Ella Raines Exchange duty with the Royal Air Force reportedly becoming thenly US Air Force Encounter at Buff Ledge: A UFO Case History officer to command a RAF suadron The F 86 And son Olds tried hard to get assigned to combat duty during the Korean War but apparently his wife and her TV directors managed to persuade Laurence Rockefeller to use his considerable political influence to get Olds name Carte touristique : Corse Sud : Ajaccio - Bonifacio off the Korea assignment list every time it came up Olds almost resigned his commission in 1952 to become a civilian test pilot but remainedn active duty Then stream Regarde, c'est maman ! of consciousness Libya An assignment to the Pentagon And But then there was the Vietnam War Olds was assigned to the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing at Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base where he and close friend Chappie James became. Him properly because he would soon be leading them Proving he wasn’t a WWII retread he led the wing with aggressiveness scoring another four confirmed kills becoming a rare triple aceOlds who retired a brigadier general and died in 2007 was a uniue individual whose personal story isne The Bricklayer of the most eagerly anticipated military booksf the ye.

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