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Out of the Shadows kGreat source of information for those who are looking fornowledge to create and evaluate Business Models for companies willing to reinvent themselves digitally The author covers five aspects of digital transformation but focusing on strategical aspects rather than emergent technologies customers competition value creation turn data into assets and innovation For each of these aspects a different framework is presented for the company to be able to create and maintain its own digital competition strategy despite of its size or market segmentBy doing this Rodgers present us with great insights about the news waves of strategic planning business management value creation disruption innovation and others His sources and influences are wide You will find mentions and sharp comments on the thoughts of great authors such as Peter Ducker Andy Groove Clayton Christensen and Alexander Osterwalder Highly recommend not only for business leaders but also for those who "have interest in understand that the digital transformation "interest in understand that the Digital Transformation reshaping the dynamics of the economic relations between organizations and consumers A good summary and framework of topics related to Digital Transformation The author also offers tools for each item in te framework This helps in the work of transforming and disrupting businesses via digital Loved the book Was initially worried it d be very academic but it turned out to be extremely well organized well written and thought provoking I personally find it really hard to eep up with the all the new technologies and never ending developments in the digitaltech space This book gave me some really useful strategic frameworks and concepts to string things together mentally and think about my business strategy through the lens of the digital eraBasically we have moved from an analog to digital age and the business rules and environment have changed fundamentally It Can Be Hard To Make be hard to make of the digital world especially when things are all interconnected and change so uickly The big idea in the book is this Digital transformation is much than technology It s about a holistic change of strategy and an entirely new way of thinking David Rogers breaks it down into 5 strategic domains customers competition data innovation and value and for each domain he explains the changes in strategic assumptions presents several foundational conceptsframeworks and 1 2 tools to help you think about your strategy in that domain He then ends off with a section on disruptive technologiesbusinesses and how to identify and manage them I m a big fan of Clayton Christensen s The Innovator s Dilemma and I think Rogers and manage them I m a big fan of Clayton Christensen s The Innovator s Dilemma and I think Rogers a really nice job with his Business Model Theory of Disruption expands on Christensen s model to cover scenariosvariables Won t go into all the details here you can get a Rethink your business for the digital ageEvery business begun before the Internet now faces the same challenge How to transform to compete in a digital economyGlobally recognized digital expert David L Rogers argues that digital transformation is not about updating your technology but about upgrading your strategic thinking Based on Rogers's decade of research and teaching at Columbia Business School and his consulting for businesses around the world The Digital Transformation Playbook shows how pre digital era compa. ,

Digital Transformation Playbook Rethink Your Business for the Digital Age

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Ing well indexed by search engines such as Google Now the company has lost in one market but it has managed to pivot and find a new market it might not be as lucrative or as well nown but it transformed and not break the business in half as a resultThat is an example of transformation in action The book has plenty of them It leads to an engaging and interesting read that dispenses a fair bit of nowledge along the way It is a book that may demand a lot from the reader since they have to seek to put the advice into action yet the end result can be worth a little pain may the alternative be was a good read that could be also relevant to the curious generalist with no business to transform It is uite accessible and broad in reach so there is something for every reader The style might not necessarily be something everyone will get on with but the sum of its nowledge may make up for any perceived small issues and grumbles ReasonableI would recommend this book for colleagues completely NEW to the concept of Digitalization in the business arena and een on entrepreneurshipOtherwise concepts are basic and intuitive Tools are helpful as prescriptive ways of thinking through your business Work book that I wish I d read two years agoRogers breaks down digital transformation to five componentsCustomer from one directional mass market customers that companies convince to make purchase decisions to networked influential and personalized individuals seeking to access engage connect customize and collaborate on products competition from similar companies in same industry to asymmetric competitors due to disintermediation ie getting sidelined Rogers maintains that play here is to think of a platform product however i don t see how this applies to traditional manufacturers eg L Oreal Data vast amount of data being generated most unstructured eg location data and sentient data natural language innovation much faster iterative continuous learning through AB testing convergent learning and ualitative testing divergentvalue proposition digital disrupters challenge companies to rethink their value proposition to customers Rogers wraps up the book with an analysis on true disruption only those that offer an incremental value to customers in a way that creates barriers to imitation otherwise they are just innovators that can be fought with current business model If a company is truly disrupted then it can think about acuiring launching diversifying refocusing on current customers or making a speedy
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Really helpful Wish there was meaty stuff on the data front This book is written with care It creates a framework for digital transformation that suits most of organizations A lot of illustrative examples and many tools that can be put in action by consultants It is really worth reading. Rom Google to GE from Airbnb to the New York Times With practical frameworks and nine step by step planning tools he distills the lessons of today's greatest digital innovators and makes them usable for businesses at any stageMany books offer advice for digital start ups but The Digital Transformation Playbook is the first complete treatment of how legacy businesses can transform to thrive in the digital age It is an indispensable guide for executives looking to take their firms to the next stage of profitable growth. .
Ummary at The book supposed focuses on enterprises established before the Internet age but I personally run an fully online business and I really found the frameworks and insights to be useful So I dare say they re probably applicable to any modern business Overall there s a clear structure a great blend of concepts frameworks tools and examples to take you through the strategic thinking and applications It s uite heavy in terms of content but written in a way that s easy to readunderstand A pretty good guidebook to eep and refer to Book summary at I am reviewing this book in the July August issue summary at I am reviewing this book in the July August issue Global Business and Organizational Excellence Rogers shared essential concepts related to digital transformation Based on a strategic and not a technology perspective the author suggests to look for digital change on five domains customers competition data innovation and valueTo adapt in the digital age businesses must learn to view customers differently understanding the dynamic networked ways in which they interact now both with companies and with each otherTo operate successfully companies must hav I got little out of this book Lots of famous examples of successful companies for those who didn t now them yet And a few so called tools that are very superficial abstract and probably hard to put into practice without lots of help The three stars are for the bits of background theory on social networks and platforms that three stars are for the bits of background theory on social networks and platforms that me interested in these topics It can feel difficult to eep up at times what with businesses being transformed changed adapted or disrupted by digitalisation For the business that Souvenirs de dbauches keeps up it can be highly beneficial yet it is still a distracting disorientating state of affairs for far too many A business may want to change that is part of the battle already won but figuring out how to do it can be something else Oh what to do This book may help promising a host of practical advice based around five major rules that should help businesses of all sizes adapt innovate and maximize value creation A host of case studies round this off showing how other companies have successfully transformed their business activities Customers competition data innovation and value are what the author calls the five domains of digital transformation Get all of these sorted and you are laughing Yet what is transformation It is than just sticking an analogue process into a digital world One good example given is the Encyclopaedia Britannica once the gold standard ofnowledge with its 32 leather bound volumes lining every school and public library shelves as well as the homes of many who were persuaded by smooth talking salesmen CD ROMs such as Encarta and then the Internet came and online resources started to eat it for dinner Now where do most people search Possibly Wikipedia be. Nies can reinvigorate their game plans and capture the new opportunities of the digital worldRogers shows why traditional businesses need to rethink their underlying assumptions in five domains of strategy customers competition data innovation and value He reveals how to harness customer networks platforms big data rapid experimentation and disruptive business models and how to integrate these into your existing business and organizationRogers illustrates every strategy in this playbook with real world case studies
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