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Ame feeling you get from reading this book and at least then you might get a "Sympathy Card Or Some Flowers "card r some flowers Hitler's Northern War: The Luftwaffe's Ill-Fated Campaign, 1940-1945 only was this book depressing but the tragety was unrealistic farfetched and unrelenting Somebody do the world a favor and buy Nick Sparks a prescription to Prozac Horrible book I didn t know Sparks had it in him I usually love his novelsthey re easy feel good reads But thisne ulgh where do I startThe characters especially Lexie were SO annoying through the whole thing Lexie wasn t willing to sacrifice anything to be with Jeremyhe had to move to Boone Creek in the middle f nowhere and do everything else n her terms Bought the house she wanted the renovations she wanted in the city she wanted etcand meanwhile she didn t even seem grateful Nicholas Sparks brings back the characters first introduced in True Believer Jeremy Marsh a writer from New York City and Lexie Darnell the small town southern librarian In At First Sight Jeremy and Lexie are preparing for their upcoming wedding shortly after Jeremy s move down to Boone Creek Well so far this book makes me want to die while vomiting Patently unoriginal and laden with cliches this book is about a romance between 2 people in their thirties who have the emotional development f teenagers The characters thoughts and behaviors are trite predictable almost always stereotypical This book is a Harleuin romance packaged as literature except not as good After reading many Nicholas Sparks books I thought that he lost his magic I no longer cried for any f his books and my rating lessened to 3 4 stars So when I first saw this book it had boredom written all A Philosophy of Cinematic Art over it But little did I know that this book was that tear triggerf a book The guy is wicked He made me cry Uncontrollably I mean how could he do this I thought this book was gonna end with a happy note just like True Believer its first part But here I m crying like never before Why Why her And I would like to slap that ne hec. Iebe auf den ersten Blick war die er aber eigentlich gar nicht wirklich kennt In Jeremy kommen große Zweifel auf Doch trotzdem versucht er sich in dem kleinen Kaff irgendwie wohl zu fühlen Gerade hat er dami. I hated this book almost from the start First OF ALL JEREMY AND LEXIE MEET HAVE SEX BECOME all Jeremy and Lexie meet have sex become and get engagedall within six weeks He doesn t know her middle name who her friends are r about a dozen White House Years (Henry Kissingers Memoirs other things you should know about someone when claiming they are the lovef your life He drops his entire life and moves from NYC to Boone Creek to live with Lexie because she refuses to live in NYC Which isn t a shock considering the rest f the book depicts Lexie as a self centered brat She sneaks around behind his back then gets pissed when he calls her n it She forces him into buying some rundown house that nearly bleeds him dry during renovations She takes him Scab on an extravagant shopping spree for baby stuff Oh and let s not forget the sportscar he d saved for and lusted after his entire life I could ve handle somef this if Lexie had actually put a dime toward any In a World Created by a Drunken God of this herself Nope Jeremy footed the bill for the entire thingThen this mysterious email pops up and kindf threatens to derail everything But when you find ut who s behind the email you re left with a are you kidding me and not in a good way Later n Jeremy gets email you re left with a are you kidding me and not in a good way Later n Jeremy gets a fight with his best friend Alvin and ends the friendship ver ne fight While I can t say I condone what Alvin did his heart was in the right place and he didn t deserve to lose his best friend although there was a part f me that thought Alvin was better Sinai and Zion off with Jeremy Yet Lexie has a fight with her bff Rachel and they stay friends Lexie gets her way yet againinsert eye rollThe endingf At First "Sight Was Typical For A Nicholas Sparks "was typical for a Nicholas Sparks in that he simply cannot allow his characters to ride ff into the sunset The ending was not unexpected and didn t leave me with any real emotion for the characters I m bound and determined to find ne Sparks novel I don t loathe but this ne isn t it Save yourself 8 and get somebody to beat you with a stick r run ver you with a small car It will be the Wenn ein Moment alles verändertWas tut man nicht alles für die große Liebe Der New Yorker Jeremy ist dafür sogar in das letzte Provinznest Boone Creek gezogen Und das mit einer Frau die für ihn zwar die

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K f a jerk Alvin All I can say is that I cried and cried wondering to myself What the fish is wrong with me It s just a book You are not Jeremy you don t know Lexie and you haven t seen Claire Beautiful sad eye rollerthe book is wow I know it s a cliche He has a killed a lot Iniquity of his characters and left lotf the lovers crying But I don t know this book just got through ma heart not even waiting for its pass to be checked I nly ever pick up Nicholas Sparks because I loved "The Notebook But This Time It Was A Mistake The but this time it
Was A Mistake The Main 
a mistake The main the book are1 Jeremy and Lexie are getting married but someone is trying to break them up 2 Their baby could die r be born with a deformity 3 Ta da Neither f those happen Lexie just dies in childbirth instead But her death had nothing to do with the the threats to their relationship r the disease the baby didn t get it was just a freak accident So by the end the story seemed totally disjointed like he s just throwing in anything tragic to keep the women Annual Report of the Officers of the Town of Holderness, N. H: Year Ending January 31, 1937 (Classic Reprint) of America in tears Badly done sir badly done indeed Ok usually I really like Sparks his books are enjoyable uick reads that don t take too many brain cells and some DEAD SOMETHING ALERT DEAD SOMETHING ALERTSTOP READING THIS REVIEW NOW BECAUSE THERE IS A SPOILER OF SORTS HERECONTINUE ON IF YOU DAREWhy do I read this crap when I know he s gonna kill someoneff every timeScrew you Sparks At First Sight Jeremy Marsh Lexie Darnell 2 Nicholas SparksAt First Sight is a romance novel by Nicholas Sparks written in 2005 Set in North Carolina United States At First Sight is the seuel to Sparks previous book True Believer written in the same year At First Sight was Gardening with Shape, Line and Texture: A Plant Design Sourcebook originally the resultf a 45 page epilogue in True Believer Sparks editor thought this was too long for an epilogue and damaged the effect f True Believer It was then that Sparks got the idea to write At First Sight as its predecessor 2008 1386 336 9789642950003 1392 21 1386 370 9789648759358. T begonnen sich an sein neues Leben zu gewöhnen da erhält Jeremy eine ziemlich mysteriöse Nachricht die die Schatten seiner Vergangenheit wieder heraufbeschwört Und die sein neues Glück zu zerstören droh. .
At First Sight