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Fatal SecretsA great mob story mystery A total copout of a book one which grabs at the first then at the end lets down with a nothing ending no denoument at all but merely a set up for the next book in the series which is not even by the same autho0r unless all these writers are Franklin W Dixon I loved it all the way up until the end It Had Amazing Detail That Kept Me Up Past 1am had amazing detail that kept me up ast 1am I couldn t A Star Is Born put it Down I Just Had just had know what happened next Then all of a it was over I said to myself Is that really it It s like the author just got tired of writing the book so she just stopped where she was and sent it to beublished It was a great book overall but it could have been so much better Operation Black Veil The woman in the black veil has told FBI Special Agent Jackson McGraw that Salvatore Martino former don of the Martino Crime family is seriously ill It has been confirmed that his son wants to kill Eloise Hill the girl who ut his father behind bars before he dies as a tribute to him He has also discovered that Eloise s daug. For my baby's safety I must give her upAn old letter is all Kristin Perry has of her birth mother When the Witness Protection Program couldn't keep mother or daugh. Hter lives in Montana is now searching for both of themKristin Perry was brought up in a loving home with arents who adored her It wasn t until their death that Kristin discovered she was in fact adopted A letter from her birth mother states that she has left her because she loves her she wants her to be safe Kristin reeling from the terrible car crash that took her beloved adopted arents now wants to find her mother hires Private Investigator Zane Black to help herZane Black is initially very sceptical of Kristin Perry s lea for help she has a very sad story but he s not sure she s telling him everything He leaves the caf telling her he can t telling him everything He leaves the caf telling her he can t her until she tells him Kristin follows calls out to him then seems to stumble into the way of an on coming truck managing to twist away in time before she is hit Kristin insists someone ushed her but nobody saw anything he thinks maybe she s attention seeking Even when she does finally explain about her mother the mob he thinks it a bit far fetched until he notices grease marks. Ter safe the woman fled underground With the help of rivate investigator Zane Black Kristin tries to track her down Instead though she finds herself the target of. investigator Zane Black Kristin tries to track her down Instead though she finds herself the target of. ,
On the back of her jacket the mark of the mob Now Zane is determined to not only help her find her mother but to help Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons protect her from the danger closing inI loved this continuation in the Protecting the Witnesses Series this book is 5 You really do need to read these books in order as each book while a story on it s own also has alot which runs develops through all the 6 books building up to the grand finale in book 6 This means that you will not only want to read this book but also the other 5

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The Series If You Are Looking For A the series So if you are looking for a off story to read then this is not the book for you However if you are short of reading material want a series to get you going then this series will be idealOther books in the series 1 Twin Targets Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense 180 2 Killer Headline Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense 184 3 Cowboy Protector Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense 188 4 Deadly Vows Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense 192 6 Risky Reunion Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense 200Protecting the Witnesses Bk A series of deadly accidents Zane's still searching for her missing mother but now Kristin's starting to wonder if her family reunion will be the death of them al.

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