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Expecting in good ways and bad Having followed author on Facebook for the last couple of years I m used to her hilarious crude weird updates on Facebook for the last couple of years I m used to her hilarious crude weird status updates I honestly expected this to be a funny collection of anecdotes about her kids and her reactions to their zaniness Instead I got a collection that was 10% humor 90% utter seriousness to make a two year oldcombine one puppyone incontinent octopusand a single juice box loving gangstermix until it starts slapping The humorous parts short as they were were pretty good though not on par with her everyday updates to be fair I guess it s not easy to write side splitting poetry That said there were a few gems that made me smile or laugh out loud like the uote above ear mothernothey would notbe better offwithoutyou While

was mostly Secrets At Maple Syrup Farm disappointed to see serious it was there were a few poems like this one that really hit me in the gut and made me sit still and soak it in for a minute and I appreciated those moments tremendously I always heard people say parenthood was the hardest job you could have and I thought it was an exaggeration until I started living it The guilt and feelings of self inadeuacy I live with every singleay Those are hard to breathe through Bunmi gets it though and she offers some incredible reassurances that ended up being exactly what I needed to hear todayAll in all it s not my favorite book I ve read on life as a parent and it s nothing ground breaking but it s got a lot of enjoyable poems and I think most mothers or parents in general will find it easy to relate to All uotes come from an. Ut can't uite express For mothers who love their children with a fiery fierceness but know what it is to feel crushed at the end of those long ays Dear Mother is like a warm hug that says I get it. Dear MotherSome of these poems are really just one liner jokes some are kind of obvious and mundane but some got at a one liner jokes some are kind of obvious and mundane but some got at a eep raw nugget of what it feels like to be a mother My first true 55 "read of the year this was a wonderful " of the year This was a wonderful of poetry about motherhood its ups owns and everything in between I teared up several times and really felt the honesty
all the poemsAs someone who struggled with perinatal mental health issues I really appreciate the vulnerability Bunmi shows in her poetry about motherhood This is a book I will be sharing with other moms I ve just finished this book yesterday and I want to buy it for my mom friends who suffer from anxiety or epression who have lost children through miscarriage or Unmasking the Marquess (Hold Your Breath, death who have struggled in their marriage who sometimesespise their bodies who sometimes struggle in motherhood who love their children fiercely in short for every mother I know I LOVED this book I ve been trying to find poetry that speaks to me that Let Go doesn t feel like aisenchanted teenager raging against the machine A literature professor once talked about how poetry is for the heart not the head and this collection really felt like forgiveness love wonder warmth and acceptance all in one beautiful package I have a good friend who s pregnant with her first child and I plan to give her a copy I wish this book had been around when I was in that boat 17 years ago I love that this book can be there for her telling her that it s ok to figure it out as she goes Great big thanks to the author for being comfortable sharing her worries her fears and oubts. The first collection of poetry from Bunmi Laditan bestselling author of Confessions of a Domestic Failure and creator of The Honest Toddler capturing the honesty rawness sheer joy and total madness. .
Along with the treasure of motherhood Every mother should READ THIS BOOK IT S MARVELLOUS BALM FOR THE this book It s marvellous balm for the It made me laugh but it also made me cry Well one I needed this I laughed I cried a LOT and felt so seen and celebrated reading these poems This is a new side to Bunmi Laditan and it s as tender as beautiful as her previous books are hilarious This was the book I idn t know I needed If you are a mother and you struggle with loving yourself your kids your life this book is for you It won t fix anything but it will help you feel less alone Thank you to Harleuin for allowing to review this beautiful book poetry Dear Mother by Bunmi Laditan is available April of poetry Dear Mother by Bunmi Laditan is available April 2019Bunmi Laditan is maybe better known for her Honest Toddler tweets She has always been the most honest about the struggles and massive amounts of yourself that goes into motherhood I love her honesty online taking pictures of her pizza elivery after grocery shopping the piles of laundry that live on her sofa and the Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward daily struggles of trying to live a life and feed a 3 year oldIf you are a mother these poems show the real truth The love she has for her kids balanced with theaily struggle to just keep your shit together is showcased in beautiful poetryDear Mother is a must read for every parent who needs to feel seen and who is overwhelmed by the volume of worries and massive amounts of love these little people bring to our lives The audacity of a child sdemands for loveare only matchedby the ridiculous epthsof the love their parentshave for them Dear Mother wasn t exactly what I was. Of motherhood With the compassion and wit that have made her a social media sensation among mothers around the world Bunmi Laditan puts into evocative and relatable words what so many of us feel