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Death In MumbaiHt everyone is just degrees away #FROM THE OTHER IN WRONGNESS FOUND #the other in wrongness Found way of writing niue although the plot was revealed right in the beginning the author reveals the characters in the plot and their characteristics in every chapter leading p to the reveal Uniue approach to storytelling A thrilling read and definitely not for the weak hearted a sneak peek into human minds and hormones gone wrong Fill review Mumbai Mirror journalisteditor Meenal Bhagel delves deep into the lives of Maria Susairaj Neeraj Grover and Emile Jerome to construe the making of one of the most cold blooded crimes of passion of our times The "author relentlessly interviews the involved policemen lawyers investigators the accused their "relentlessly interviews the involved policemen lawyers investigators the accused their families colleagues former classmates and so of the victim s to put together a detailed chronology of the macabre case and ofcourse a racy paperbackInterestingly the author interpre. E Jerome were accused of killing him AND HACKING HIS BODY INTO PIECES BEFORE SETTING IT hacking his body into pieces before setting it fire The cast of characters was young attractive and pwardly mobile the press hungry for a headline As details of the case nraveled the estions flew around what had gone wrong What made these young prof. ,

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Everyone in Mumbai knows Meena Baghel thru her "columnsfeatures in Mumbai Mirror Also the book was highly rated in the Mumbai press given its topicality to "in Mumbai Mirror Also the book was highly rated in the Mumbai press given its topicality to It is the Maria Susairaj Neeraj Vohra story With so many things going for the
had to read it Scary times that the city I work in has so many sub layers Mercifully I do not traverse those layers and thank God for it Hard hitting at times Interesting reportage by the editor of Mumbai Mirror on a sensational murder case that took place in the nderbelly of suburban Mumbai a netherworld of film and #TELEVISION INDUSTRY WHERE THE NORMAL TIMINGS AND NORMAL RULES #industry where the normal timings and normal rules life don t apply The research put in by the author is commendable in meeting the families of the accused and the victim And the description of the world below the surface of the corporate world is accurate A haunting tragedy of shakespearean moral complexity No one is rig. A gripping account of the infamous Neeraj Grover killing that sent shock waves through the nationThree years ago the brutal killing of a young TV producer called Neeraj Grover sent shock waves through Mumbai An alluring aspiring actress Maria Susairaj and her dashing naval officer boyfriend Emil.
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Ts the case as #not just a scandalous murder but also the means of documenting it presents an #just a scandalous but also by the means of documenting it presents an on the genesis of the crime And she does it by interjecting Book II into the course of events that comprises of interviews with Ekta Kapoor Moon Das and Ram Gopal Verma All three of them have an ncanny connection with the case and provide rare insights of their own triumphs and hopes and disappointments with the industry and the society in general Thrown in is a good measure of the savage pressures OF THE MAXIMUM CITY AND THE the Maximum City and the rightfully becomes about the disturbing changes that are fast shaping the Indian For the Love of All Thats Holy, Dont Buy a Boat When Venus is in Retrograde urban society and less about a grisly Love Triangle drawn terribly wrong Death in Mumbai is a factual account of the events that led to the murder and it s notorious and almost clumsy coverp and definitely NOT to be confused with RGV s titillating celluloid misrepresentation of the case. Essionals turn to violent crime Was it the savage pressure of the city or was the motive even darkerThis book will shock and inspire a much needed change in perception of celebrity culture and Bollywood It s about so much than a contested killing case and will be a talking point for years to com.