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Ecides to form an army The best warriors Scotland has to give to fight united and free Scotland from the English rule The fiercest warrior is chosen to lead them Tor MacLeod The nly problem is he does not wish the part Christina is from a noble family but ne against King Edward and whose father decides to use her as pawn to secure Tor s leadership f the Elite warriors Found together in bed Tor and Christina are to be married and he takes his new bride home to Dunvegan Castle Along with training the recruits who can t stand each The Screwball Comedy Films: A History and Filmography, 1934-1942 other Tor has to make room in his life for his new bride which he is reluctant to do She tries to win his affection and love Will she succeed DUH The Islef Skye ChristinaShe s a real romantic dreaming Father Tom Padilla: Mark of the Demon Priest of Lancelot a knight in shining armour coming to her rescue all dazzling and stuff XD When she first saw Tor he was beating the shtut f another warrior and it was brutal and fierce Her cry to stop was the nly thing that prevented Tor to kill the ther man Even though he doesn t fit the knight description she s still entranced by him his strenght his muscles well she has eyes right his steely blue eyes and golden hair He should really be sculpted and from what I read his manhood should be molded and sold to sex shops Anyway she can t help but feel hope that her warrior cares for her r that he will grow to love her Love the way she didn t give up Eat Vegan on $4.00 a Day on him and the last thing she did I approve Not the actuall thing she did but that it made Tor to grovel eheheheheheheh Torswoon gushing swoon giggle want to lick want to kick swoon again want to hug sueallllllI think that covers my reactions to him He s the uber alpha warrior can t get any better than that A Chief to his clan he s the best warrior in Scotland and damn but he s pretty too Golden hair swoon Strength and muscles allver swOOOOn He s been the head f the clan from the age f 10 and isn t ruled by emotions Having seen his family killed he s sworn to himself that he wouldn t let anyone close to trust Pantyhose Professionals (Pantyhose Diaries Book 2) or to love Christina tests that constantly He can t help but feel for her and doesn t like itne bit It was kind f cute seeing him all flustered around her when he did something that would betray his emotions and uickly try to hide it XD Although he was really thick sometimes I mean mentally although the ther way as well XD He didn t trust her enough to tell her about the warriors he was training and damn but I wanted to kick his ass for it Still he redeemed himself nicely heheheh Just loved the ending even though it may have been a little too sweet but what the hell they deserved it And now I have read about all those ther men who

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have their books My brain is I want to read them NOW Gah Me love Highlanders so much Beautiful pictures f Isle Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman of SkyeI think the there is something about the lighting in that partf the world This is a review Study of Organ Inferiority and Its Psychical Compensation; A Contribution to Clinical Medicine - Scholar's Choice Edition of the audiobook Hmmm I don t know about thisne Several Heaven Next Stop of the people I did a buddy read with in the GoodReads Western and Medieval Romance Lovers Group LOVED this highland romance with several 5 however they read it while I listened I certainly had to get used to Robert McNab s narration He did great jobn the men Nevertheless since he has a deep baritone he made Christine s voice a falsetto this made her sound even a falsetto this made her sound even and immature than she probably was in the book Though the age difference between the heroheroine is greater than a decade also Tor the hero has been married before and has children well n their way to adulthood She has been uite sheltered In addition the Guerreros más letal de Escocia La muchacha ue se ha colado en su cama uizá haya btenido su mano pero nunca tendrá su corazónChristina Fraser está convencida de ue bajo el brutal caparazón de Tor se esconde una persona amable Por ahora el único calor está en los momentos de pas. 5 stars Historical RomanceWOW I loved this What an awesome start to an enthralling new highlander historical romance series about an elite fighting guard f warriors handpicked by Robert the Bruce to partake in a secret mission to free Scotland from 4 stars The Chief is a well written and informative book that in many ways felt like an historical fiction the uality f the author s research is very apparent than a romance novel However when the hero and heroine were together they certainly steamed up the pages Their love story was captivating heartwarming and at times heartbreaking Their much deserved HEA warmed my heart I enjoyed this book and highly recommend it WOW Monica McCarty you earned a follower for lifeThis book managed to push all my buttons I m a sucker for a Highlander There I admit itSet in the magnificent Isle Bases Loaded of Skyeff the West Coast Have A Good Night, Volume 1 of Scotland Try resisting thisin the yearf ur Lord 1305 Edward Plantagenet has crushed the Scottish resistance William Wallace has suffered a traitor s death and Scotland Highlands and for the first time in their history the Isles are under the rule f the English Crown The land is savaged people are scattered and the numerous blood feuds make the idea f a united front against the English seem impossibleRough times reuire a leader Robert Bruce decides that his time has come to unite the people and fight for the Scottish Crown Chivalry and knights are not what this war need so he handpicks 11 warriors to form a unit trained in stealthThe blend f historic events actual persons and fiction is what makes this book hard to resist You don t know where history ends and fantasy begins and you are intrigued and hooked and dreading the impossible task aheadThe trainer When You Lose Your Job of this unusual elite guard is Tormod Macleod Fierce and proud battle hardened and strong the magnificent Lordf Castle Dunegal is a force to be reckoned with Reluctant to join in a war against the english and afraid f his clan s future he is drawn in this war through treachery and almost blackmailed in marriage with Christina FraserChristina has suffered abuse in her father s hands whose hatred for the english is legendary To save her frail sister from marriage she agrees with her father to trick Tor into marrying her She is a romantic pinionated learned woman who wants love and companionship But can a warrior give her what she wantsThe story that unfolds is hard to put down exciting and leaves you craving for I can t wait to find Isabel the Queen: Life and Times outf the mismatched band f warriors who managed to to worm into my heart and to read all their storiesTEAM HIGHLANDERS and ISLANDERS Together they were to worm into my heart and to read all their storiesTEAM HIGHLANDERS and
