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Brave New Girl

Free ead ¹ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF í Rachel Vincent

This is my first sci fi I m calling it sci fi lite as opposed to hard sci fi and I LOVE the beautiful cover Delacorte Press gave BRAVE NEW GIRL I ve posted the prologue on my Facebook page in the Form Of Two Photographs From The ARC of two photographs from the ARC you d like to ead it take this link Vincent I m not sick No You are perfect I hate to break it to everyone but this book is not perfect Far from it It s a total effing disasterI honestly should have known what I was walking into when I ead the synopsis There were ed flags There were signs This book screamed special snowflake ight in my damn face and yet I didn t pay attention Well scratch that I did pay attention but I didn t think it would affect me that much while eading it But Lord almighty did it affect meDahlia 17 is one of five thousand girls who share her same face and genetic background They e basically aised to be obots with no emotion and are assigned different tasks for the good of the city where they live The setup is confusing as hell and I m sure that I m not doing that great of a job explaining it myself but let s just go with it because the author doesn t even explain her own concept that greatAnother thing I should probably point out is that I wasn t joking about the absence of emotion part If they exhibit any type of emotion Dahlia and her whole batch of 4999 identical clones will be destroyed because they would be considered genetically defective aka the defect being their feelings She s doing great on that front until she happens to get stuck in an elevator with a boy named Trigger 17I think you can infer what happens from here on out because it s super obvious and basically the whole entire plot of this bookDahlia and Trigger put Romeo and Juliet to shame And I mean. We have brown hair Brown eyes Fair skin We are healthy and strong and smart But only one of us has ever had a secretDahlia 16 sees her face in every crowd She’s nothing special just one of five thousand girls created from a single genome to work for the greater good of the cityMeeting Trigger 17 changes. To SHAME If you hate instalove stories please don t ead this book I m all for a good love stories please don t ead this book I m all for a good love but the dialogue between these two made me want to internally barf When I eat I wonder of you grew the food When I see a flower I wonder if it s a dahlia Nothing has changed that I can tell yet everything feels different It s like you e on the edge of my vision everywhere I go but when I turn to look you e never there What is a youth indeed However it was just all too much too fast with little explanation I never felt like I connected with Dahlia and Trigger s elationship and it never eally went anywhere Their elationship consisted of Trigger dragging Dahlia alongside him while he hacks into things and they un for their lives He had an explanation for everything to which made me think that he was A POTENTIAL SERIAL KILLER IN THE MAKING THEN AGAIN potential serial killer in the making Then again would ve spiced up the plot a whole lot Another thing that was ather irksome was
The Shoddy Worldbuilding It 
shoddy worldbuilding It like the author just threw me off a cliff without explaining anything that was going to happen or if there was anything to catch me at the bottom The bare bones of the concept was there but the execution was horrible And don t even get me started on the ending If the beginning concept was hardly there the ending was all over the place Needless to say I won t be continuing on to the conclusion of this mess since I legitimately don t care about anyone or anything in this book I m assuming Dahlia and Trigger somehow make it out of their situation and live happily ever after with their wild carrots and peanuts but that s for me and my imagination to decide Avoid at all costs if you e allergic to instalove shoddy worldbuilding and cringe worthy dialogue I have all of Ra. Everything He thinks she’s interesting Beautiful Uniue Which means he must be flawed When Dahlia can’t stop thinking about him when she can't esist looking for him even though that means breaking the ules she ealizes she’s flawed too But if she’s flawed then so are all her identicals And any Chel Vincent s books but had only ead The Stars Never
Rise Previous To This 
previous to this I can t believe it s the same author That one was so creative and well written while this book is just a mish mash of bad cliches and a plot moving nowhere I m not sure I will ever bother with the seuel I LOVE books and movies about clones in dystopic futures So when Rachel Vincent one of my absolute favorite writters announced this one months ago I was flabergasted Time went slowly to the elease day and finally I got my hands into it And I loved this book and want the following one NOW hahaI did find out that this book was able to surprise me at every turn so I won t offer much clues onto this eview about what is all about Just ead the back cover if you must and jump into it I loved how strongly consistent all characters are All their actions are uite human and so well thought and consistent with the world they live in Nurture not nature as one of the characters sayI love the world she created how it works its ules and how it shapes the not so indivual individuals living them 5 000 clones of every genome each designed to do a job Not standing out like wiped out mindless humansAnd outside the wild what s out there The promise of finding out is so well fleshed but nothing prepares you for the truth I LOVED this book Rachel Vincent did craft an amazing story with a very belieable world and characters Want haha In defense of Brave New Girl I just want to make this clear I m and characters Want haha In defense of Brave New Girl I just want to make this clear I m putting this on this shelf "Because I DNFed It Or " I DNFed it or the author behaved badly Neither happened As far as I know egarding the latterIt had to be on here though because the premise is so very epelling to me that I couldn t help my instant Hell no eaction Secondary e. Enome found to be flawed will be ecalledDestroyedGetting caught with Trigger would seal not only Dahlia’s fate but that of all five thousand girls who share her face But what if Trigger is ight What if Dahlia is differentSuddenly the girl who always follows the ules is breaking them one by one by one. ,