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Crush Berrybrook Middle School #3

Svetlana Chmakova ↠ 4 Download

I absolutely can t look at my previous eview without cringing HARD so I deleted it But this was so SO cute Imma need to eread this normally but Svetlana Chmakova yet again does not disappoint Whenever I go to this normally but Svetlana Chmakova yet again does not disappoint Whenever I go to store where there s books mostly Target I pick this up I m currently at page 186 and it s SO CUTE GUYS I WISHED IN Brave TO SEE JORGE MORENOW LOOK AT THIS ART I love this series and want to gift it to every kid I know startingin middle school end eviewNo but seriously I love the story lines the artwork is SUPERB I just eally love Chmakova s illustrations and the way each panel just goes with each other and the way each panel just goes with each other says so much without saying a word case in the point the cover in which everyone is faded out except Jorge staring at his crush How true to life is that I still think Brave is my favorite of this series so far I just love Jensen and his storyline but I eally liked this one as well Jorge is a uiet guy one who doesn t say much but he eally has a strong sense of self and strong foundation for what is ight and what isn t which is hard to have in middle school His friendship with Olivia and Garret was probably my favorite part of this it is done so well This is a standalone novel you see some of the characters from the previous books in the background of the panels but since Jorge and his friends hang out with a totally different group than the others this is a book that can be picked up and ead without eading any of the Following the overwhelming success of AWKWARD and BRAVE Svetlana Chmakova's award winning Berrybrook Middle School series continues with its next installment CRUSHJorge seems to have it al. Revious books They all simply go to the same big Middle School but they don t all know each other And I liked that Also it makes ecommending this series to the kids that come to the library so much easier since they don t have to start at book 1 I SO needed this as a palate cleanse after the last two horrific 1 star graphic novels I just ead This book is cute and sweet and everything I needed ight now I ead the teaser handed out at ALA Annual 2018 and knew that I had to get my hands on the entire thing I was ight it was so awesome I didn t ealize this was the third in a series so now I have two other books to look forward to yayThis is a contemporary story from the POV of Jorge a large middle schooler with two BFFs Olivia and Russell It is their story of how they dealt with middle school classes teachers fellow students gossip crushes etc Jorge and Olivia were my favs though the gym teacher was AWESOME Russell was a bit of an idiot and I didn t like him but he was true to a less self assured pre teen in middle school so I can
t hate on 
hate on Hate His Initial hate his initial He does grow and learn so all is not lost This would be great for the middle school years and maybe a younger precocious eader and upwards Highly ecommended 5 shiny love Jorge and Olivia starsMy thanks to NetGalley and Yen PressJY for an eARC copy of this book to ead and eview Having a crush is so hard and is is doubly hard for Jorge especially since the gir. L together He's big enough that nobody eally messes with him but he's also a genuinely sweet guy with a solid eliable group of friends The only time he ever eally feels off his game is. L he has the crush on has a boyfriendWe met Jorge in earlier books in this series but it is not necessary to ead the other books as each of them are self contained Awkward and Brave build on each other but you can pick any of the three books up and have a wonderful time seeing the drama that is middle schoolThere are the mean boys ather than mean girls in this story which
is a efreshing 
a efreshing But the mean boys eally are just as bad as any mean girls and the things they do to Jorge as a evenge are very mean spiritedThe dialogue is fun The feelings are very aw and spiritedThe dialogue is fun The feelings are very aw and and the characters are typical middle grade kids who like to play video games instead of studying and who forget their homework and other charms of going to schoolBelow are some sample panels of Jorge not knowing what to do or say when he is by his crushLove this series and can hardly wait for me to get a physical copy of this book and then hopefully await the next book in the seriesThanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest eveiw Breaking my no star ule for this oneI absolutely loved this one just like I LOVED the other two all following deprecate characters and this are standalone novelsI whizzed through it and I blushed and felt all the cute feelsThis eally feels an awful lot like a middle grade Degrassi The best parts of Degrassi but for middle school kids so it not not each the boiling point or go THEREhaha but it definitely hits the spot. When he crosses paths with a certain girl But when the group dynamic among the boys starts to shift will Jorge be able to balance what his friends expect of him versus what he actually wan.

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