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Together they force to be reckoned with He felt like he was standing n the edge Tim Crouch of something momentous As if history were about to be made The dawnf a new age f warrior harkened the dawn f the Highlander Dunvegan Castle Well I ve found another author I will certainly adore And Drawing the Human Head one fantastic Highlander series I m in heaven One warrior Highlander Chief enough to make you swoon An elite warrior Highlander army heart palpitations Beware The backgroundI just have to say I LOVE the fact that this is historically based Reading about Willian Wallace Robert Bruce and all those characters from Braveheart yes I m a Mel Gibson fan P the locations are real and I have googled it all and it was so freaking beautiful I want to move to Scotland The picture above Dunvegan Castle is where this story is placed that s Tor s castle and it isn the Isle Twin Block Functional Therapy: Applications in Dentofacial Orthopedics of Skye picture below Simply beautiful The storyAfter William Wallace s death Robert Bruce El primer libro de la trilogía de La Guardia de los HighlandersNadie en toda la nación maneja la espada como Tor MacLeod Es un hombre independiente ue se debe a su clan y jamás ha rendido cuentas a nadie y mucho menos a su nueva esposa fruto de un pacto para atraerlo a la unidad de. Ove scenes are pretty explicit the Hh get a little playful too I ve found not just any male can read those scenes to meThere were things I LOVED view spoilerbut not as much as this author s MacLeodsf Skye Trilogy hide spoiler Smoking hot Highlander historical reminds me DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner: 25 Ways to Build a Self-Reliant Lifestyle of the bestf Julie Garwood but with heat I really loved this ne It begins a new series and I think it will be reuired reading for this series too as it really sets up the premise f a highly trained group f warriors fighting to free Scotland from King Edward and give the Bruce his kingdome Wonderful and fasinating as it wove history into the story My nly and fasinating as it wove real history into the story My Dead Man Riding (Nell Bray, only with this book is that the dialog seamed a bit contemporary between heroheroine in a few places towards the end buttherwise I can nly say good things about this ne Enjoy Just what I needed a tough Scotsman unable to love at least he thinks that is the case Christina you can get in trouble reading romantic novels real life is not all Lancelot and Guinevere but you did get your HEA after plenty f passion power struggle deaths fighting etc etc etc First time reading this author but will definitely check ut some Pontius Pilate of her books I am heading to Scotland at Easter Skye was notn Livin de Life our listf places to visit but might just add it in now Hopefully see a few men in kilts as long as they look like Tor The heroine might have been small in stature but she sure made up for it with her gutsy personality Great story Basic set up Robert the Bruce needs an elite guard Aeralis of highlanders who don t fight by the knightly codef honor who can go in and do the dirty work that the true knights won t do and send the awful English King Edward back south Be CentsAble: How to Cut Your Household Budget in Half of the border where he belongs They want Tor MacLeod to train and lead the elite force but he s not interested so devious means are contrived and Christina The Chief features a codependent heroine and a fierce distant hero They very rarely converse It is actually 2 books inne The first takes place from about pages 1 300 Let s call this story What Tor s Balls are Doing The second takes place from pages 300 end We ll call this Academic Inbreeding and Mobility in Higher Education: Global Perspectives one Actual Interesting Plot What Tor s Balls are Doing aka pages 1 300 was not my favorite partf the book but the nudity kept me goin The chick here Xtina goes from strong female to lovey man worshiping puppy dog in the span Radio Crackling, Radio Gone of a page constantly craving scrapsf Tor s appreciation How romantic And speaking The Legend of Joaquin Murrieta: California's Gold Rush Bandit of Tor that dude has the most responsive balls in Scotland Not a page goes by where you aren t informed as to the statef his genitals They seem to serve as a sexual divining rod alerting the reader that naked boobies are Limey Gumshoe on the next page Actual Interesting Plot kicks in around page 300 Xtina gets smarter and useful and you get to see all that filler err I mean TRAINING put to use Tor s balls are no longer providing the narrative but you hardly miss them because there s stuff goingn I was sad when the story ended here because I had finally stopped hating itWill probably read the next in the series eventually For now I can t help but feel Tor s junk is pointing me in a Different Direction Wow What An direction Wow what an first book This is book Maritime Academy Graduate: Memoir Of A Third Mate one in the Highland Guard series and I was than impressed Sometimes an author comes along who puts so much history into a novel that it is like reading a textbook Monica McCarty is NOTne f those in fact the history f William Wallace and the time Trouble Looking for a Place to Happen of the Bruce was inserted so seamlessly that it hardly felt like I was reading history It was partf the story and part f Christin. Ión y gloria ue comparten en la cama y desaparecen al alba Sin embargo cuando esté a punto de estallar la guerra contra Inglaterra Christina caerá en una trampa mortal y Tor se enfrentará a la batalla definitiva salvar a su esposa y abrir su corazón antes de ue sea demasiado tarde. ,


The Chief